Independent examination of the phone: where is it held and for what reasons?

Today's consumers often face defective goods, poor-quality service or incompetent repair. It is therefore not surprising that many are interested in the examination of cell phones. But buyers also resort to various tricks in order to extract additional benefits. Independent examination of the phone will help to be safe and protect yourself from false statements.

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What is an independent examination?

Independent examination is carried out to resolve contentious issues and conflict situations. The essence of the procedure is to determine by whose fault the device is technically faulty. Independent examination of a mobile phone is a method of analysis that allows you to identify defects and their causes.

The study is conducted to determine the factory marriage, forgery,self-maintenance or improper handling of equipment.

Quality assessment may require both the consumer and the seller. The interest of the buyer in this case is as follows:

  • price reduction;
  • exchange of goods for the same;
  • exchange phone for another product;
  • refund for the purchase.

The seller may also have specific goals in making an independent examination of the phone. Among the latter are the following aspirations:

  • get rid of the need for free maintenance;
  • prove the absence of marriage due to defects arising at the production stage;
  • refuse to exchange goods;
  • determine that the malfunction arose due to the operation of the device by the user.

Technological research is conducted for all types of telephones. These are simple cellular, and smartphones, and elite class devices.

independent examination of the phone

Quality assessment by an independent expert is good because she is not interested in taking sides. The service center of the manufacturer, as a rule, will put the blame on the buyer, but the consumer’s expertise will certainly be on his side.An independent study will objectively and correctly identify the cause of the problem and help resolve the dispute.

What should I do if the phone becomes unusable before the warranty expires?

The cause of this phenomenon is most often factory marriage. After all, if the phone has ceased to function normally during the validity period of the warranty coupon, then this gives reason for reflection. What will be next? A person buys such a device for a longer period of use. Therefore, it is easier to establish any manufacturing defects at an early stage of operation and to prove one’s case. After a while it will be much more difficult.

The opposite situation is that the buyer deliberately tried to disable the device in order to extract material gain and blame the manufacturer.

But if everything is as transparent and fair as possible, no one is trying to get money by fraudulent means, then an independent examination of the phone will also have to be by the way. After all, it is quite possible that such a batch of such a product has already been sold, and no complaints have been received.

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What if the store refuses to admit its guilt?

Probably, many are familiar with the situation when the seller does not accept the goods. He argues that the phone was purchased in working condition, respectively, the responsibility of the store is removed. But not always, holding the device in hand, with the purchase, you can determine its possible defects. Even if the store accepts the phone, it sends it for technical research to its service center. Therefore, it is often faced with a situation of denial of service after inspection of the device by specialists of the manufacturer. They give an opinion about the fault of the buyer, and most often this is the case.

What if the situation reached the court?

An extreme case is to bring the case to court proceedings. This happens very rarely and only in the case when peace is not reached. But it is better to try to avoid such an option, because even with a court decision in favor of the buyer, he can only receive moral satisfaction. This is due to the fact that more funds would be spent on the process itself than a new phone would cost. But in this case you will not have to think about where to make the examination of the phone.This procedure will deal with the state commission.

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How much will a technical study cost?

The cost of the service is calculated individually and depends on various indicators:

  • the level of technicality of the model;
  • type of model;
  • price category;
  • manufacturing company;
  • details of the examination;
  • deadline.

The most important factor is the first point, because the more complex the model, the more difficult the work of the expert will cause. The cost of the model also influences the price of the study, since it denotes a quantitative series of built-in functions.

An interesting point is also the definition of a fake. If you want to determine whether the device is rigged, then the cost of the work will increase significantly.

Of course, the examination of the phone will become much more expensive if additional research is required, since this requires special equipment and appliances. These include organoleptic, physico-mechanical and other ways to assess the quality of the goods.

where to make an examination of the phone

A significant role is played by the person who ordered the examination. So, it will be cheaper for individuals than legal.

How to choose an expert company?

In order to choose an organization that could make a high-quality phone expertise, it is necessary to determine the level of professionalism. An indicator of the seriousness of the company will be a special license that allows for this kind of procedure.

The second point on which to focus their attention, is the issuance of a written act of diagnosing the device. Useful information will be feedback and recommendations from other customers.

It is better to solve all questions on payment right away so that later there will be no unnecessary misunderstandings. It is necessary to carefully read into the contract, agree on a list of necessary studies. If necessary, specify additional points. From all these points will depend on the final result and the final cost of the service.

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How is the quality assessment of the phone?

Examination of the phone, like any other product, begins with sensory evaluation. That is, first, a specialist examines the appearance of the device.

The next step is to check the internal state - the ingress of moisture, foreign bodies, mechanical damage.The memory card is examined for viral software. The battery is also being diagnosed for stability.

The next step is to identify fakes. This is included in the list of mandatory procedures, since in our market forgery takes up a fourth. To determine counterfeit, the expert makes a comparison between the numbers of the factory series and the identifier on the phone itself. All licensed devices also check the safety score.

The last in an expert assessment is a summing up, filling out a technical research act. The client is issued a document that confirms or denies the failure.

How to speed up the verification process?

The standard period for which the examination of the phone is carried out, is from five to ten days. But if there is no time and desire to wait, then this process can be accelerated.

To do this, you must do the preparation of documents in advance. In conflict situations, the paper is not superfluous, and in the process of research can play an important role. These documents include all the inserts that were in the box, packaging, receipt, warranty card.

independent examination of mobile phone

Many expert firms offer express assessment services. It will cost more, but in the absence of time it is the best option.

Simplify the proceedings additional services that may be provided by the firm. This is a consultation of both technical experts and lawyers.

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