How to restore eyelashes after extension. Effective means to restore eyelashes at home

Perhaps every girl dreams of long thick eyelashes. And sometimes for the sake of beauty, one has to make many sacrifices. Women increase eyelashes to look attractive and to restore eyelashes after building reviewsBut this procedure has its negative consequences. Therefore, before going to the beauty salon of a young charmer, it would be nice to get acquainted with information on how to restore eyelashes after extension.

How do eyelash extensions?

Seasoned fashionistas know what this salon procedure is. The master takes artificial cilia and sticks them with a special composition to the base of the client's own eyelashes. Of course, there are many nuances. Build-up is done by various methods: in bunches or individually.At the same time different materials are used: artificial and natural components. The adhesive composition may also differ. What should I look for when deciding to grow eyelashes? These are the qualifications of a specialist who provides such services and the quality of the materials used.

The consequences of the procedure

  1. Allergic reactions.The procedure is performed with the use of various chemicals (glue). This is especially true of those who have an increased sensitivity to rubber and rayon.
  2. Eye infections.With careful monitoring of the hygiene of hands and tools, you can not be afraid of infection. However, otherwise the easiest "bonus" from the negligence of a specialist - getting conjunctivitis. If elementary hygiene rules are not followed, this procedure is also threatened by more severe forms of eye infection. If this happens, then here it will not be necessary to think about the problem, how to restore eyelashes after extension, but how to get rid of the disease, which is characterized by relapses.
  3. Pain in the eyes.May occur in some clients.
  4. Weakening your own eyelashes.This is one of the most frequent complaints in women who have undergone a salon procedure.

Let's start with proper nutrition

It is no secret that the condition of our hair, nails, skin and, of course, eyelashes depends, first of all, on whether or not our body receives all the necessary vitamins and trace elements. Therefore, when deciding how to restore eyelashes, attention should be paid to your diet. It is recommended to remove sweets, smoked meats, fried and salty from the diet. All this in the most negative way affects not only our health, but also our appearance. You can diversify the menu with fresh and stewed vegetables and to restore eyelashesEvery meal should include fresh salad seasoned with olive or flaxseed oils rich in vitamin E and monounsaturated fats. It is also recommended to stop drinking and smoking.

Herbal infusions

Traditional medicine has always helped people cope with various health problems. She will save in a situation where we are concerned about the question: how to restore eyelashes? Calendula, flowers of cornflower, chamomile, sage, thyme ... All these herbs have anti-inflammatory and tonic effect. The procedure is carried out as follows: brew a tablespoon of grass or a mixture of herbs with one glass of boiling water, leave for half an hour, drain, moisten cotton sponge and apply to eyes.After the first use of herbal compresses, there are no changes to the positive side. The full course of procedures is at least 1 month. But at the end of the term it will be possible to determine the effectiveness of the method. As a rule, the loss of eyelashes stops, they become soft and elastic.

Castor oil - the best home remedy

This is one of the most proven ways to restore the beauty of the eyelashes. Castor oil is a real storehouse of vitamins E and A and fatty acids: oleic, linoleic and, which is especially important for hair growth, ricinoleic acid. This product is environmentally friendly. Even dermatologists recommend using it as a caring cosmetic. And now about how to restore eyelashes after extension with castor oil. To do this, you need to take either a cotton pad or a brush from under the old mascara, washed well with soap, apply a drop of the product on them, apply it to your eyes for 30 minutes or “comb” to restore eyelashes after building castor oilThis should be done in the evening, after removing makeup. It is not recommended to leave the oil on the eyelashes for the night, as it has a rather “heavy” consistency and then is poorly washed off.Full course is at least a month. You need to do this mask daily.

Other oils

Undoubtedly, castor oil is the best tool in the fight for beautiful thick eyelashes. But he also has disadvantages: it is poorly washed off and in some cases irritates the sensitive skin of the eyelids. Therefore, you should pay attention to other oils with a lighter texture: burdock, olive, almond, peach, wheat germ to quickly restore eyelashesAll of these products also contain many nutrients that are necessary for normal hair growth. We learn how to restore eyelashes after extension using this method. You can use these oils using a cotton pad and a brush from under the carcass, as is the case with castor oil. And you can make a warm compress for half an hour. To do this, heat the oil a little, soak two small strips of gauze cloth in it and apply it on the eyes: one over the eyelashes on the eyelid, the second from the bottom.

