Igor Novoselov: biography and creativity

In this article we will talk about who Igor Novoselov is. Films with the participation of our hero, as well as features of his creative path will be discussed below. This is a novice actor, who declared himself the leading role in the adventure series “Marines”. The young man, according to fans, looks like Leonardo DiCaprio. He is convinced that the best roles are waiting for him to come. Next, let's talk about our hero's future plans, as well as what remains behind the scenes.

early years

Igor Novoselov

Igor Novoselov is an actor who was born in January 1986 in Novosibirsk. Relatives and friends, speaking of the childhood of our hero, describe him as a hooligan. The child studied in the middle. I didn’t want to waste time on boring objects. From his early age Igor Novoselov dreamed of fame and liked to attract the attention of others to his person. By the time he graduated from school, his aspirations had not changed.

Deciding to become an actor, he entered the number of applicants VGIK.The talent of reincarnation and appearance helped our hero to succeed. The young man successfully coped with the creative competition. As a result, our hero became a student of the course, led by teacher Vladimir Grammatikov. Actor received a diploma of VGIK in 2009. After that, the young man took up a career closely.

The young man managed to visit a member of the TV project “Dom-2”. The actor does not deny that the reason for working on the show is the desire to attract public interest in his person. It is curious that the young man stayed in the project for 20 days and left it. The future famous actor may not have been able to attract the audience of the TV project. Fans are convinced that the intended format of the show did not fit our hero, because participants were expected to have live emotions, not an acting game. In any case, the future actor was remembered by the audience of the project “House-2” as a person who resembles Leonardo DiCaprio. Also, our hero managed to make a number of enemies among the participants of the show.

Cinema and theater

Igor Novoselov Actor

Igor Novoselov began the path to success with episodic roles. The creative activities of our hero began with the television project "Native People."In it, the actor got only a few minutes of time on the air. Then he took part in the work on the tape "Life is getting better." However, his role was again small.

The first significant achievement of our hero was participation in the "Glukhara". Igor Novoselov appeared in this multi-part film in 2009. However, this series, despite its large audience, failed to give the actor the desired level of fame.

In parallel, our hero tried to prove himself as a theatrical actor. His place of creativity was the "Apart". Here he participated in a number of successful productions. Among them, the most memorable, perhaps, was the play "The Third."

Star role

Igor Novoselov films

Igor Novoselov waited for his finest hour thanks to the TV series "Marines". After the release of the first episodes of the project, our hero had a lot of fans. Among them, of course, were dominated by girls who were impressed by the appearance of the young actor. In this multiseries film, our hero embodied the image of Viktor Tabachnikov. His character is a charming rabbi, not representing life without adventures and always being in the center of attention of the fair sex.

At the beginning of the storyline, the character appears to the audience as a cadet of the school - the future naval officer, but the young man is quickly ruled out. The reason for this is a fight. The main character and his fellow student became its participants in order to protect the girl. As a result, the character of the actor is forced to try himself as a sambo instructor. Soon, however, a certain casual acquaintance makes this person a job offer of a completely different kind.

Personal life

Igor new settlers personal life

We have already talked about who Igor Novoselov is. The personal life of this person will be discussed below. However, all that remains behind the scenes, very messy. The young man does not refuse dating, but he is too busy to have a serious permanent relationship. To marry the actor does not plan in the near future.

Friends say that our hero is a good person who is always ready to help in a difficult situation. He is open and sociable. Among the hobbies of the famous actor, the most important positions are given to music and sports. He is keen on Thai boxing and also plays the piano.

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