Igor Makarov: hockey player, biography, personal life and sports career

Russian hockey is on the rise. The Russian national team is an Olympic champion, many Russian players defend the colors of the NHL and KHL clubs. One of the brightest players is Igor Makarov, who is also known in the country as the husband of Lera Kudryavtseva. Therefore, the biography of hockey player Igor Makarov is interesting to many fans of the national sport.

How did the player become what he became and what he lives today? More on this in the article.

Childhood hockey player

Hockey player Igor Makarov was born in a sports family September 19, 1987 in Moscow. In the modern world, dynasties are rare, but in the family of Igor this is exactly what happened: Makarov is a hockey player in the third generation after his grandfather and father. Grandfather Makarova first played for the Samara “Wings of the Soviets”, and then defended the colors of Dynamo Moscow. Sergey Makarov, Igor's father, gained fame as a defender of the “Samara wings”, and also twice been an Olympic champion.

Sergey Makarov - Igor's father

Starting from the age of three, Igor is skating.Mom and grandfather alternately brought the boy to the ice rink, which was located right outside the Samara “Wings of the Soviets” palace. Over time, when Igor was already quite confident on the ice, the boy was sent to the children's team “Wings”, led by Sergey Yatsunov.

Since then, hockey for a young athlete has become not just a hobby, it has become his vocation and the meaning of life. Especially also because before him there were examples to follow: grandfather and father, and the idols of childhood for him were Oleg Bratash and Viktor Gordiyuk. Makarov was summoned to the junior national hockey team of Russia, with which he successfully played at the World Championships.

Start a hockey career

Being a player, the father of hockey player Igor Makarov Sergey played in the position of defender and did this perfectly, and the son became a cool striker. Having started playing hockey since childhood, Igor continued his career at a higher level at the age of 17 - the young athlete became a Krylya Sovetov player and already in his 2005 debut he scored the puck for his club. In this February game, his team snatched victory from Torpedo, in the quarterfinal game of the final stage of the Higher League.This unforgettable event had to be forever stored in the memory of the hockey player, since, in addition to the debut and puck, this game was also the first victory at the highest level.

Makarov in the "SKA"

After that first season, Makarov moved from Krylya Sovetov to St. Petersburg SKA, where his father worked as a coach. Of course, Krylya Sovetov was incredibly expensive for both the player and his entire family, given the history of playing for Samarans of grandfather and father Igor, however, Igor could not play with wings at the KHL and therefore made this decision for himself.

Makarov in the form of SKA

At the time of acclimatization in the new team, the hockey player Igor Makarov was not very comfortable, especially in games with his own Samara club, in which he spent a lot of time: from 5 years. However, it was a period of growing up and, besides simply enjoying the game, Igor also needed to show the result, which he began to do, especially after he became friends with his new team-mates and, having established interaction with them, he played got better and better.

After this season, the Chicago Blackhawks team chooses Makarov in the Draft in the National Hockey League, in the entrance draft number 44.And after a while, Igor is recognized as one of the most active attackers of the St. Petersburg SKA, and his list already contains 4 abandoned washers.

In the future, a promising young man tried to intercept other well-known teams, but Makarov, having made a choice in favor of SKA, played for the club faithfully and never regretted after that. Valery Khlebnikov and Anton Polishchuk became his friends on the field and beyond.

The 2010/2011 sports season is played by the player in the form of the American Rockford Ayshogs club from the American Hockey League, but already in 2011, Igor Makarov signs a new 3-year contract with SKA for 3 years. Photos of hockey player Igor Makarov in the form of an American club below.

Makarov in America

Hockey player appreciate for the uncompromising and tough style of play. On his account there are bright confrontations on the field and victories in them: knockout of Denis Kulyash, one of the strongest players in the league. In that scuffle, Kulyash suffered a concussion and threatened to answer Makarov with the same, but only with empty threats it remained so.

Makarov in a fight

Period after "SKA"

In 2014, Igor becomes the army team again, but now he is Moscow and signs a contract with CSKA, becoming one of the best players for this club for several years. And in 2016, Makarov stands for Salavat Yulaev.And to this day remains a player of this club.

Makarov and Salavat Yulaev

Personal life

In 2012, the news of the hockey player Igor Makarov began to talk, many news agencies. But this time, the reason for the news was not hockey, but his personal life. It turned out that the young man and the famous secular diva Lera Kudryavtsevoy novel. According to various sources, the young people met at a party where Kudryavtseva tried to unwind after a loud break with famous singer Sergey Lazarev. The piquant moment was that Igor is only 3 years older than the son of his chosen one.

Makarov with his wife

Rumors of their romance remained short rumors, and in 2013 the couple announced a wedding, which soon took place.

Many Russian stars of show business were invited to the magnificent wedding ceremony, which took place in the Kutuzovskiy registry office, but there was no former boyfriend of Kudryavtseva Sergey Lazarev. This was the principled position of the groom. Since then, hockey player Igor Makarov - the husband of Lera Kudryavtseva.

Break with his wife

Due to the media nature of both spouses, various gossip and rumors arose, one of which was a spat because of the alleged correspondence of Makarov with a young girl, for which he was accused of cheating on his wife.However, Leroy herself voiced refutations and that second-rate publications are trying to inflate the scandal out of nothing. One thing is certain, that a beautiful starry couple makes many people jealous. Especially because Kudryavtseva changed her usual way of life, concentrating on family life and trying to become a good wife and mother. And although due to the fact that they and their spouse live in different cities because of the peculiarities of the husband’s work, Kudryavtseva admitted that they have no jealousy and no complaints in the family. At one time were even released details of the intimate life of a star couple.

Makarov will soon be the father

On May 3, 2018, the fans of hockey player Igor Makarov and Lera Kudryavtseva felt that the couple was expecting a child. At the moment, the couple are in Rome, where they got out for the weekend with friends to relax and watch football. Hockey player Igor Makarov and Lera have not yet made an official statement, but judging by the pictures, the “specialists” set the term for childbirth at the end of summer - the beginning of autumn.

Most people consider Kudryavtsev a very brave woman, because not everyone will decide on having a child at 46 years old.Especially when around most of the stars of show business resorts to the services of surrogate mothers. This child will be the first for a couple, and for Kudryavtseva he will be the second, since she has a son from her first marriage, who recently turned 28 years old.

Makarov and Kudryavtseva

The history of hockey player Igor Makarov and TV host Lera Kudryavtseva is a wonderful story that love really has no age limits, no limits for distance and time, because when you love, whether younger or older, your chosen one or the chosen one, the main thing is complete trust in each other , support and love.

It seems that the star couple has it all. And, most likely, there is a lot more, about which none of the outside inhabitants to know and do not need. After all, the life of two people is called “personal”. All interested can only wish for love and happiness from the heart and start building your life.

Makarov - present

Where does hockey player Igor Makarov play now? The answer to this question has already been given above: Makarov is now a player of the Ufa club “Salavat Yulaev”. In January, an unpleasant incident happened to a player in a game against Severstal, in which an opponent struck a stick with his club in one of the game episodes and broke his finger, which led Igor out of the game for about a month.

Makarov scores

At the moment, Makarov is healthy, continues his performances for the Ufa club and on his account six abandoned washers.

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