How to get lice at home

Lice infestation is not uncommon, especially in young children. Despite all the advances in medicine, outbreaks of lice occasionally occur even in elite kindergartens, colleges and schools. When these ugly parasites are found in the hair, the question sharply arises: "How to get lice out?" I want to get rid of them as soon as possible. To solve this problem, the pharmaceutical industry has released several dozens of drugs, but so far the problem of lice does not disappear. So what to do, how to get lice?how to get lice

Causes of infection

As specialists have found out, head lice feel equally well on both dirty and clean hair. Therefore, their appearance is not associated with the frequency of washing hair. The main and only reason for lice in children and adults is contact with an infected person. You can pick up parasites if you use other people's hygiene items (comb, comb, towel, hairpins), try on someone else's clothes, hats, or simply communicate closely with a person infected with pediculosis.It is necessary to follow the basic rules of hygiene, so that later you don’t have to think about how to get the lice out. After all, along with the treatment will have to disinfect all clothes, bed linen and towels.

First signs of infection

  • Constant itching of the scalp, not disappearing after washing the to get lice
  • The child does not take his hands out of the hair, itching constantly, sometimes combing himself to the blood.
  • Redness of individual skin areas on the head and behind the ears.
  • The appearance of small white eggs (nits), strung tightly on the hair.
  • The appearance of small black dots on the scalp - products of lice.

Having noticed parasites in the hair, it is necessary to start treatment immediately, and to isolate the small child from peers in order to prevent infection.

Selection of treatment

Head lice have tenacious legs, and after the usual shampoo, almost all adults remain on the head, just like their eggs (nits). But the use of strong funds does not guarantee deliverance from the first time. Before removing the lice, it is recommended to stock up with a frequent comb. Most drugs kill adults and dehydrate eggs. After the hair is washed with a special preparation, it is necessary to dry it and go with a frequent comb to remove dead insects and their eggs.

Precautionary measures

lice in childrenAfter that, it is recommended to inspect and comb the hair over the following days to remove all remaining parasites. Well-advertised drugs, such as "Full Marks", have side effects. Strong chemical elements can cause an allergic reaction of the scalp and neck. Therefore, after applying it is necessary to thoroughly wash the hair.

Folk remedies and prevention

There are folk remedies how to get lice. It should be noted that the use of folk remedies is unacceptable for the treatment of young children. Washing the hair with kerosene, tar soap, and the use of Dichlorvos will do more harm than good. Shaving the head and combing the comb are the most effective folk methods. After all the parasites have disappeared, the treatment can be considered complete. Frequent cases of re-infection. This is due to the fact that somewhere on the clothes or bed linen left living individuals or nits. To prevent such a phenomenon, you should do a general cleaning of the house and wash all personal items and bedding.

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