How to write a petition?

Today, let's talk about what a petition is andhow to write it correctly. The petition can be, both in court, and at work. The first type of petition is the applicant's appeal to the court with a specific request or demand.

With regard to the application at work, it is oftenthis is an application for rewarding someone from the staff. In order for one of the employees to be awarded with an honorary diploma or a badge, the superior should write a petition in which this wish and recommendation to the employee are indicated. About how to write a petition of the first and second type, how and where to send them, we'll talk below.

How to write a petition to the court

On how to properly write a petition, they knownot many. Therefore, when faced with this, the average person, as a rule, is lost and does not know where to start. Today in the legislation of the Russian Federation such types of petitions are singled out:

  • On demanding evidence;
  • On attracting someone to participate in the case;
  • On the transfer of jurisdiction;
  • Other motions.

Therefore, if you need to apply to the court forany of the questions, you should write a petition. You can search for a sample of this document on the vastness of the global web (after all, the petitions may be related to different issues, therefore the samples will be different), we will give specific recommendations on writing a court petition:

  1. Be sure to indicate the court, as well as the case number;
  2. Write the procedural status of the petition, and also from whom it specifically proceeds;
  3. Specify all addresses of other participants in the process;
  4. Do not forget to specify the requisites of the application (its number and date of writing);
  5. Clearly state the whole point of the issue, in connection with which it was required to apply to the court;
  6. Refer to the possible rules of procedureCode, which provide for the possibility of applying to the court with a petition on a specific issue that interests you (adjournment of the court session or appointment of an expert examination, etc.);
  7. Be sure to attach to your application the necessary documents that substantiate the essence of the matter;
  8. Sign and also attach a document that confirms the person's authority to sign;
  9. About the petition, as a rule, it is necessary to state before the investigation of the case materials is completed.
  10. All applications must be recorded in the record at the court session;
  11. Keep in mind that the petition should be sent to the court in advance. The court will consider it during the meeting, of course, taking into account the opinions of all the participants in the process.

By the way, you can find even more information on this issue in the Civil Procedure Code of the Russian Federation.

How to write an application for rewarding

A similar kind of petition is written in differentForms, depending on the award, as well as the scope of work. Let's consider a concrete example: writing an application for issuing a breastplate to the teacher and the status of "Honorary Worker of Education". Here is the procedure:

  1. The Pedagogical Council (and in other spheres of labor the generalmeeting of the collective or any other governing body) raises and approves the issue of awarding a certain award to the employee. All this should be displayed in the protocol;
  2. The text of the application is printed where the data should be: the address of the institution, its full name, full name of the employee, his position, experience, qualification category;
  3. The characteristic in which it is necessary to describeall the merits of an employee, his achievements and other successes in his activities. Such a characteristic is signed by the head of the institution. In the event that the head of the award is the candidate, then his deputy signs this document;
  4. The application is sent to the department of education in the city. There it is reviewed and sent to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation;
  5. If the application was refused, then it can be reapplied only after two years;
  6. If everything is in order, then the head getsthe necessary documents and a reward. At a general meeting or in a solemn atmosphere, the employee receives documents and a reward, and a record of this award is recorded in the work record book.

Now you know how to write a petition to a court or an application for rewarding at work.

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