How to make a table for a router with your own hands?

Fraser - the most frequently used tool self-respecting master. Thanks to him, you can make things known to us with incredible ease. There are operations in the joinery business that cannot be performed without this tool.

table for the router, do it yourself

Milling cutter consists of an engine, a collet for fixing replaceable milling cutters, a speed regulator, a vertical rod. In the model range of any manufacturer there are many models with different capacities. The hand mill is a fairly versatile electrical appliance with a wide potential and capabilities. It is possible to improve the milling cutter by placing it on a horizontal surface, which will allow you to process fairly large workpieces with minimal effort.

Purpose of a milling table

Installing the router in the table or workbench allows you to achieve good results in the manufacture of many products. In the manufacture of furniture is an indispensable inventory.Since this process often requires facing the edges of the canvases, making shaped grooves and grooves.

These tables can be found in large stores selling tools. The cost of such equipment depends on the functionality and the material from which they are made. But even with the most minimal set of functions, but with quality coverage, the price for such a product is quite large. For a simple lover who is engaged for his pleasure in the garage, the price is inaccessible. The exit is a homemade table for a milling cutter.

Before you start buying material for the future table, you should decide on its functionality. Consider the main features of the manual mill and its machine version.

Hand Mill Operations

  • Figured or rectilinear processing of the ends or edges of the workpieces.
  • Notch holes of various shapes for the installation of furniture accessories.
  • Removing a quarter of the thickness.
  • Grinding and cutting of blanks.
  • Drilling
  • Final machining of the cutting place.
  • Excavation of the grooves of the slots, grooves.

Milling table operations

The table for the router allows you to perform such operations as:

  • parallel fine cutting;
  • facing the surface and long edges;
  • quarter sampling;
  • finishing edges.

drawing table for hand mill

From the list it becomes clear that all the same operations are performed on the milling table as with a conventional manual router, but only with greater accuracy and quality. In addition, the dimensions of the blanks are already several times larger.

Choice of a manual mill

For a tiny workshop, buying a separate router is an unaffordable luxury. Therefore, a milling table will be required with a quick-release milling cutter design. So, it will work in two versions, both on the table and in manual mode. For this you need high-quality power tools.

There are two types of manual router:

  • submersible;
  • tortsovochny.

Their names speak of their functionality. Since the face milling cutter is highly specialized, its further consideration will not be interesting for the reader.

By power, an electric tool is classified into:

  • low power - from 500 to 1100 watts;
  • average power - from 1200 to 1800 watts;
  • high power - from 1900 to 2500 watts.

Professionals advise for processing small workpieces to use milling machines of low power, this allows to achieve maximum ease of operation.At the same time, it is necessary to make passes in several approaches, removing a small thickness, layer by layer. However, such mills can not be installed on a special table. For these purposes, suitable milling machines with a capacity of about 2000 watts.

Also, when choosing, you should pay attention to the following tool features:

  • maximum depth of lowering the rack;
  • smooth start;
  • the presence of adjustment of the rotational speed of the spindle;
  • dynamic brake;
  • maintaining the number of revolutions under load.
  • chip removal system.

All these parameters determine the quality of the manual mill, which will be useful both in manual mode and in machine mode.

Milling table device

As a rule, the table for a frezer is made from a hand-made tool from which the resource of its platform has been exhausted or the cheapest one has been purchased for this purpose. The bed of the manual router has a limited resource, after which a parasitic backlash appears in its parallel vertical bars, which disables the tool. Due to the fact that in the table the motor with the collet is rigidly fixed in the carriage, it is possible to use usedelectric tool.

homemade table for router

Any milling table consists of the following elements:

  • directly frezer;
  • countertops;
  • parallel stop;
  • chip removal systems;
  • boxes for storing spare parts and various cutters;
  • horizontal clamping.

Depending on the functional tasks of the milling table, it is possible to make it in such options:

  • side table top with frezer;
  • fixed tabletop;
  • fixed worktop with parallel stop;
  • stationary table top with parallel support, with elevator of the vertical milling cutter, transverse milling cutter.


How to make a table for a router? What should a person have in his arsenal to decide on this matter? For a start, we need a drawing table for a manual router. Find it easy. Therefore, to make a table for a manual router is quite realistic. There are also many detailed workshops and videos of local craftsmen who brag about their creations. There are models that are so multifunctional that they combine in themselves, in addition to the milling, also drilling, grinding and cutting tables.

table for hand mill

Material for the manufacture of almost any suitable.Basically, they use chipboard, laminated plywood or ordinary plywood with a thickness of at least 8 millimeters. Also need self-tapping screws on the tree with a secret head, aluminum corners (furniture), PVA glue.


Let's consider how the simplest table for a milling cutter is going to do it yourself Let's make it of the laminated plywood. The size of the tabletop will take 400 millimeters in width and 400 millimeters in length. The laminated board perfectly will be suitable for a table-top. It has a number of advantages in comparison with plywood:

  • wear resistant surface;
  • low cost;
  • quick replacement.

tables for wood cutters

However, we decided to make a table for a hand router from laminated plywood. Gently cut it to the intended size. The legs will be made of the same material. Departs from the edges by 20-30 centimeters and fasten the legs with the table top, we pre-coat the junction with glue and make two or three holes for tightening the self-tapping screws.

In the table top we make the following technological holes:

  • big round for an exit of a grip with a mill;
  • parallel groove for fixing the guide;
  • You can make a small groove for mounting the ruler.

Parallel support can be made of the same materials as the countertop. The stop consists of two parts, the interface passes exactly in the center of the installed cutter. They must move independently of each other. To increase the milling capacity, it is desirable that the parallel emphasis has two degrees of freedom. That is, he could lean over the tabletop, and turn parallel to it. This will make products difficult to form.

make a table for a manual router

Among other things, a recess with a square-shaped cover is made on the reverse side of the parallel stop, the vacuum cleaner tube is inserted into one end. As a rule, the chip removal system is made from two sides, one from the top beyond the stop, and the second directly near the cutter collet.

This is the easiest table for the router itself. In the future, you can modify and install the elevator for easy adjustment of the departure height and horizontal cutters.


Since the manual router installed in the table is an electric tool, for safety you can install an external switch in the table. This will allow you to conveniently and safely turn the machine on and off when necessary.Here you can install additional sockets for connecting a portable lamp or a hand drill.

how to make a table for a router

With a sufficient free space, milling tables of 1500 by 1500 millimeters and a height of one and a half meters are made. Full-fledged workbenches are obtained. At the same time, sliding shelves are made in them, in which it is convenient to store various cutters and a key for changing the spindle. A large table allows you to handle large sheets of plywood or other material that is often used in the manufacture of furniture or doors. This table improves the accuracy of machined parts and reduces the percentage of defects in the manufacture.


It is worth remembering that the tables for wood milling machines are sources of increased danger. The frequency of rotation of the cutter comes to 25,000 revolutions per minute. Any awkward movement will lead to irreparable consequences. Hands should be kept at the maximum safe distance from the rotating head; the cutter should be changed when the machine is stopped and de-energized.

During the work you need to wear special glasses that will protect your eyes from the ingress of small chips. The noise level at work is quite high, you should take care of appropriate precautions. Do not allow children to milling machine.

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