How to learn to read rap?

Rap as a musical current has long wonIts popularity abroad and in Russia. This is due to the emotionality and frankness of the texts, the rhythms that are remembered. Therefore, more and more people want to become rappers.

There are no universal methods and techniques thatwould allow talent to read rap. And besides, none of the famous rappers went to music school, where he was taught this skill. So, how to learn to read rap, so everyone can write it. To do this, you need to make a wish and effort for daily exercise. To read the rap, you need two components - rhythm and lyrics. Here are some tips for you to be able to independently master this kind of creativity.

Work with text

In order to start reading rap, you need tofirst of all, write. Every rapper knows that the text should be sincere and understandable. Some write "banter" or rhyme their emotional experiences. What to write is up to you, it's worth remembering that each line should reach the listener, be clear to him. Lines of text can come anywhere, so it's always important to have a notebook and a pen or recorder with you.

Rhymes in rap are not the most difficult, because rap began as a kind of improvisation. It is worth remembering the following rules for rhyming texts for rap:

  • Do not rhyme verb with a verb, for example, screaming - sticking out. It is necessary to use different parts of speech. The most suitable variant is a verb + a noun or an adjective.
  • It is necessary to use approximately equal number of syllables in each line. The text will become smoother and will sound more rhythmic.
  • Each line should have some meaning. The whole text should be logical and coherent. Do not use "rhyme for the sake of rhyme", it is better to choose words longer than to use those that sound more beautiful.

After the test is written, it is worth showing it to close friends. After all, they are the most correct to give a critical assessment of your work.

Once you have decided that the text is ready, you need to think how to learn to read the rap that you wrote.

Reading texts

Submission of text in rap is one of the most difficultskills. Sometimes, despite the fact that the text is excellent, the composition does not sound at all. It is important to remember that reading rap is primarily a game of intonation and rhythm when speaking. The following recommendations can be outlined, which will prompt you how to learn to read rap.

  • Intonation in reading is very importantfactor in the success of the presentation of the text. It is important to put emotions in every word that you say. To do this, you need to feel what you are writing about. The combination of the emotionality of reading and beautiful text is the key to a good rap.
  • The technique of reading is another important reading parameterrap. It is determined by the dictation and speed of pronunciation. Diction can be developed in different ways: to pronounce tongue twisters, to speak with some kind of hindrance in the mouth, for example with nuts; regularly do articulatory gymnastics. For many, the important question is how to learn how to quickly read rap. It is worth saying that you do not need to wait for the high speed of reading. At first, it is necessary to work on sound quality, and only then speed up the pace of speech. Over time, the speed will come.
  • Rhythm is the basis of rap. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the development of the rhythm mastering skill. The reading always has the same rhythm, but this is only suitable for beginning rappers. Professionals change the rhythm in virtually every new measure, but it's worth remembering that you can not leave the dimension of the text. In order to develop a sense of rhythm, it is worth buying a metronome and constantly reading the texts for it. Each beat of the metronome must begin with a new line. Over time, the knock of the metronome will remain in your head, and you can work on the texts without it.

Thus, learning to read rap is possible. You just need to set the goal and start doing the exercises. Remember, rap is the music of the heart, imposed on the rhythm, so listen to it, and everything will turn out.

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