How to get rid of the smell in the bag? Practical advice

Well, she is so stylish, beautiful, fashionable already in her hands - a new handbag. Pleasant emotions going wild, in my head hundreds of ideas on the topic of "what to wear," but the unpleasant smell spoils the wonderful impressions. Quite often it happens that a new bag stinks, but this problem can be eliminated by examining the causes of an unpleasant smell.

Why does the new bag stink?

Unpleasant smell can new things made from any material. Handbags are most often made from genuine leather or suede, imitation leather, textiles. Each of these materials quickly absorbs some odors and, as a result, emits other, not very pleasant flavors.

Why does the new bag stinkThe reasons for the unpleasant smell of the new handbag (by materials):

  1. Products from genuine leather. In the view of many buyers of leather bags, she can not stink. But this is a frank delusion. If earlier, when tanning leather (an obligatory stage of production), only natural plant substances were used,now many unscrupulous manufacturers in the pursuit of mega-income without large investments replace them with fish oil or even animal urine. For this reason, the bag smells like fish (at best).
  2. Products from the skin substitute. The number of artificial materials that replace natural, is growing exponentially. It is common practice to use dermatin or its other cheap analogues when sewing bags. Under the influence of high temperature, they begin to stink. Many people call this phenomenon "the smell of the Chinese bag."
  3. Textile bags rarely have an unpleasant smell, except that the rules for their storage have been violated (near flavored cosmetic substances, food, etc.).

Having precisely defined the reasons, it is easy to get rid of pathogens that are the source of the smell in the new bag inside.

Methods for eliminating unpleasant smell leather bag

Leather is a capricious material, but it can be trained. There are many methods to get rid of the smell of the skin if it annoys the owner (or owner) of a new fashion handbag.

  • Method 1. Inspect the interior of the bag carefully if there is any mold.This often happens if the product was stored in an unventilated, very humid room. How to remove the smell from the bag quickly and efficiently if there is mold inside it? In the presence of the slightest manifestation of the fungus, the places of its accumulation can be treated with antifungal agent or ordinary vinegar.
  • Method 2. If the source of the smell is impossible to determine, then as an option, you can take the following steps: take a newspaper and wrap it with an accessory. After that, leave for a few days. The material of the newspaper is porous and easily absorbs unpleasant odors. If this did not help, then you can still study the information on how to remove the unpleasant smell from the bag with the help of inexpensive effective means.
  • Method 3. Aromatization. Put a dried zest of some citrus (orange, lemon, grapefruit) in a small cotton bag, tie it and put it in a bag. Or another option: moisten cotton wool with essential oil (jasmine, tea tree, fir), wrap a cloth around the flap and put it inside the bag.
  • Method 4 - for hopeless situations: do not look for ways to get the smell, and carry the bag in a dry cleaner. If none of the three methods helped, then the only way out is to recover to a specialized service. There it will be treated with professional substances.
If the smell of natural material itself is annoying (this is often the case with shoes and accessories), then it is also easy to neutralize. And the same methods as for the unusual fragrances issued by a leather bag.

Just before removing the smell of the skin, you can ventilate it first. What if the unpleasant scent goes away by itself!

Leather Bags

Most believe that only cheap bags have a chemical scent. Perhaps ten years ago it was like this, but now there are often cases when bags worth more than one hundred dollars stink. But this is not a problem when armed with a couple of secrets.Coffee odor

  1. Onion Salad An interesting fact is that onions can not only emit an unpleasant smell, but also eliminate it. It is possible to destroy the harsh flavor of a skin replacer at home using this tear vegetable. Sequencing:
  • Peel the onions, cut them into pieces (of any size) and put them on a saucer;
  • Take a cardboard box and put a saucer on its bottom;
  • Cover the saucer with onion salad inverted strainer;
  • Put the bag on top of the sieve and leave it for several hours. After this handbag must be ventilated in the open air.
  1. Her majesty is soda.This ingredient not only perfectly lifts the dough and cleans the pots, but also destroys the offensive flavors. If tormented by the question "how to get rid of the smell of leather”, you can use soda powder. But this method is only acceptable if the bag is not too decorated (with rhinestones, buckles, stripes). The recipe is simple - take a soda and sprinkle the top of the bag with it, leave for a day and shake well. The surface of the product must be dry!
  2. Coffee aroma. This option is suitable only for dark bags, difficult to remove stains can remain on light ones. How to get rid of the smell in the bag with coffee? Very simple: sprinkle it (use only ground, not sublimated) over the entire surface of the bag and place it in a plastic bag for 48 hours. Then remove the bag from the bag, shake off the coffee and wipe it with a soft cloth.

Armed with useful information about how to get rid of the smell in the bag, you can clear not only your update, but also help your friend, colleague or relative with advice.

Fishy smell

The frightening and nauseating smell of fish coming from the new leather bag is the result of applying fish oil at one of the stages of its manufacture.

To permanently eliminate this unpleasant scent from your recently acquired accessory, it is worth taking serious measures with the use of medicines. Easily remove the unpleasant smell of fish will help affordable pharmaceutical means - potassium permanganate and hydrogen peroxide.

  1. Potassium permanganate in pure form, without additions. It is easier not to find the method: take a glass of water, a few grains of potassium permanganate and prepare a light pink solution. Wipe them all the details of the bag, then dry with a soft cloth. Best of all, this method helps in combination with aromatization.
  2. Potassium permanganate with hydrogen peroxide. The recipe of the preparation: dilute a couple of grains of potassium permanganate in 1 cup of warm water. Add to a light pink "cocktail" 3-4 tsp. hydrogen peroxide (3% solution). Stir well, moisten the kitchen sponge and rub the bag. These two components kill bacteria, which sometimes provoke the emergence of an unpleasant odor.

Fish should smell only specialty grocery stores. If the smell comes from the bag, then measures must be taken immediately.

Smell out of the bag

Fabric Handbags

In the fight against the unpleasant odor emanating from the fabric bag just bought, the same methods as for leather are effective.The only positive thing that distinguishes the cute textile accessories - the possibility of washing.

Manually or with the help of a washing machine, with the use of flavored cleaning agents, the most unpleasant smell will quickly and easily disappear. If washing does not help, then the only way out is to use soda, peroxide, zest and other recipes.

Nothing is impossible. For a long time not to look for ways to bring out the unpleasant smell of their bag, it is enough to write down or remember tips, recipes, secrets.

If the purchase in the store seemed perfect, and at home an unpleasant odor suddenly manifested itself, then this is not a reason to throw the thing out. With the help of the usual, nothing special, components, it is possible to eliminate fish, skin or artificial odors.

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