How to straighten hair at home?

Straight, long, silky hair is a perfect perfect styling that does not require any additional decorations. It is already extremely harmonious. But for this effect, the hair must be really in the best condition: healthy, shiny, to straighten hair

Do you know how to straighten hair at home?

To do this, use shampoos, and sprays, and balms, and creams, and special styling products. It is advisable to apply straightening agents to wet hair, because this way they penetrate into the structure better. They need to be used carefully, not to impose too much, because, as a rule, they have a fat composition. To cope with the task is impossible without a hairdryer and a good comb. It is better if it will be a round brush of a certain diameter - brushing. The longer the hair, the larger the diameter will require a brush. With its help it is convenient to pull strands from root to tip.

How to straighten hair ironing

how to straighten hair ironingUsing this tool is very easy to do.Strands look really "ironed", begin to shine. But you need to understand that thermal devices spoil the hair. Heat destroys the core. Therefore, you need to periodically engage in the treatment of hair. That is, this method is best used not every day, but for a special case.

How to straighten hair without ironing?

Because the iron is unsafe, that is, a way of straightening, which is suitable for not very hard hair, without small curls. This can be done by drying the strands in a certain way. Straightening this, of course, will give a temporary effect, which will continue until the first wet. But this is the reverse side of the method that does not harm the hair. Washed strands gently comb and apply on them along the entire length of the mousse for styling. Spend a few more times on them comb. Then set the dryer to a small amount of power. Pull off the strands one by one and dry them one by one. It will be enough to straighten only the upper layers, the inner touch is not worth it.

How to straighten hair using folk recipes?

straighten hairThe following method is not only harmless, but even helps to improve the hair. It consists in applying special strands to the surface of the strands, which contribute to their natural straightening.Mix in proportions of 1: 1 beer with water and apply the solution to damp hair. You can also treat curls with strong, slightly sweetened tea (a coffee spoon of sand per glass). All these are alternatives to chemical products that can be bought in the store (mousses, varnishes, etc.).

How to straighten hair completely naughty?

If you can not cope with their own curls at home, you should still contact the professionals. You can choose the lamination of hair, chemical bio-straightening. It will be expensive, but the effect is not enough for one day. If you want the smoothness of the hair to become their permanent feature, get a professional comb with sparse teeth. Massages and brushes are not able to straighten hair, they damage the hair follicles, the result of which is not so beloved by all "fluffy".

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