How to use Hamachi? Playing minecraft with friends

Online games have become a great way to spend your free time for millions of people. After work or on weekends, when there is nothing to do, a person can relax, immersed in a completely new game atmosphere. You can pass the real adventure of a particular genre by downloading this or that “toy”.

how to use hamachi for minecraft

The only problem is that there is a category of games that are used to playing without connecting to the Internet. These are “good old” toys that can gain a second life if users can play them online. This opportunity provides the program Hamachi. With it, you can create a virtual network connection with any player and, thus, start playing anything online. How to use Hamachi, we will tell in this article.

How does hamachi work?

So, the program "Gamachi" is an online client that allows you to create a virtual network between players who can not belong to the same Internet network.Simply put, a local network is created, with which you can download multiplayer modes of popular games. Say, if you are used to playing alone, instructions on how to use Hamachi will allow you to experience new sensations when you play with friends. Believe me, this is a completely different gaming experience!

The application interface is very compact and intuitive. It collapses into a tray, and everything is actually controlled by a pair of buttons. There are two modes available in the program: “server” and “client” - this is the user who creates the network for the game, as well as those who are connected to this network. Of course, such a connection can be password protected from unauthorized users, you can rename it in your own way. In general, each network that is created in this way has its own ip-address, which will be the game.

how to use hamachi

How to use Hamachi, you will understand within minutes. You can start the client with a large power button located in the upper left corner of the window. Next you will see a field with available networks, as well as navigation keys for searching and creating networks. You will work with them.

What you need to know the "server"?

"Server" is the player who creates a network for further play. He chooses the game room in the “toy” itself and is the “host” to which other players connect. He should know how to use Logmein Hamachi, since his responsibility is to create a game group. "Server" can name the group as he likes and protect it with a key. Further, this player must inform others of his ip-address so that everyone can connect to it.

how to use hamachi minecraft

What you need to know "client"?

On the other hand, there is a “client” - a player who enters a server created by a “server”. The client is simply told which game group in Hamachi he needs to connect to, after which he has to go to the game itself and select the appropriate room.

In the part of the instruction, which describes how to use the Hamachi program, the following should be noted: it is very important that the versions not only of the “gamble” itself, but also of the game for which the server is created, are exactly the same. This, I repeat, is very important, because it directly affects whether you can play with friends or not. To verify the identity of versions of games, we recommend downloading them from one torrent.

Hamachi and Minecraft

Through the client Hamachi, you can organize a collective game in almost all the "toys" in which the network game mode is available. Minecraft is no exception. Imagine how interesting it is to build your own world, to develop everything around with your friends online. This is actually a completely different game, which delays even more than the usual “offline” version. You can try, for sure you will like it.

how to use logmein hamachi

Hamachi features

The opportunities that the Hamachi program possesses when it comes to strategies are also very much appreciated. For example, with this client you can “revive” your favorite strategy, which you have played since childhood, by organizing a tournament with friends. It's so great to chat on Skype and at the same time conquer each other’s lands and resources. So you can happily pass a few hours!

What if nothing happens?

If you do not know how to use Hamachi for Minecraft, it will still take a little time to get used to and learn the mechanism of the program. In principle, everything is not so difficult, especially for those who have experience playing Minecraft.

There are no special requirements: as already emphasized, it is only necessary that the versions of the game are identical.If you do not know how to use Hamachi so that the game has similar versions, download them from one source (as noted above, this may be one common torrent).

If nothing happened after that, pay attention to the status of your network. Ideally, it should be green when ping (connection to the server) is blue, and if the virtual network is turned off, its indicator will be grayed out. These colors will help determine how to use Hamachi. Minecraft while we leave without attention, simply deploy the client program. Also available are auxiliary commands, such as “pinging the network” (which will tell you whether the network is operating or not). With their help, you can determine what is the cause of your failure, after which it can be eliminated.

how to use the program hamachi

In general, it should be noted, the organization of gameplay on a virtual local area network with the help of Hamachi is easy. It is not necessary to know how the program itself is organized, and how it connects computers located in different geographic locations. The main thing is to understand the logic: one person (“server”) creates a network, the rest (“clients”) enter it, and then load the game. Well, actually, enjoy the process!

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