How to train a horse in Minecraft?

When you are just starting a new game in"Maincraft", you do not have any additional means for movement - only your own feet. But if a big world was chosen, then you will quickly get tired of spending an impressive amount of time to overcome huge distances in search of resources, mobs, food and so on. Therefore, the developers envisaged the possibility of taming some species of animals, on which you can travel much faster. Everyone who owns a horse will be able to overcome not only great distances, but also high obstacles, so riding a horse is not just a whim, but a very serious bonus. But first you need to understand how to tame a horse, because just so you do not jump on it - just like in real life. Wild horses are unlikely to allow a man to themselves and especially they will not hold him on their back.

Finding a suitable stallion

how to train a horse

To figure out how to tame a horse in"Maynkraft", for the beginning it must be found. This can be done quite easily, since on plains where a large quantity of grass grows, they are very common. But here comes into play your own taste - you can choose exactly the horse that you will like. Naturally, you can always go to the first one and start to tame it, but will it suit you? With this horse you then travel, perhaps it's you who want to breed later, so be serious about choosing. It will not depend on your fate, but still it is worth doing it deliberately. Once you have decided on the desired horse, you will need to move on to the main question - how to tame a horse? Here everything is not so simple, as when choosing the ride you like - you will have to make some efforts.

Feeding wild horses

minecraft how to train a horse

If in real life you try to find out howtame a horse, you will most likely be answered - feed her, make friends with her. This is what you need to do - to appease a steed, you need to feed him. For this purpose, different products are suitable, but red apples work best. However, do not store them in small quantities, since particularly stubborn stallions may require you to take several approaches in trying to tame them. Feed the chosen horse five to ten apples - this is the key to success, without this stage you will not get absolutely anything.

Enter the trust

how to train a horse

When the animal eats from your hands, you will havethe opportunity to climb to his back. Naturally, this opportunity should be taken advantage of. But do not put great expectations on the first attempt - the stallion, most likely, will throw you off your back, so they are arranged in Minecraft. How to tame a horse the first time? Here, no one can give you an answer, since the reaction of the animal is randomly generated, so you are equally likely to be able to make friends with the steed from the first and the fifth time. If you are discarded, then do not go look for another horse - just repeat the procedure. Feed another five to ten apples - that's why you need a large supply, and after that try to climb back on the animal again. If you succeed, you can be congratulated - the first step to taming a horse you did. One of the most interesting questions of the game "Maynkraft" - "how to tame a horse" - almost found its answer. But it's not enough just to sit on your back to the horse to drive it.

Saddle your horse!

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For movement on a horse, and on othersanimals such as mules or donkeys, a saddle is used. Domestication of donkeys and mules is a separate aspect of the game. How to train a horse is the main question that is on the agenda. So, you already fed your future pet, made friends with him and even managed to get on his back without being on the ground. An impressive success, but this is not enough. You need to have a saddle with you when you go in search of a horse, because with it you can bring the animal into motion. Without a saddle, you'll just sit on your horse's back, and with the saddle you'll be able to move around. Therefore, immediately put on your pet saddle, but if you have not mastered the animal - take your time. First make sure that it is not going to throw you off, and then already saddle it. That's all - you can control the horse with the keys of the movement, to make a jump you need to press the spacebar, and to go back to earth - Shift.

Additional Features

Also make sure that you have a speciala leash for horses, since it will be very useful to you. You do not have to look for your horse in the neighborhood, if you leave it and go anywhere, for example, to extract certain materials. Tie a horse with a leash, and it will not run away. Also with the help of this object you can drive a horse with it, while not saddle it. Without a leash, the horse will not obey you and will remain in the place on which it stood.

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