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I do not know: to cry or laugh? ... A Lada is a harness!

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I do not know: to cry or laugh? ... A Lada is a harness!

In the line of the AvtoVAZ will be 'new' model: a mix of the two hopelessly outdated car - 'Five' and 'Seven' factory will present by 2008. 'Classic' will finally reach Euro III environmental standards, and cost 10% more.
Tolyatti model VAZ 2105 and VAZ 2107 - almost exact copies of the Italian model in 1978 - FIAT 131, remain on the line unchanged for 27 years and have even gained through uncontrolled rear wheel drive, the proud name of 'classics'. For a long time at AvtoVAZ they said that the cars were outdated and would be removed from production in the near future.
However, this week the new president of the AvtoVAZ, Boris Aleshin solemnly declared that 'classic' is eternal, transfers Ladaonline agency.
In 2008, the plant will enter the market a hybrid of 'Five' and 'Seven', on which the leading engineers of the Russian car industry is now actively working.
Body for models 2105 and 2107 (with the design of the same in 1978) is the same, front him 'Prilep' headlights a la Toyota Land Cruiser Prado,as well as 'introduce' all the few technical innovations that for 30 years Togliatti have managed to invent or purchase abroad.
The new model will be officially called the Lada-Classic. It would have remained a 'five' or 'seven' for another hundred and fifty years, if not for the Euro III emission standards, which come into force in the territory of the Russian Federation on January 1, 2008. All the 'technological breakthroughs' of the 'Classics' are aimed at ensuring that the machine finally begins to comply with them. Its cost is projected to increase by more than $ 500 and will be about $ 6.5 thousand.
This amount will include technical 'know-how', which will make the model more environmentally friendly: engine management system, second oxygen sensor in the neutralizer, rough road sensor, fuel hose system with less vapor permeability and safety valve protecting the fuel system from destruction due to high pressure.
But the main novelty will be a cork for a gas tank with an improved design.
Sources of 'Gazeta.Ru' report that they have already seen sketches of the 'new' model. According to them, its interior will continue the glorious traditions of the Brezhnev era of stagnation.The comfort of the driver's workplace will remain at the same level - the landing and ergonomics will be like that of a double-humped camel. Security improvements are also not expected - this would significantly increase the cost of the machine. It is possible that, for reasons of cheapness, instead of airbags, it would be advisable for plant specialists to install sharp spikes 10 centimeters long on the glove compartment lid and in the center of the steering wheel - well, so that immediately. However, it is possible that in developing the “novelty” in Togliatti, finally, it will be determined in which direction the machine must still drive — right or left. But information on whether the right side mirror will remain in the list of 'advanced options' for the model is not specified at AvtoVAZ.
With such a “modernization,” AvtoVAZ is fully capable of coping with its own specialists without attracting additional funds from outside, according to analyst of Otkritie Financial Company, Kirill Tachennikov.
Despite the rise in price, the demand for a car, in his opinion, will still not decrease: "In this price segment, the Russian plant simply has no competitors."
Now join the 'Classic' can be about $ 6 thousand.- economy-'five' a little cheaper, premium-seven - a bit more expensive. "Probably, instead of the two models, there will be various complete sets of the 'Classics', which will determine its price," Tachennikov believes.
Now AvtoVAZ is actively working to reduce the cost of the 'new' model - because cheapness is its only plus. More expensive models of VAZ - “Kalina” and “Priora” - in terms of price-quality ratio inevitably lose to the numerous budget ones represented on the Russian market. And while the “sharks” of the global automotive industry are choking in the race for the buyer, improving and differentiating their products, changing their model lines every three to four years, the Russian AvtoVAZ keeps afloat, selling penny, constructively ancient cars.

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