"Intimissimi": shops in Moscow with addresses

Intimissimi retail chain of underwear stores is popular throughout Russia. The largest number of branches is in the capital - 21 boutique in the city itself and 4 more in the Moscow region. This underwear is available at its prices for the middle class, but the quality is superior to competitors with the same value of the goods. If you decide to visit Intimissimi, stores in Moscow are listed in our article. You can choose the branch nearest you to purchase new beautiful lingerie for all occasions.

About boutique

A variety of fashion collections of underwear for men, women and children offers "Intimissimi". Shops in Moscow began to appear among the first, then spread to other regions. Sometimes it is very important to gain confidence in yourself, in your appearance, in order to successfully complete all current business issues. This determination can give a new set of underwear with bold colors. Let no one see him except you.But this fact will give you charm and charm, because you will be sure that you look irresistible.

intimissimy shops in Moscow

Each brand collection is thematically divided into two types - romantic sets for special meetings and everyday things. Casual underwear sets naturally emphasize your forms and will be comfortable to wear thanks to high-quality textiles. They also have a low cost, ordinary panties can be purchased from 200 rubles. Elegant lace lingerie is more expensive - a bra for a girl can cost 2000 rubles, but with his appearance he will fully justify his price.

intimate addresses of shops in Moscow

"Intimissimi": addresses of shops in Moscow

Let's figure it out. So, where can I buy underwear brand "Intimissimi"? Shops in Moscow are located in almost all large shopping centers, which will help to combine ordinary shopping with the purchase of linen, because often this detail of the wardrobe is not focused on. The purchase of panties, bras and sleep sets goes by the wayside, although this is an important part of the style and an indicator of a person’s good taste. You can purchase underwear in the following branches:

  • TC "Gallery", pr-t Leningradsky, 62a.
  • TC "Metromarket", pr-t Leningradsky, 76a.
  • Leningradskoye shosse, 16, shopping center "Megapolis".
  • st. Bolshaya Cheryomushkinskaya, 1, Rio "Rio".
  • Rublevskoe sh., 62, Shopping center "EuroPark".
  • st. Festival, 2B, TC "River" and others.

The choice of linen is a rather intimate process. Not everyone is able to share their preferences with a stranger. Therefore, tactful sales consultants who are well versed in all collections of the brand are provided to visitors in the boutique. They will help make a choice that will completely satisfy the buyer.

the biggest intimissimi store in Moscow

The largest store "Intimissimi" in Moscow

On the square of the Kiev railway station in the shopping and entertainment center "European" you will find what you are looking for. Here is the largest in the city "Intimissimi". Shops in Moscow all correspond to their status as metropolitan, but here is the largest shopping area and well-trained staff. The shop is open seven days a week and a lunch break from 10 am until the closing of the shopping center. You can visit it, without hesitation, if you need to update your underwear. Interesting collections, high-quality fabrics and laces, styles for any type of figure await customers here.

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