How to surprise a guy? Few ideas

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If in your relationship with the boy it was not the best of times, you constantly quarrel and do not understand each other, take a pause and think about how you can fix the relationship and prevent the guy from leaving. Perhaps you have become too predictable, and it's time to change your own behavior a little? We recommend you to figure out how to surprise a guy. And the surprise can relate to absolutely everything: appearance, behavior, or the usual material gift. The most important thing is not to despair and turn on the fantasy.

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However, before telling you how to surprise a guy, we note that all options are suitable only for stabilizing shaky relations. Hold the guy they will not help. If you have fallen out of love with each other, then no advice on how to surprise a guy will not help, therefore, you must first sensibly assess the situation. If your relationship has become a bit strained and they lack a miracle, then we offer a small list of tips that can help improve relations with your loved one.

  1. Behavior. Suppose you hate coffee and prefer to drink only green tea with lemon. Try to change your behavior and order a coffee on a date with your beloved in a cafe. He will no doubt be surprised by your choice, and he will understand that you will not always be the same.
  2. what can surprise a guyGift. Yes, this advice is suitable for girls. And even to the next holiday a few more months, but you are wondering how to surprise a guy? This is one of the worthy options. By giving him what he dreamed about, you can capture yourself in his life, gain his respect and affection.
  3. Order. If at each visit to you he sees a terrible mess in all rooms, then it is necessary to urgently carry out a general cleaning and only then invite your loved one. Upon entering your apartment, he will certainly be surprised at such purity.
  4. Clothing. Put on a date a new thing in which he has never seen you before. This will hint to him that you look after yourself and constantly want to be different and attractive.
  5. Cooking This is the next way to surprise a guy. You have probably heard that men love to eat tasty.So you should take advantage of this! Prepare something tasty and arrange a romantic dinner for him - he will definitely appreciate this step.
  6. Passion. If your relationship has already reached intimacy, then this option is also great to surprise your loved one. Be the best in sex, and initial interest will surely return to your young to surprise a guy
  7. Joint video. No, that's not what you think! Of course, you can make a home video, but it is unlikely to make it stealthily. But to process your photos with him on the computer is easy.
  8. Image change. This is the last tip on how to surprise a guy. However, you should not change the image if your young man was crazy about the previous hair color and hairstyle. Such behavior will only show that you are indifferent to his opinion, and this can offend him very much.

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How to surprise a guy A few ideas 69

How to surprise a guy A few ideas 40

How to surprise a guy A few ideas 37

How to surprise a guy A few ideas 55

How to surprise a guy A few ideas 10

How to surprise a guy A few ideas 31

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