Irina Shebeko: biography and private life of the actress

Irina Shebeko is a great actress with a model's appearance, and more recently a talented photographer. A woman who, despite the reproaches of her mother, followed her dream and made herself. She went through a large number of castings and samples, played large and small roles, and yet achieved considerable success in her career. In addition, she found a woman's happiness - she became a happy wife and a loving mother.

Irina Shebeko

Childhood and adolescence of Irina Shebeko

A talented actress Shebeko Irina Alexandrovna was born in the city of Rostov on January 31, 1982. In childhood, the actress was a hooligan and before receiving a certificate she managed to change three schools. Irina herself, recalling her childhood, says that she was quite quick-tempered, and once even fought with a girl. At school age, she did not get along well with her classmates, who disliked her because she was popular with the guys. Although the girl herself did not consider her appearance to be special and was shy of being tall, because of which she constantly slouched, she was incredulous of compliments.To solve this problem and even the posture, on the advice of her mother, Irina began to study at a model school. Having a bright appearance and high growth, the girl had some success and could have achieved a lot in the modeling business, but becoming a model was not part of her plans.

Peter Krasilov and Irina Shebeko

The life path of the actress: how it all began

Even in her youth, Irina Shebeko became interested in acting skills, and this is absolutely not surprising, because her mother - Irina Lazareva, was a famous director. However, the mother did not share the interests of her daughter, and therefore convinced her to enroll in the journalism department of Rostov State University. For some time the girl worked on the radio, as well as in the local newspaper. But, as you know, you will not escape the fate, and the desire to become an actress still won. A more familiar actress gave Irina more confidence, recognizing that the girl has talent and who agreed to work with her in dramatic skill. So without receiving the approval of her mother, Irina Shebeko left the university, where studying did not bring her joy,and went to conquer the capital. There she independently filed documents and entered three universities,but still made a choice in favor of GITIS, namely, she chose the course of Natalia Dvorzhetskaya and Alexey Borodin, who was the artistic director of the Russian Academic Youth Theater.

Debut in the cinema: from what movie did the acting career start

In his student years, the actress made her film debut, and not just anywhere, but in the cult TV series “The Brigade”, beloved by millions of viewers. Her bright appearance helped her to appear in the picture Irina Shebeko. She came to the set with her friend and was spotted by director Alexey Sidorov, who approved the girl for the role of bridesmaid. Despite the fact that the role was episodic, she gave Irina the opportunity to make useful contacts and a good start for further work. During the filming, she became friends with Sergei Bezrukov, who added confidence to the girl, persuading not to quit acting.

Successes in career: in which films you can see Irina Shebeko

In addition to the film “Brigade”, in such well-known films as “Lily of the Valley Silver-2”, “Do not be born beautiful”, “Experts”, “Daddy's Daughters”, “Kings of the Game”, “Little Sister”, “Airport”, “Amazon” »Starred Irina Shebeko. Filmographyactress quickly replenished, she starred in the TV series "Jackpot for Cinderella", "Banker's Friend", "The Road Home". Irina was also spotted in a famous coffee ad.

Irina Shebeko photo

Interests of the actress

Not only good acting data, but also a chic model appearance stands out Irina Shebeko. Photos of the actress adorn both Internet spaces and pages of magazines, for example, in 2007, photos of IrinaIt waspublished in the magazine "MK-Boulevard".

Irina herself enjoys photography, she participated in international photo contests. This passion came to her completely spontaneously. In the period when there was no work in the cinema, Irina enrolled in a photo school, where she studied professionally to photograph. She took part in the first competition by chance: while relaxing in Barcelona, ​​she took several pictures, which she sent to the competition, and as a result she became a nominee. Irina shoots in any genre, but the actress's favorite hobby is street photography. In 2013, she showed her professional work at the personal Moscow exhibition, which was held in the cafe "Zhurfak".

Personal life

Irina Shebeko is married to actor Peter Krasilov, who also starred in such famous films as “Do not be Born Beautiful,” “Strong, Weak Woman,” “Carousel,” and others.During the filming of the TV series “Don't be born beautiful”, where Shebeko starred as one of the leading models of the agency, which was a close friend of Andrei Zhdanov (the film’s main character), Krasilov was jealous of her leading role Grigory Antipenko.

actress shebeko irina

Irina met her future husband while still a student, in the Russian Academic Youth Theater. Peter Krasilov fell in love with a girl at first sight. But their relationship began scandalously, because Peter was not free. But for the sake of the woman he loved, he left his wife and son. Peter Krasilov and Irina Shebeko got married in 2005, and a year later they became happy parents - their daughter Alexander was born.

Couple often attributed problems in the relationship and even foreshadowed a speedy divorce. And they argued everything mainly for Peter's other hobbies, in particular, the partner in the series “Don't be born beautiful” - actress Nelly Uvarova. However a couplecompletely denied all these rumors and once again showed that everything in their family is wonderful.

Irina Shebeko Filmography

Irina calmly treats the rumors, knowing full well that, due to his profession, Peter cannot but communicate with attractive women.And besides, the life of an actor is simply unthinkable without gossip and conjectures. After all, if they do not speak about him, it means that they have lost interest.

The biography of Irina Shebeko can serve as an example for many girls who doubt their abilities, talents, and opportunities. She is a vivid example of a woman who purposefully goes to her dream.

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