How to make gel candles with your own hands?

- This is the time when dreams come true, the time of gifts and celebrations. I want to please your loved ones with something special, warm, cozy. On this day, I want to present such a gift, which is better than any words to say about your feelings. Gel candles made with your own hands will surely become a pleasant and unique gift for any holiday.

No celebration is complete without candles. Candles are a simple and effective method to create coziness and comfort in any place, to give a romantic atmosphere to an ordinary dinner and to diversify everyday bathing. And for the New Year's table candles have long become an indispensable attribute.

Gift shops can boast a huge assortment of different candles on various subjects, but their prices, as a rule, are impressive. However, learning how to make gel candles with your own hands is much easier than it might seem. The very process of their creation is a very interesting activity that can become your hobby and even bring a good income.

In this article, we will hold a master class and teach you how to make a New Year's gel candle with your own hands at home.

The advantages of gel candles

Most often you will see paraffin candles on the holiday table. Rarely wax. There is a serious difference between them. Paraffin candles (unlike wax) when burning emit toxic substances toluene and benzene into the air. They poison the body through the respiratory tract, so you should not abuse such attributes of celebration. And what can you say about gel candles? How are they better?

Firstly, the composition of gel candles is completely natural and harmless. You will see this below. Secondly, the gel does not drip onto the table, but simply evaporates, but at the same time it burns three to four times longer. Yes, and from an aesthetic point of view, gel candles are much nicer in appearance. Due to the transparent composition of the main component, they can be decorated with shells, flowers, sea pebbles.

What we need

Let us see what we need to make a gel candle with your own hands at home. Since we have a New Year theme, then the material will be appropriate. But the foundation is the same for every candle. It:

  • Candle gel
  • Wick.
  • Candle mold.
  • Tanks for mixing ingredients.
  • Pan for a water bath.

Optionally, you can use these additional components:

  • Essential oil of mandarin, orange or coniferous wood.
  • Jewelry (sequins, beads, natural material, fabric).

Candle gel

This is the basis of our future candles. Of course, a special gel can always be found in the store, but we decided to make a gel candle with our own hands, so we will follow this principle to the end.

How to make a gel

We will need:

  • Water - ½ cup.
  • Gelatin - 25 grams.
  • Glycerin - 160 grams.
  • Tannin -10 grams.
candle ingredients

All components of the framework are environmentally friendly, so you can not fear for their health.

All components are easy to find in any city and village. gelatin can be bought at a regular supermarket, and glycerin and tannin at the pharmacy. They are cheap, so it is much more profitable to make the gel yourself, rather than buying it in finished form.

So let's get started.

In cold water we dilute gelatin (according to the instructions on the package) and add 110 grams of glycerin.

In another container, we heat the remaining 50 grams of glycerin to 40 degrees, add tannin to it.

Without cooling this mixture, we heat the first one up to 40 degrees. Mix the resulting components.

The finished mixture will be turbid, so it must be heated in a water bath to 80-90 degrees. In this case you do not need to overdo it. Heating over 120 degrees can ruin the gel. It will remain cloudy and get an unpleasant smell. If bubbles form in the gel, just heat it up.

In the still hot mass add 5-7 drops of essential oil. If you wish, you can add a dye, but in our case it is unnecessary, since we will decorate the candle.

Our gel is ready!


What is it for? The wick is a transmitter of heat (fire), thanks to which the candle burns. If the wick turns out to be of poor quality, then the candle will not burn. To make a gel candle with your own hands, it is better to use a reinforced wick, and not cotton.

The fact is that in ordinary paraffin or wax candles the wick is held straight, as the base is solid. The gel after two hours of burning candles becomes too soft and can not hold the wick. He begins to sink under his weight, and the candle goes out. Reinforced wick solid by itself.He does not need additional support. You can use cotton, after waxing it, but a beginner is better not to take it - you need to know exactly the length and thickness of the wick that will suit your candle. If the wick is too short, it will quickly get stuck and go out. If it turns out to be too long, it will begin to smoke.

How to make a wick

If you decide to do it yourself, then you will need:

  • Cotton thread.
  • Salt - 1 tablespoon.
  • Boric acid - 2 tablespoons.
candle wick

Remember that the most important thing is to tie the wick as tightly as possible, but not to make it too thick (not enough thick thread will not hold the shape, and too thick will quickly become saturated with gel). For crochet, use a hook, or simply weave a tight pigtail. Do not forget to fasten it so that it does not spread. Next you need to soak the finished wick in a solution of salt and acid, and then dry.