Professional tools

  1. Rapid Lash Eyelash Growth Activator. American product. It has a lot of minerals and vitamins. Effective means in five directions: accelerates the growth of eyelashes, gives them shine, volume and elasticity.
  2. Conditioner for perfect lash. The tool is approved by ophthalmologists and dermatologists. Available in a convenient format: tube with an applicator. The manufacturer claims that the result of applying the tool will surprise any woman: the eyelashes are 2-3 times longer and thicker. Full course - about a month. It is recommended to use daily.
  3. The restoring serum for eyelashes of Lipocils gel Talika. Product of French production. It is a highly nourishing gel. According to the reviews of women, is the most effective means to make the lashes 2 times longer, thicker and thicker. To understand why he collects so many positive comments, just look at its composition: extracts of nettle, apple, hazelnut, St. John's wort and chestnut. The product is suitable even for people with too sensitive skin.eyelash repair serum
  4. The means-balm Elma. Product based on oils: burdock, castor. And it has the following components: hyaluronic acid, milk thistle and nettle extracts and vitamins A, E, PP, N. The advantages of this product: low cost compared with analogues and high efficiency. According to women, the result of the use of balm can be observed within two weeks after the start of use.It is a good alternative to castor oil, because, unlike him, does not irritate the sensitive skin of the eyes.
  5. Latisse product from Allergan. The history of its creation is very interesting. Initially, this manufacturer has released a remedy for glaucoma, which included a lumigan component. Patients began to report that after treatment with this medication, their eyelashes began to actively grow. By adopting this, Allergan soon released a new product with the content of the same component. It was intended to activate the growth of eyelashes. Feedback from women about him is mostly positive. True, many of them noted that after the drug was canceled, the eyelashes returned to their normal appearance. In order for them to remain long and thick, it is necessary from time to time to conduct a course of therapy for them with this medication.

The use of all these tools will answer the question of how to quickly restore eyelashes. However, manufacturers of such cosmetics warn that these products are very concentrated. Therefore, they should be applied in very small doses and only on the lash line.

Useful tips

  1. With a weak, prone to loss of eyelashes is better to refuse to build. It requires their recovery. It is worth paying attention to your food.
  2. Even with good healthy eyelashes, you should not often resort to the procedure of extension. In the end, it still weakens the hairs. Restoring them will be to restore eyelashes after mascara
  3. Contraindications to escalating can be such: conjunctivitis, a tendency to allergies, oily skin of the eyelids, increased tearing.
  4. It is better to remove eyelash extensions in this way: apply castor oil or any vegetable oil on them overnight.
  5. Having done the procedure in a beauty salon, you should follow all the recommendations for the care of artificial hairs. It is very important. Then you will not have to wrestle with how to restore eyelashes after extension.

Alternative salon procedure eyelash extensions

We list the main ones:

  • mascara that allows you to visually make the eyelashes longer and thicker;
  • cosmetics, allowing for a month or two to achieve an increase in the length and thickness of the eyelashes (described above);
  • a procedure called LVL Lash, Novel Lash UP and so on (own eyelash extension technology);
  • false eyelashes.

Regenerating mask

You can often hear such complaints from women: “I took off my lashes. How to restore them now, I do not know. They became brittle and began to fall out. ” The following remedy will help here: take a tablespoon of burdock and olive oil, pour a mixture of a small guest with finely chopped rose hips, put in a dark place for 10 days, strain, store in the refrigerator. Take the old brush from the mascara, rinse it well and apply the product on it, evenly distributing. Then lubricate the eyelashes every evening after removing makeup. They will quickly recover and stop falling out.


The comments of women will allow more truthfully to tell about the effectiveness of measures on how to restore eyelashes after the extension. Their responses in this matter are not unequivocal. Some trust only traditional medicine recipes. So, the use of castor and burdock oils is the most favorite way to get rid of this problem. True, women who use it, note that these products adversely affect the condition of the eyes. They are annoying factors for them.So, if you put castor oil on your eyelashes at night, for example, you may not recognize yourself in the mirror in the morning - your eyelids will be swollen and reddened. But here, too, our beauties found a way out: it is worth applying the remedy only in the evening for a maximum of an hour. And then you need to wash it off with a nourishing milk to remove makeup. Many women willingly use pharmacy to restore eyelashes. They note that their effectiveness is high, and it is a pleasure to use them. After all, they are produced in a very convenient format: a tube with a brush, like mascara. The texture of them is light, gel. They smell nice. Wash off easily. They are also suitable for those who are concerned about the problem of how to restore eyelashes after mascara. It is no secret that after daily use of such a dye, the hairs become light, brittle, often fall out. A favorite remedy for women in this product line is Lipocils gel Talika serum. It is very light and highly effective. Another plus is its to restore eyelashes after extension

We looked at some of the most effective and frequently used methods of how to quickly restore eyelashes after extension, and also figured out how to minimize the consequences of this beauty salon service.

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How to restore eyelashes after extension. Effective means to restore eyelashes at home 82

How to restore eyelashes after extension. Effective means to restore eyelashes at home 6

How to restore eyelashes after extension. Effective means to restore eyelashes at home 38

How to restore eyelashes after extension. Effective means to restore eyelashes at home 98

How to restore eyelashes after extension. Effective means to restore eyelashes at home 96

How to restore eyelashes after extension. Effective means to restore eyelashes at home 84

How to restore eyelashes after extension. Effective means to restore eyelashes at home 82

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