Infrared thermometer: customer reviews. Electronic non-contact thermometer for children and adults

In the first aid kit of each person must be a thermometer. Almost all diseases are accompanied by an increase as this is the body’s natural defensive response to the reproduction of microbes and viruses. You can attach a hand to your forehead or kiss the forehead, as mothers do in relation to their children, and determine whether there is a temperature or not. But to show exactly how many degrees it has risen, only a thermometer can.

A few years ago, when choosing a device that measures body temperature, there were no problems. It was necessary to come to the pharmacy, and they immediately gave you a thermometer. However, in our time, the pharmacist will always ask what device is needed: electronic, infrared, baby’s dummy, simple mercury or other types of thermometers.

To choose a suitable tool, you need to figure out how they differ from each other. What are their strengths and weaknesses. And if you choose an infrared thermometer, then what are its advantages over other devices that measure body temperature. Is it as accurate and versatile as the television advertisement says? Let's compare popular types of home thermometers with infrared temperature measuring devices.

Thermometer "dummy" and strip

Such devices are considered very convenient and ideal for measuring the temperature in children. Hold the soother for some time in the mouth, and a strip for a few seconds to attach to the child's forehead. The latter mechanism begins to change its color under the influence of high temperature. But these two types of devices have both positive and negative sides.

On the positive side, the following facts can be presented:

- These devices are easy to use. They take up little space and are completely harmless, as they have neither mercury nor glass.

- The readings appear on the screen five minutes after the start of the measurement.

- The cost of these species is average.

However, compared with infrared thermometers, these devices are losing heavily. After all, the IR thermometer for measuring body temperature shows the data in exact figures, and not approximate. The use of a contactless device does not depend on whether the child is sleeping or not, and also in what position he is. These devices are completely sterile - they do not need to be disinfected before each use.

Electronic thermometer for children and adults

An electronic (digital) temperature measurement device is considered safe and harmless. This thermometer is not afraid of moisture and shock, in its design there is no glass and mercury, it also has many different functions, as well as an infrared thermometer.

The digital device can read the temperature under the arm, in the mouth or rectally. To get started, it should be sanitized and turned on. Best results are obtained if the device is in the mouth. However, for young children, this method of reading indicators is problematic, since the oral cavity must be closed for at least 1–1.5 minutes.

This type of thermometer is in many ways similar to infrared devices, but it has many limitations on use. To achieve its accuracy, it is necessary to perform many different conditions. At the same time, IR thermometers are much more practical. For accurate readings, they do not require tight pressure to the body. They do not care if the child’s mouth is open or closed.

infrared thermometer

Advantages and disadvantages of a digital device

Electronic thermometer to use is simple and easy. The main thing is that it should not be held for a long time. It is convenient and practical, and can be disinfected.

However, this device operates on batteries and very often stops its work at the critical moment due to low charging. Also, many people complain that it does not accurately show body temperature.

Mercury thermometer

This thermometer was used by our grandparents, mothers and fathers, and even now it is not uncommon in family home first-aid kits and in public medical institutions.

The accuracy of the mercury device is time-tested. However, its main drawback is the fragility of the glass shell. Such a thermometer to measure body temperature from inaccurateuse or negligence can break, and the leaked mercury can serve as a serious poisoning person. Therefore, in our time, this device is less popular than 15–20 years ago.

Technological progress does not stand still, and people want to have at home not only an accurate device, but a convenient and, importantly, safe. The infrared sensor meets these requirements.

contactless thermometer

Infrared contactless infrared

The most technological and fast, but far from cheap - an infrared thermometer. This device appeared on the market not so long ago, but has already gained fame and popularity, although there are a lot of questions for it.

This device is a hypersensitive device capable of measuring the temperature of the infrared radiation of the human body, displaying information on its digital display.

A thermometer or contactless thermometer, as it is sometimes called by experts, measures the temperature almost instantly, in less than ten seconds. This device is perfect for measuring the body temperature of children who do not have enough patience to keep mercury or electronic thermometers.

Advantages of the device

Infrared contactless infrared has a number of positive aspects that have earned him popularity among many parents and ordinary users. These positive aspects can be characterized as follows:

- It has a large number of various functions, emits sound signals about the completion of work, remembers the last measurement data, turns off automatically, has a screen backlight and much more.

- The speed of determining the temperature - from 5 to 30 seconds, depending on the modification of the device.

- Excellent infrared thermometer for children, as it does not require contact with the body. All that is necessary for his work is to bring the device to a certain distance to the child and the measurement result appears on the screen. They can measure the temperature even in sleeping children.

- The device reads temperature data from any surface or object that is a source of heat.

thermometer to measure body temperature

Method of application of the mechanism

Infrared body thermometer can be of three types: ear, frontal and non-contact. By the very names it is clear how each model is applied.Each thermometer has a special instruction, which describes all the main functions of the device and methods of use.

For the smallest, the best option would be a non-contact type of thermometer. It should be brought at a distance of 2 cm to the forehead of the child, and he will determine its temperature in a few seconds.

Ear devices are inserted into the auricles of children, which can be problematic if the child is only a few months old and is constantly spinning.

