How to run games on PS3 - a comprehensive solution

When the moment of purchase of a new PlayStation 3 comes inside, a lot of questions arise regarding the use of this game console. Despite the fact that a new generation of gaming consoles came out, the 3 series is not forgotten and continues to evolve. Therefore, if you plan to buy a PlayStation 3, then you should first read our article, which will reveal some of the elements you are interested in even before buying a console. And today we will consider the question of how to run games on the PS3. Yes, the question has a rather simple basis, but at the same time it is quite complex. The thing is that there are pirated and licensed games, and each of them has its own launch instructions.

Running a PS 3 game

How to run games on PS3? This question can arise when you have licensed and pirated discs with games in your hands. With licensed copies, it's pretty simple, you insert the disc and start playing.The fact is that each game has autostart, so you can immediately plunge into adventure. If there is no autorun, you just need to click on the Start button and the game will start. With regard to pirated games, we note that for them you need to install a special firmware on the console. This can be done in specialized stores, and you can also try to do it yourself, however, you should take into account in advance that you will need knowledge of the console structure, since it will have to be disassembled. After installing the firmware, you can safely play any games that will run automatically.

How to run games on PS 3

Installing games on PS3

So, we figured out how to run games on the PS3, now it's worth finding out how to install them. Licensed disks will not cause us problems again, as they can be safely and automatically installed on your hard disk. But how to install games on the PS3 of pirate origin? There will already have to work hard. First you need to flash your gaming console, and then find a device called “jailbreak” (you can buy it at any store selling game consoles). And that's not all, after creating the foundation you need to find and download programs:

  • Blackb0x FTP.
  • Open Manager.
  • Total Commander.

After you have found them, you should download the files on the USB flash drive and install the programs on the console. Then you should go to YouTube and find a video tutorial on setting up an FTP protocol, which will allow you to go around the console protection and install pirated discs. There are over 20 ways to set up an FTP protocol for transferring data and bypassing security settings. Each of them is the right way to solve a problem.

How to install games on PS 3

Running PS 2 games on a PS 3 console

And the last point, which concerns the question of how to run games on the PS3, is to consider the possibility of launching the games of the previous generation PS 2. Immediately it should be warned that this procedure is rather complicated, and if you are not confident in your abilities and do not want to dig into subsoil system settings, it is best to avoid this. Although no one bothers to call for help a specialist who will set up everything without any problems. Again, you will need a gaming console that will have the latest firmware version. This is necessary because the firmware is the basis for any manipulation of pirated versions of games. If your console is stitched, first download the image of the PS 2 game you want to run.The image must be in the "pkg" format. After that you need to download the list of programs:

  • PS 2 Classic Manager.
  • PS 2 Classic Placeholder.
  • reActPSN (latest version).

Then you need to install all these programs on your gaming console. This is done using a conventional flash drive and the installation process. After that, you need to create a second profile under the name "aa (English letters)" and activate it. Then, in the created profile, you need to run the reActPSN program - this will allow you to create an image of the basis for PS 2 games. After the done actions, you need to go back to your original profile and create memory cards, this is done in a special function of the game console. You need to create two memory cards with the names: "MK 1" and "MK 2". And the final moment will be the launch of the very image of the game PS 2, which should be on your flash drive. Now you know how to run PS2 games on PS3, it’s better to make yourself a memo of this whole process, since, having missed even the smallest detail, you can lose the expected result.

How to run PS 2 games on PS 3

Are there any other ways to solve this issue?

In fact, the theme related to the PS 3 game console is already so developed that it has more than 100 different ways of installations, launches, hacks, etc.The electronic world does not stand still and is constantly evolving, but despite the fact that the developers create new game consoles and protection systems, they are constantly hacked and started to be used for their own purposes. If you want to study this topic extensively, then you should seriously take up it and start actively studying Internet resources, and if you just want to try, then our recommendations are perfect for this.

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