How to remove shellac?

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How to remove shellac?

Completed image of a woman is hard to imaginewithout manicure and pedicure. Shellac and other gel-varnishes allow you to keep an attractive, well-groomed type of hands and feet for the longest possible time, because these funds last a lot longer on the plate. The need to remove them from the nails arises in about two weeks. You can do this in the salons, as well as at home. Let's figure out how to remove shellac.

How do they remove shellac

To dissolve shellac, use special washings,since modern gel-varnishes can not be dissolved by liquids without acetone. Special means, on assurances of the companies-manufacturers, do not spoil structure of a nail, and also are capable to render regenerating and feeding influence on a plate.

Usually it is customary to use washings and varnishes in salonsof the same manufacturer. In this there is a reason: in the composition of the washing machine, the manufacturer can introduce substances that effectively affect the coating pigments. However, there are specialists and ordinary users who successfully use liquids to remove varnish from another company.

Here are a few options for the washing of different manufacturers:

  1. CDN: releases strengthening and moisturizing fluids.
  2. Severina offers a range of products from universal, suitable for removing any gel-varnish, to specialized, designed to dissolve, for example, exclusively Shellac.
  3. ORLY GELFX - gently removes the gel coat.
  4. Planet Nails also creates a variety of means for removing acrylic and gel.

How to remove shellac in the cabin

The professional set for removing shellac includes the following elements:

  • a dissolving coating;
  • napkins-bags for each nail;
  • a stick from an orange tree;
  • nail file;
  • caring oil.

Thus, during the procedure the masterinflicts liquid for washing on plates of nails, then puts on "bag", which prevents rapid evaporation of alcohol. The necessary time interval during which the drug is exposed is maintained. Then the orange stick is scraped off the coating, the remains are, if necessary, removed with a polishing blade.

It is important that after completing work on the fieldcuticles were applied to the oil, because the alcohols that make up the washings exert a drying effect on the skin, which can later lead to burrs and spoil the appearance of your hands.

Opinion of our visitors about the features of using Shellacs, see on this page: Who Made Shellac | is it true that after him the nails are in terrible condition.

How to remove gel-lacquer at home

You can remove the gel coating yourself. If you decide to get rid of shellac at home and you do not have a professional kit, you'll have to arm yourself with a few other means. You will need:

  • liquid for removing varnish with acetone;
  • cotton wheels;
  • foil;
  • orange or plastic sticks;
  • polishing file;
  • cosmetic oil.

The deletion process is as follows:

  1. Divide the double cotton wool discs into separate circles and cut each of them in half. These semicircles should completely cover the nail plate. Prepare them in advance in an amount of 10 pieces.
  2. Cut the foil into small pieces, with the expectation that you need them to wrap the upper phalanx of the fingers.
  3. Use a cotton swab to apply the nail polish remover and immediately cover it with a disc.
  4. Wrap the foil around the wadding disc.
  5. Repeat for all fingers. Wait 5 minutes.
  6. After that, remove the foil and cotton wool from the fingers in the same sequence in which you applied them.
  7. Tap your fingers on the gel film and remove it from the nail plate. If the coating comes off badly, use a stick.
  8. If necessary, apply the solvent again.
  9. The remains of shellac can be removed with a polishing file. Just be careful not to injure the plate excessively.
  10. At the end, apply cosmetic oil, if there is no special for nails, take almond, peach or jojoba oil.

After such procedures it is desirable to make a firming bath for nails, since shellac, like acrylic or other gels, thinen the nails, making them more brittle.

Thus, you can get rid of the gel coating on the nails. For more information, see our other article - How to remove varnish.

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