How to seal a PVC boat: instructions

A pleasant Sunday walk on the river or fishing can suddenly end if a hole is found in the vessel. In order not to throw out the watercraft immediately, you need to know how to properly seal the PVC boat. Even with the patch, it will last more than one season.

how to glue a pvc boat

Boat preparation

Before repair you need to find a hole, it is worth remembering that there may be several damages. Punctures are not always noticeable. Therefore, the inflated boat must be inspected in the water. When the holes are found, you need to circle them with a marker or something else, so as not to repeat the search procedure.

Then the boat comes down. No glue will hold the patch when the air is pulled out from under it with a whistle. Under the damaged place you need to put a flat object: a board, a container, a stone, etc., that will be at hand. The base should not sag if pressed.

Before you glue the boat of PVC, you need to clean it from dirt and degrease. You can use gasoline, toluene, solvent, alcohol or vodka.Acetone can damage PVC, so it is undesirable to use it. It is impossible to use emery, etc. easy to damage the boat and make the holes bigger. The degreasing agent should completely evaporate from the surface. Only in this case, you can proceed to gluing.

how to glue the boat PVC


When the boat is ready, you need to prepare the patch. It is cut from a similar material. Best of all, if you have a repair kit. In it, as a rule, the same fabric as on the craft.

The size and shape of the patch are determined by the size of the hole. The glued piece of fabric should be 3-5 cm beyond the edges of the hole. The most commonly used round, oval, rectangular and square patches. It is worth remembering that the corners tend to cling and peel off.

The latka must be prepared in the same way as the boat: degrease and dry.

The last stage - fitting. The patch is applied to the puncture and circled around the contour, as it will lie.

what glue to glue up the pvc boat

What kind of glue to seal the boat PVC: the choice of means

The most important thing is what the boat and the patch will connect to. It is the quality of the adhesive that determines the reliability of the repair. Of course, if there is a repair kit, then there will be no particular difficulties.However, he is not always at hand. What you need to remember to choose the right tool?

  • Instant glue (such as "Second", etc.) is not able to provide high-quality repair of PVC products. The patch will disappear as quickly as it will stick. In addition, cyanoacrylate formulations can “burn through” the material.
  • For the repair of the boat is better to use polyurethane glue. That is what is in repair kits.
  • Good glue, drying out, will not stick to hands.
  • It is better to stop the choice on a special tool.
  • After drying, good glue, even its surplus is impossible to remove from the surface.
  • Heat resistance is not the last factor that you need to pay attention to when choosing glue. The higher this indicator, the better, because in the sun, the boat can be quite warm.

Instructions: how to seal the boat PVC

So, the boat and the patch are ready, degreased, dried. Glue matched. You can collect everything in a single unit.

  1. The adhesive is applied to the boat and to the patch in a rather thick layer. Then it should dry out. About 5-7 minutes. It is best to clarify in the manufacturer’s instructions how long it will take.where to seal the boat of pvc
  2. Then the glue is again applied to both surfaces, dries again and is covered with a third layer. Again you need to let it dry.
  3. When the last layer is ready, you need to attach a patch to the boat, level it. Now you need to warm. This is the main trick of how to seal the boat with PVC quality. If at home, you can use a hairdryer. In nature, a hot water cup will be suitable as a heating element.
  4. You need to press a hot patch, the best thing is to roll something flat and smooth, for example, with a rolling pin, bottle, etc. Then there will be no air bubbles, therefore, gluing will be done qualitatively.
  5. With a significant hole size, it is desirable to impose another patch over the already glued.
  6. Let the latka cool, dry. As a rule, glue gains strength after a couple of hours. If repairs were made in emergency conditions, then after 2-3 hours you can already sail to the mainland. But the boat will be fully ready in 2-3 days.

In case of a serious puncture

Sometimes in the board or at the bottom there are quite serious holes. Difficulties will not be caused by cuts or holes about 5 cm in size. But if the snag snatched a significant piece of fabric, it is better to contact a specialist. Therefore, it is advisable to know where to seal the PVC boat in case of serious damage.Perhaps there are special workshops in the city. By the way, some tire fittings also provide repair services for boats.

how to glue a pvc boat

Unfortunately, in some particularly difficult cases the boat may not be repairable. Then you have to buy a new one.

That's all about how to seal the boat with PVC. Provided quality repairs, it will serve for a long time.

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