How to tie a women's sweater?

Do you want to look attractive and fashionable? Then knitted things are just what you need. Now we will tell you how to tie a women's sweater with knitting needles. Knitting patterns can be found on the Internet.

General rules

Things that are made by themselves will alwayslook stylish and original. In the cold season, knitted headdresses, scarves, dresses, coats and, of course, sweaters will be appropriate. There are a lot of styles and knitting patterns. We call a sweater a warm sweater without a fastener and with a high collar. At performance of work not always, it turns out, strictly to adhere to the selected instructions. The quality and quantity of the yarn, its color should be taken into account. It is necessary to observe the sequence in which work is performed.

A step-by-step instruction on how to tie a women's sweater:

  • Select the yarn. Cashmere, wool, cotton are good. It is desirable that the yarn does not contain synthetics. It will be nice to wear and get rid of allergies.
  • It is necessary to take measurements, shoulder width, sleeve length, waist and hips. Determine the height of the armhole and the depth of the throat.
  • Based on the measurements to make a pattern.
  • Before you start knitting you need to decide what will be worn sweater. This can affect the choice of style and pattern.
  • First you need to link the pattern pattern. It should be a fragment of a size of about 10x10cm. Thanks to him and the finished pattern, you can calculate how many loops you need. For example, if you know that for 10 cm you needed 20 loops, you can easily calculate that on the back of a width of 46 cm you will need to type 92 loops.
  • The work begins with knitting the back.
  • First, 2-3 cm of gum should be tied.
  • After this, proceed to the main pattern.
  • At the waist level, the width of the canvas begins to narrow. In each 3-4 rows, one loop is taken down from both sides.
  • So knit up to 30 centimeters from the total work.
  • On the contrary, the loops start to add one on each side.
  • After reaching 35 centimeters, they begin to make an armhole. The hinges are closed with a ladder. For example, one row of 5 loops, above them 3 loops, and above them 1.
  • You need to do this on both sides.
  • So they sew another centimeter 20.
  • After that, knit the front of the sweater.
  • It is done similarly, but taking into account the neckline.
  • 10 median loops are counted. Probyazyvayutsya ladder. Closed on the inside by 2 loops. 5 more rows are made.
  • For the V-shaped cut, the top is divided in half, and each half is knitted separately. On the inside, one loop is reduced. Do not forget about armholes.
  • The sleeves are carried out.
  • The required number of loops is typed. The main pattern is matched.
  • To knead 10 cm and begin to add on both sides one loop.
  • It is knit 40 cm and closes on the sides approximately 5 loops. Then one by one, and the right sleeve length is matched.

Simple knitting

Begin knitting sweaters with a choice of yarn. Rough species are best suited. She can tie a woman's sweater to a large mating, and it will turn out to be quite warm and durable. The pattern of knitting should also be selected in advance. A spectacular thing can happen if you choose something extravagant.

Yarn can be chosen artificial, for example,Angora. It will take approximately 350grams. The color you choose to your taste. It will depend on the season. More juicy are suitable for spring and early autumn. In late autumn and winter it is better to wear something more calm, the main thing is warm. A sweater with a female deer is good at this time of year. You can link it according to the scheme that is given on this site.

To knit a simple sweater, we will need knitting needles№4 and №5. You need to perform it with the 2x4 technology. It is done as follows, alternating the front and back loops. 2 face and 4 purl. The density of binding should be based on the fact that for every 10cm of the finished product you need to dial 21 loops.

Knitting is as follows.

  • The pattern of the product is made.
  • Beginning knitting from the back. 88 loops are typed.
  • 4 cm elastic bands are sewn. In this case, the loops at the beginning and end of the row are performed by 3 facial, not two, as usual.
  • They knit 53 cm.
  • Before knitting is similar.
  • The hinges are closed in either case.
  • Knit the sleeves of the sweater as follows.
  • Dial 70 loops.
  • Tie 8 rows. Start and finish 3 facial.
  • Continue knitting to 35 cm.
  • Loops close.
  • The assembly of the sweater is the final stage, it is very important. To approach it it is necessary responsibly.
  • On the pattern you need to prick all the knitted details of the sweater.
  • Moisten them and allow time to dry.
  • Sew shoulder seams partially.
  • Side seams are also not completely sewn. It is necessary to leave an armhole.
  • Sew up the sleeves and finish the assembly.

It is possible in the future to select sweaters with morecomplex drawings and other styles. Knitwear is now popular, so you can always tie a beautiful women's sweater. Pamper yourself or your daughter with an original novelty.

We talked about the basic principles of knitting. If there is a desire to tie a sweater, the scheme can be picked up by you in any magazine, which is now sold a lot.

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