Prepare the form

For our candle, the form can be either a specialized container or the most trivial thing, for example, a glass or a bottle without a neck.

candle molds

It will be original if you don’t begin to grind the edges of the bottle to the end, and leave the cleavage place, only slightly sanding it with sandpaper so as not to cut yourself.Irregularities and roughness in small quantities will leave your "handwriting" on the product and give it a unique charm.

You are a container for a future candle; you should wash it thoroughly and wipe it well. Make sure that there are no stains and stains inside.

Let's do the decor

We have prepared a form. Now it's time to decorate it. But first fix the wick at the bottom. It should “peek out” by the edges of the form for a few centimeters, so that later it would be easier to fasten it. To install the wick, you can use a special holder or just put glue on the bottom of the form.

candle wick how to fix

At home, a gel candle with your own hands can be made from completely different materials. We will use lemon slices, cinnamon tubules and anise stars for decoration. They will create an atmosphere of warmth, comfort, festive mood and decorate any New Year's table. Instead of lemon, you can use orange slices, but for this we need small fruits.

cinnamon and orange for decor candles

Before decorating a candle, do not be lazy to think carefully about your composition. Dream up, draw a sketch, read the photo masters.If you do not have the perfect artistic taste, it will be difficult for you to arrange all the decorations harmoniously the first time. If you start to move the slices back and forth, the container quickly gets dirty, so you have to wipe it off. Do not forget to cut the slices very thin to make it easier to work with them.

A win-win decor can serve as coffee beans. In this case, you can use not transparent, but milky-white gel. This combination will be incredibly sophisticated and elegant.

If you are going to use a dye, add it in moderation. The excess of the coloring component can block the entire future composition.

Christmas candles do it yourself at home

Well, the combination of green and red will fit into the New Year's theme. Take sprigs of pine needles or hop cones, add dried or fresh red berries (cranberries, mountain ash) to them. You will get an atmospheric gel candle with your own hands with a New Year's mood. But be careful. If you use combustible materials for decoration, you should place them away from the wick.

Fill the gel

Making our candle is nearing the final. And in the end, as is known, the most responsible remains.

We warm up our gel, which has already managed to cool.

If you do not have a special spoon with a spout, with the help of which you can pour gel into a candle, you should not run after it to the store. The beauty of the hand-made is that he is able to create a masterpiece from nothing. Spoon can perfectly replace the carved tin can. You can also wrap a regular spoon with foil, making it a sharp nose. Imagine! New Year - it's time for fairy tales and miracles. The more soul and ingenuity you put into your creation, the more pleasant it will be to admire it at the festive table.

Begin to pour the gel from the edge of our form. This should be done neatly, in a trickle. So we avoid bubbles. If they are formed, do not be upset - as soon as the candle stands in a warm place, the bubbles will dissolve. But it is not necessary to remove them specifically just because they are not in the factory candles. A couple of bubbles can revive your candle, giving it a unique charm.

Lemon and Cinnamon Candles

After pouring the candle into the gel, you should fix the wick so that it does not sink or move. To do this, we wind ahead of a couple of centimeters left on the pencil and place it in the middle of the form on the edges.Remove the candle in a cool place for a day before the final solidification.

DIY Gel Candle: a master class

To see the manufacturing process with your own eyes, we offer a short video.

Profitable hobby

If the creation of your first candle inspired you to further creativity, then we are in a hurry to rejoice - decorative candles are in great demand, so your new hobby can also become your additional income. Now you know how to make gel candles with your own hands, so you can arrange the supply of their products. To do this, you must first advertise yourself - so you can attract buyers.

Adjust the sales channels will help you social networks. Create a group, add relatives and friends to it, they will attract other people. You need to work on the design of your group, so it was nice to go into it. You can even create your own workshop "Gel candles with your own hands", collect students and like-minded people and create with them.

You can sell your products in gift stores. Such departments are always in contact with the organizations on the device holidays, so you can be connected directly with customers.Gradually, you will be able to firmly gain a foothold in this niche market, and your hobby will bring you a good income. Many, starting from this, gradually gradually move to this type of activity.

To make your products in demand, it is better to give preference to any subject. It can be anything - from the holiday season and the New Year holidays to a more specific Halloween. Wherever there is a sale of candles, your products will be in demand.

As you can see, creating gel candles with your own hands is a very profitable occupation. Since it is based on creativity, it can not quickly get bored. After all, creative activity will always find a source for inspiration. It is only necessary to carefully look around.

We told you in detail how to make gel candles with our own hands.

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