How to quickly dry nail polish: tips masters

dry nail polish quickly

Every girl and woman watches her appearance and attaches special importance not only to her face, but also her hands. Hands should also be well-groomed and elegant.

Hand care

Such a procedure as a manicure is familiar to all. It is necessary to carefully approach this process. It happens that you need to quickly make up your nails and run about your business, but this is not always the case because the varnish dries for a very long time. Therefore, we have selected five effective ways for you to quickly dry nail polish.

Methods of drying varnish

how to quickly dry nail polishSo, to quickly dry the nail polish, you can use one of the following methods:

1. Professional managers for the care of hands get lacquer, which dries quickly, it is called lacquer-drying. This tool can be purchased at any cosmetic store. First, your basic varnish is applied, and on top of it is already varnish-drying, it is transparent and therefore does not change the color of the nails.It contains a formula that allows you to speed up the drying of varnish.

2. You can also dry the lacquer with cold air, for example, bring painted nails to a running fan or under a stream of air from a hairdryer. But you can not dry the varnish with hot air, otherwise it will fade or will bubble, and the hot air also damages the structure of the nail. There is another proven way to quickly dry nail polish. Before applying, place it in a cold place for about five minutes, for example, in a refrigerator, after which you can start using it. Or, after applying the varnish, hold your hands in cold water, but only if the varnish is applied smoothly, in this case the manicure will not spoil.

how to quickly dry nail polish

4. If you have painted your nails in the car, then you can stick your hand out the window, then the varnish will dry instantly, but you need to make sure that dust does not stick.
5. If we didn’t answer the question of how to dry the varnish quickly, or if you didn’t like any of the methods, then just polish the nails. Your nails will look very beautiful, manicure can be done only once a week. This is a very simple procedure, it can be done both in the salon and at home.In order to make a polish, you need to purchase only a polishing nail file.

Nail care tips

how to quickly dry the varnish

Since it is not always possible to dry nail polish quickly, try simply applying it with a thin layer on a degreased surface. It is very simple. And you will not have to figure out how to quickly dry the varnish, it will dry instantly anyway. At least once a week for half an hour, pay attention to your hands, then, when you are in a hurry to paint your nails, the varnish will lay down evenly and, accordingly, dry quickly.

Gel drying

Here we talked about how to quickly dry nail polish. Now, I think, it is worth talking a little about nails. We will also cover the topic of how to dry the gel polish, if you decide to increase the nails. To date, this procedure has become very popular. Almost every one of us tried it on myself. But the features of building know only the master. And the question of how to properly and quickly dry the gel on the nails, can not answer all the to dry varnish

Gel is a material that is unable to dry under normal conditions. When a woman is trained to master the nail, all the secrets are revealed to her, and there are those who study at home on their own using the Internet. We will dedicate this material to such women.

Several ways to dry the gel

Let's start. The extension affects the health of the nails, so it is necessary to carry out the procedure more safely. Here are several ways to dry the gel, each master chooses for himself which one is closer to him.

1. One of the most popular methods is the lamp, its ultraviolet radiation allows the gel to dry in a relatively short time, the gel adheres to the nail and does not move away from it. There is one thing but the lamp is harmful to health, but if you dry not one nail at a time, but several at once, the radiation will not last long and there will be no harm at all. A competent specialist should do everything right.

2. Specialty stores sell gels that dry out without ultraviolet radiation. This gel is immune to light and dries out due to monomers. It is also worth saying that the monomer is a chemical substance, and this again affects health. It is applied to the gel in a very thin layer, which dries out after a certain time.

3. It is also possible to purchase gel in stores, which has the tendency to harden, if it contacts with cold water. Yes, this method is the safest, but not the most convenient.Nails with a gel applied to immerse in cold water for ten minutes. This is much longer than keeping it under an ultraviolet lamp, but at least water will not cause any to dry gel varnish

The world around us

If you came to do a manicure in the salon, then the question of how your nails will dry will not interest you at all. The master selects for himself what type of drying to use, usually it is an ultraviolet lamp. If you decide to learn how to nail yourself, then choose a method that is more suitable for you, which suits you both in price and in properties.

Here you and I have two questions: how to dry the varnish and how to dry the gel. Each person is individual, some way will seem ridiculous and ridiculous to one, and the other will use it constantly. No matter which one you choose, only the final result is important, so that it will suit you and please those around you. Girls and women, be beautiful.

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