Interior trim balconies do it yourself. Finishing options. Materials

The balcony has now ceased to be a place to store unnecessary things. It is now accepted to ennoble and most comfortably equip this room. However, in order to make this possible, you will need to glaze and warm the balcony or loggia. In specialized stores a wide range of different materials for these works. The design of the loggia allows the use of both heavy and light types. With a balcony, everything is much more complicated. As a rule, its construction consists of only two plates, which serve as the ceiling and floor, the remaining walls will need to be carried out independently. Professionals recommend using only light special material in order to completely eliminate the possibility of a collapse.interior decoration of balconies

So, work on the insulation carried out, you can begin to arrange and decorate.The interior decoration of the balcony with its own hands contains a certain technology, which in no way can be broken. Features of this room and small size dictate their requirements for the choice of materials. At present, it is not difficult to choose a suitable option, however, in order for this purchase to be as profitable as possible, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with each species separately.

Optimum ceilings

When choosing a material for the ceiling on a balcony or loggia, it is worth considering the fact that the neighbors at the top of this room is not heated. Therefore, the use of heat-insulating and moisture-proof substrate is simply mandatory. After its fixing is done finishing the interior trim of the balcony.

Options materials for the ceiling:

  • Drywall must have moisture-proof properties, otherwise there may be a high probability of deformation. This option is quite cheap, but the service life of the coating is not more than 10 years, which makes the concept of cost effectiveness somewhat vague.
  • Metal ceiling construction to insulate is much more expensive than concrete slabs.First of all, it is necessary to process the iron: primed and painted over. After that, all the space is filled with foam, and the slots are carefully blown with foam.
  • Glass-magnesite plates are most suitable for such premises in all respects, but their significant disadvantage is the very high price.materials for interior decoration of the balcony

Balcony floors

Interior decoration of the balcony do-it-yourself installation of floors from scratch. When choosing materials weight indicator is not taken into account. First of all, the following requirements are imposed on it:

  • a light weight;
  • moisture resistance;
  • good thermal insulation.

The best option is foam concrete. You can buy it in the store or cook it yourself. This requires sand, foam and cement. First, knead the solution in a ratio of 1: 4, then add granules 2: 1. Such interior decoration of balconies and loggias is possible only if the room is not attached to the room.

Material Requirements

  1. Finishing material for balconies should be resistant to UV rays, since during glazing windows are installed along the entire length, which transmit sunlight very well.
  2. It is recommended to choose a material that has a thermal conductivity of not more than 0.3 W / mK.
  3. Interior decoration of balconies with a high thermal conductivity and density is used as a passive cooling source or, conversely, space heating.

As you know, dark colors quickly warm in the sun, but in small visits it is difficult to harmoniously use such shades. Basically they are suitable only for floors. It is therefore recommended to trim the walls and ceiling with such materials that are able to reflect solar energy, directing it down.Balcony do it yourself

These criteria will help to quickly understand the variety of building materials.

Clapboard trim

This view is ideal for rooms where extreme temperature fluctuations can occur. At the moment, the interior decoration of balconies clapboard - one of the inexpensive and relatively simple options. What is such a material? This board, which is used for surface plating. Its width can vary from 10 to 15 cm. During the finishing process, the connection occurs in a puzzle-like manner; this is precisely what makes it possible to create a seamless seamless lining.

Now the sheathing board is made of wood and plastic.The latter option has a low price, easy to clean, does not fade in the sun, moisture resistant. However, its significant disadvantage is the unnatural material. But wooden lining, on the contrary, with high-quality processing not only has all the above qualities, but at the same time it is environmentally safe for human health. It is also worth noting a few words design design. Thanks to its diversity, the space of the balcony can be made truly cozy, stylish and beautiful.interior decoration of balconies and loggias

How to make a lining of wood?

Such materials for interior decoration of the balcony are made, following a certain technology, which includes several stages. Let's get acquainted with them in more detail:

  • the process of making: cutting and trimming boards of wood;
  • drying lumber;
  • the front side is planed to obtain perfect quality;
  • inspection of finished products for compliance with regulatory standards;
  • sorting.

All boards belong to a certain class, which fully demonstrates the quality of products. Standards GOST:

  • class "extra" - the most expensive lining of perfect quality without knots and defects;
  • class A - there may be knots on the surface, but other defects, such as cracks, holes, potholes, are completely absent;
  • class B - there are rarely knots, cracks and irregularities, which are subsequently sealed in production with the help of putty;
  • class C - products of low quality with a large presence of defects, can be poorly dried, the cost is very low.

