Is indigo a special shade of blue?

Many people are interested: is the color of indigo any unusual shade, or so any blue can be called that?indigo blue


Authentic indigo color is some kind of special, unique, refined and subtle mix of blue and red sectors of the spectrum, one might say infernal. It is impossible to reproduce all the fullness of the magical influence on the psyche that indigo color has, with a photograph, even of the highest quality. In addition to this shade, there are other blue, but their origin and impact is different than indigo. Blue paint was produced from sea mollusks, leaves of woad, mineral lapis lazuli, etc. The word "indigo" until recently was used only as the name of one of the vegetable dyes in blue.

Invention of Artificial Dye

A little more than a hundred years ago, the German scientist Adolf von Bayer invented the technology of chemical synthesis of blue indigo from cheap phenol.The creation of an artificial dye and the introduction of discovery into large-scale production reduced the price of blue pigment for dyeing wool, silk, linen and cotton fibers three times.

Before the discovery of chemical synthesis

Before industrial production of synthetic paint was established, it was extracted from vegetable raw materials. The indigo blue natural dye was obtained only as a result of the processing of an indigo plant from the legume family, called the indigofer. There are more than six hundred varieties of this grassy shrub growing up to one and a half meters tall.indigo color is whatAs a source for paint, it became known a long time ago. Even in the ancient Hebrew texts of the Talmud, the indigo tree is mentioned as a plant that can be uprooted no earlier than after it reaches 3 years of age. During the excavation of Egyptian graves in one of the pyramids was found clothes princess, painted in blue. Blue from indigofera has a very rich shade and does not fade in the sun. In India, Egypt and America they cultivated the indigo plant along with the cereals used for food.The fields planted with this plant did not look blue, but green, and, during flowering, pale pink. The fact is that blue pigment is obtained only as a result of a complex and lengthy process of chemical transformations that occur in water with the participation of hydrogen and oxygen.

The substance from which the blue pigment is synthesized is contained in the juice of this herbaceous shrub and in its original form has a yellowish color.

What shades of the spectrum consists of

For the production of the dye, the indigofer, fresh-cut at the beginning of flowering, is taken when the plants reach a peak in the growth of leaf mass and have not yet passed to the fruiting stage. The metabolism of the transformation of greenish, liquid and clear juice of indigofer into a solid, water-insoluble blue pigment occurs according to the general laws of chemistry. Indigo is a special color. Not azure, not cadmium, not aquamarine and not turquoise. Authentic indigo is a non-cohesive aniline shade of blue, named after a natural dye and which is very difficult to harmoniously combine with other colors. This pigment is universal. He looks great in any combination.Just look at the clothes of American Indians, characterized by bright multicolor. Natural indigo in clothes and interior always looks incredibly beautiful and status. He, created from artificial derivatives, on the contrary, is intrusive and tiring. You do not need to be a professional artist or colorist to see the difference between indigo and his imitations. Practically any person, even without aesthetic taste, comparing things colored by indigo with his artificial counterparts, cannot fail to notice that the natural is much more beautiful and more pleasant to look at. The variability of its undeniable, as evidenced by many works of art of talented artists. Modern inquisitive person has the opportunity to compare the clothes created by famous couturiers, and its cheap fakes. Indigo from "Valentino" - this is not indigo from a market tent of fakes, such a blue only a very limited person can call indigo.

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In the interior

Blue indigo in the living room is better to use as accents. Despite the fact that it promotes relaxation and sedation, however, in large quantities can cause depression.The blue color of indigo is some kind of unique antiseptic, so it will be very appropriate in the bathrooms. If in a small room the ceiling is painted in a blue tone, then the space will begin to seem more free. Indigo-cool room for relaxation and reflection. Indigo in combination with beige or peach is very beautiful and aristocratic.

The semantic load of color in clothes

If you ask yourself what color indigo combines with, then you will notice that a natural, without impurities, indigo from indigo can form a harmonious union with representatives of all the main sectors of the spectrum.

A business suit or uniform in blue tones evokes a feeling of reliability, confidence that you have a specialist in your field, competent, even pedantic. It is no coincidence that many stable, long-established and well-established companies for tailoring uniforms for their employees choose precisely blue. Indigo visually affects the subconscious of a person, instilling confidence in the performance and professionalism of the person involved in his work. It is very important to choose the right color in accordance with the situation, and to invent new combinations is also extremely exciting.In order to comprehend the mystery of the harmony of combinations of different shades, Vyacheslav Zaitsev advised learning to look at the world and nature with a careful and critical eye.

what color does indigo matchPicking up a dress for a fun party and looking at the one that is painted in indigo color: “This is some kind of grown-up outfit, it is more suitable for my mother than for me,” the young and frivolous young lady thinks. doubts will be right. Such color adds age to young people, but it reduces years to older people. It always gives respectability and solidity to the appearance. There is no expression of fire that carries red, no lightness that distinguishes yellow clothes, but there is also no feelings of depression from, for example, mono lame suit in brown tones Indigo - the color of peace and peace.

And young ladies can dilute the clothes of a beautiful blue tone with any shades going to the color of hair, skin and eyes. The only rule that should be followed is: remember that indigo is the color of the cold spectrum, so it is also better to choose cold shades.

Variants of clothing from famous fashion designers

Many fashion designers, creating their collections, offer the public new combinations of indigo with other colors. At one time, for example, these were very popular: blue with yellow, blue with white, blue with red, blue with gray, etc. Today, fashion does not dictate such a rigid framework. We can independently decide which colors to wear, and such concepts as “unfashionable color” or “non-modern combination of colors” have long been irrelevant.

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