Frontal infrared thermometer reads the temperature at the temples, but they also need to be able to use.

infrared thermometer for body

Details of the device

And although this device is presented as an ultra-precise invention, the error in temperature measurement does occur. Experts say that users themselves are to blame for the failure of the device. For example, complete with the device comes instruction. A thermometer that is used in the wrong way can show very different results. It is also impossible to wait for the accuracy of measurement, if the readings are read from a crying child.

Also, the inaccuracy of the readings may depend on the quality of the thermometer.So, cheap infrared thermometers, which are fakes, give a large error in the readings (up to a degree or even a half).

Many more users say that you should accurately use an infrared thermometer. Feedback from people mark this nonuniversality of adaptation. If you measure the temperature of the baby in the ear, while he has otitis, then reading the information will go wrong.

Popular models

An infrared thermometer, the price of which depends on the model and varies between 1,500–3,000 rubles, is quite difficult to choose, since the range of this product in stores is large. Many of them are fakes that quickly fail and incorrectly show information. They cost a little less than popular brand models, their quality is worse than ever. Therefore, many fall into the situation described by the Russian proverb: “A cheap fish is a bad fish.” However, there are models that are popular due to their quality of work and practicality.

infrared thermometer for children

B Well Thermometer

This infrared thermometer is designed to read the temperature parameters through the ears and temples of a person. Almost instant result.Readout time -3–4 seconds. It is often used for infants and babies.

The device is equipped with a special scanning device that can capture information from different parts of the body and record its maximum value. Also, the thermometer can memorize and store for some time the last measurements. To highlight this data, you must turn off the unit and hold the power button for a while.

Sensitec nf 3101 device

This infrared thermometer, whose price reaches three thousand rubles, is considered the most convenient and technologically perfect device. It has the following unique features:

- The scale of the temperature regime is 32-42 degrees;

- measurement distance - from five to fifteen centimeters;

- reading time - half a second;

- automatically saves information about the measured object;

- remembers more than 30 recent readings;

- automatically turns off after seven seconds of inactivity.

Non-contact thermometer Sensitec nf 3101 runs on two batteries and weighs about 200 grams. The device makes a loud sound when it detects a high temperature.The screen of the thermometer has a bright backlight, so it can be used even when it is dark around. This device determines not only the temperature of the human body, but also other objects and planes.

infrared contactless thermometer

Chicco Comfort Quick ear thermometer for newly born children

Device for instant reading information from the object. Measures the heat that comes from the eardrum. The small tip of the mechanism allows you to quickly measure the temperature without disturbing the child.

In the package with the device is an instruction on how to use a thermometer. It must be read for proper use of the device.

The thermometer has 25 positions that are necessary to determine the exact diagnosis. The menu has a function to switch degrees from Celsius to Fahrenheit.

If the temperature rises above 37.5 degrees, a beep sounds. The kit also has two dozen disposable ear tips.

infrared thermometer reviews

Contactless device Microlife NC100

The main advantages of this device are considered accuracy (the error in the readings does not exceed 0.2 degrees) and reliability. They can measure the temperature in a sleeping child or adult.Also, this thermometer does not need to be constantly disinfected, wiped with alcohol and so on.

The boundaries of the temperature regime - 34–42 degrees. The screen backlighting changes color depending on the reading parameters. For example, if the temperature is below 37.5, the screen glows green, and more - red. The weight of the device is just over 80 grams.


The infrared sensor has many useful features. It can be used in various domestic situations, both for measuring body temperature and for testing water before bathing. Also, thanks to the contactless device, you can find out whether the porridge is normal or the water is for the child, and even the temperature of the place where the baby will be put to rest.

If the child is restless, naughty and spinning, the infrared thermometer helps a lot. In addition, this device has the function of remembering the last few indicators, so that the doctor can follow the tendency to increase the temperature and make a more accurate diagnosis.

You can also highlight the fact that these mechanisms are hygienic. They can be used even if someone has a viral disease. However, for all its positive aspects, unfortunately, there are certain drawbacks that make you think about whether to buy this device or not.

The first thing that users encounter when buying an infrared thermometer is frequent breakdown even in the seemingly branded models. Thus, the above-mentioned well-known and popular companies that produce similar equipment, also have a breakdown or assembly with a marriage. And this is not to mention the infrared thermometers that are often found on the market.

Therefore, experts advise to purchase the device in those places where they can give a guarantee on the device. And, of course, before buying it you need to check for performance. Also, such things need to be bought only in pharmacies or specialized stores that have a certificate for the sale of such equipment.

As a rule, an IR thermometer taken at a pharmacy is reliable and accurate. But it is very expensive. As already mentioned, the prices for it start from 1.5 thousand rubles. A high-quality and reliable device in our pharmacies from reputable companies reaches a cost of 3,000 or more rubles.

If you still purchased such a device, you should know that measurement errors may be due to poor batteries. By the way, in these devices it is better not to use batteries, since they are weaker than ordinary batteries and give a long, but less charge.And such high-precision equipment as an infrared thermometer is very sensitive to this and therefore it can give the wrong result.

Because only expensive professional medical devices from proven companies that have been tested with the purchase, and with installed "fresh" batteries can guarantee a long and accurate work. Cheap options are mostly poor quality. Buying them is like throwing money away. If you do not have enough finance to buy quality products, then it is better to choose the electronic thermometer. At least inexpensive, safe and reliable.

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