PVC panels - modern finishes

Interior decoration of the balcony with PVC panels is now quite common. The popularity of such coverage is well deserved. It has a long service life and a large range of design design. The installation of such panels is somewhat similar to the cladding of the balcony lining.

Technical characteristics of the panels:

  • width from 25 to 33.5 cm;
  • length from 2 meters;
  • thickness is 5-10 mm.

PVC panels are made from polyvinyl chloride using an extrusion method.interior decoration of balconies clapboard

PVC panels: advantages and disadvantages

Deciding what will be the interior decoration of balconies, try to consider in detail the advantages and disadvantages of PVC panels.


  • A wide selection of colors that allows you to easily select the desired design.
  • Installation is easy enough, you can cope with it yourself without certain knowledge and skills.
  • Polyvinyl chloride is an artificial material that possesses a number of positive qualities: it is resistant to high humidity, does not rot, is practical, and is not deformed.
  • The original appearance is maintained even with direct sunlight for ten years.
  • Scientists have proven that PVC is non-toxic and completely safe.
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth, if necessary, you can use detergents.
  • Lightweight design allows you to apply this type of finish on the balconies.
  • It has a high level of heat and noise insulation.
  • In comparison with other finishing materials, the cost of PVC is quite low.

Disadvantages of plastic panels:

  • The most significant drawback is the low threshold of resistance to mechanical damage. Can easily crack on impact.
  • Lovers of naturalness of this type of finishing material, of course, will not work, since with all the positive qualities he will never become natural.

MDF panels

Interior decoration of balconies and loggias can be done in many ways.One of them are MDF panels. Such material is suitable only for glazed sealed rooms, otherwise prolonged exposure to water can deform the surface. MDF is an extruded web consisting of fine wood chips. The front parts are covered with heat-resistant films that mimic the texture of various natural materials, such as marble, wood, etc.

Manufacturing technology:

  • At the first stage, wood fibers are processed with viscous substances.
  • The resulting mixture is formed and placed under a hot press.
  • Decorate with PVC film.Balcony interior options

Advantages and disadvantages of finishing MDF panels

Material dignity:

  • Interior decoration of balconies with MDF panels has a high level of noise and heat insulation.
  • Simple installation, fastening is made on profiles.
  • Quality panels have a high level of wear resistance.
  • Appearance quite plausibly imitates the texture of natural wood.
  • Easy to clean, does not absorb odors, washes with ordinary soapy water.
  • Practical and reliable coating resistant to mechanical damage.
  • Excellent value for money.


  • Do not tolerate temperatures above 100 degrees.
  • Fears long-term interaction with water.
  • Highly flammable.
  • Wiring under this type of panels must be put in a special metal corrugation.

Drywall - versatile material

Balconies, where partitions are made of concrete slabs, can be decorated in different ways. For example, if heated, then wallpaper, painting, tile, etc.

The interior decoration of the balcony in Khrushchev is somewhat more complicated, as you first need to build a wall. As a rule, from the side of the street you can sheathe profiled sheeting or other similar material. Then lay a warming layer, for example, mineral wool, foam. And now it's time for drywall. They sheathe the entire surface indoors, then to be able to refine it with the help of finishing materials.

When choosing this material you need to consider the level of moisture resistance. Manufacturers specially made drywall of this class, which fully meets all requirements. The sheet is covered with green cardboard with blue markings.interior trim siding balcony

Interior decoration of balconies: the advantages and disadvantages of drywall


  • Installation work is quite easy and simple.Their advantage is the complete absence of dirt and dust, characteristic of construction repairs.
  • Low weight design avoids overloading.
  • Fireproof coating, practical and reliable.
  • Significantly increases the level of sound and heat insulation.
  • Ecologically safe material, does not contain various harmful chemicals.
  • A unique feature is the regulation of humidity in the room. Drywall is able to absorb excess moisture.
  • Pricing policy is quite affordable.


  • A prerequisite is the observance of technology in the construction of the frame, since it is he who is responsible for the design strength.
  • Direct contact with water may deform the surface.
  • If you need to hang heavy objects on the wall, it is necessary to carry out additional reinforcement.

Balcony interior siding

This type of finish is recommended to use on unglazed balconies and loggias. Siding is a metal sheet that is attached to a special frame. The quality of the installation will depend on its quality of installation.For work, you must have a hacksaw and scissors to cut the sheets of the right size. Less commonly used for this purpose grinder.

The side decoration of the balconies (prices are calculated per 1 sq. M) for self-assembly will cost from 2,000 rubles, depending on the size of the room.

It is necessary to immediately announce the unpleasant side of such material - rapid loss of color, especially if the balcony is on the sunny side.

Installation of siding is quite simple: the sheets are inserted in order into the main panel and screwed on top of the screws.

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