Irish pub Belfast in Moscow: description, address, how to get there, menu

In the very center of the capital there is a wonderful place - a small piece of Ireland - the pub "Belfast". He likes to visit the representatives of different age categories. Here you can relax with family, friends and even colleagues. There is a relaxed atmosphere in the pub halls and it is always fun here.

The price category of the pub "Belfast" pleases many of its regular visitors. It is low, the average bill per person here, as a rule, does not exceed 1000 rubles, which is very inexpensive for a metropolitan bar located in the central part of the city.belfast pub moscow


The institution is arranged in a masculine style, there are many details here that appear to be rather massive and large. Many interior items are made of dark wood, as well as leather and stone. The walls here are covered with simple whitewash and decorated with small photographs that show visitors to the Belfast pub.Wooden shelves are fastened on the walls of the establishment, where small flags of sports teams, loved by its visitors, are placed. There are also several plasma TVs that broadcast interesting events. As for the decor, a special entourage to the interior of the institution is attached to women's underwear, which in some places hangs down from the ceilings. Also here you can see a large number of wooden utensils, animal skins and stuffed animals.

Many visitors compare this decoration with the old village bars, which are located somewhere in the distant Irish settlements.

Staying here, visitors can sit at the huge dark tables, made of wood, on long benches. In such zones, guests can freely sit in a big friendly company and have fun drinking their favorite drink.belfast pub


The menu of the Belfast pub invites guests to enjoy the most colorful dishes traditional to Irish cuisine. As the visitors themselves point out, they are fairly simple in appearance and composition, but have excellent taste. Here is a huge number of snacks, perfectly suited for foamy drink ("Francis Drake", squid rings, onion rings, "Peter Blood", shrimps, cheese balls, nuggets, smoked pig ears).There are also hot appetizers ("O'Mlet", Irish toast, branded club-senvich "Belfast", "Leprechaun Pot" stew). Belfast pub (Moscow) is famous for its branded sausages, which are prepared according to unique recipes and are served smoked (Birmingham, Nuremberg snail, beef, hunting). Many customers recommend ordering original sauces of their own production for sausages - they give the meat products a particularly savory belfast description

Salads are also quite popular, there are only three types in their entire menu: "Greek", "Caesar" with chicken and warm, cooked according to Irish traditions. The menu has several options for soups (Father Jack, cheesy, borscht, meat hodgepodge), and a side dish offers potatoes cooked in two ways: country style and fries.

The institution offers a large selection of hot dishes, which are prepared exclusively from meat. Among them, pork knuckle with honey-mustard sauce, as well as chop, are in great demand. Beer here is often ordered pork ribs BBQ, as well as sausage platter. Many visitors recommend to try the dumplings served here, which before presentation to the guest are baked under a cheese sauce, in a pot.

As an additional offer in the institution every day is offered a business lunch, which includes several dishes. Among them are excellent snacks, a small amount of soups, as well as scrambled eggs and some belfast how to get there


Bar card pleases visitors with its abundance, it has a wide selection of drinks, including a lot of alcohol. Often guests order wine, vodka and brandy, less often - aperitifs, gin and tequila. A special place in the bar deals with a wide range of cocktails, presented in a special map. They all contain alcohol.

As for the non-alcoholic products, while staying in the Belfast pub, visitors have the opportunity to taste branded soft drinks and freshly squeezed juice (if desired, you can also order packaged ones). Also on the menu are plain water and carbonated drinks. In the evening, coffee and tea are especially popular.


This drink is the main institution. In the description of the pub "Belfast" states that beer occupies key positions in the menu, the same applies to snacks, then served to him. In the proposed assortment, there are more than a dozen types of this drink, mainly they are presented in the same volume - 0.5 l.Here, the visitors are offered several of its options: light, dark, unfiltered, fruity, and even several types of stout. This is where you can sample Scottish ale in its original belfast address


Guests who come to the institution never get bored. Every day, since the opening of the pub, groovy music plays, forcing many visitors to dance. Every Friday and Saturday, music festivals are held in the pub with the participation of guest vocalists, who until the closing time entertain the audience with irish-folk music.

Often, there are held tastings of new beers and snacks to it.metro Novokuznetskaya

Additional Information

In this institution are always happy to see their guests. The administration always tries to do everything possible to ensure that every person who comes here is as comfortable and fun as possible.

On hot days, guests can enjoy a pleasant coolness, and on cold days - warm. All this is due to the fact that the institution has a modern climate system that allows it to regulate the temperature of the air in the room and maintain it at the proper level.

There is free access to the Internet (Wi-Fi) throughout the pub, to which all visitors can connect and share their impressions live.

In the open area, located near the "Belfast", there is a parking lot. On it, all visitors can leave their personal cars for the duration of their stay in the institution.

All regular visitors who order from the menu for a certain amount are offered the possibility to issue a card with a discount of 10-20 percent, depending on the total cost of the selected dishes.


The pricing policy of the institution pleases its visitors. It is quite low, especially when compared with the cost of food in other places. Here are some items presented in the menu, with an indication of their price per serving:

  • snack for a large company "Francis Drayk" - 1050 rub .;
  • Toast "Breath of St. Patrick" - 145 rub .;
  • smoked pig ears - 240 rubles;
  • Irish warm salad - 370 rubles;
  • Irish Stew "Leprechaun's Pot" - 540rub .;
  • homemade beef sausages - 460 rubles;
  • pork knuckle with honey-mustard sauce - 990 rubles;
  • pork brisket on the bone - 520 rubles;
  • solyanka meat team - 280 rubles;
  • country-style potato - 90 rubles;

As for beer, its average cost is about 250-300 rubles per 0.5 liter.

If desired, from noon to 4 pm, each visitor can order dishes from a small business lunch menu. It contains positions presented at fairly reasonable prices:

  • Penne Regatone - 30 rubles;
  • Greek salad - 70 rubles;
  • cake "Potato" - 50 rubles;
  • pork in sweet and sour sauce - 110 rubles;
  • cabbage soup - 60 rubles;
  • chicken cutlet - 50 rubles.


About this pub at the metro station "Novokuznetskaya" left a huge amount of reviews, and the positive ones largely prevail over the negative ones. You can meet them both on the personal pages of visitors posted on social networks and on Internet sites.

Visitors to the Irish pub "Belfast" often give excellent marks to the culinary skills of the team of cooks, who are working to translate into reality the positions presented in the menu. Pork ribs with a fragrant and extremely tasty sweet-sour sauce, as well as snacks designed for large companies are especially popular among guests.

Special attention guests of the pub "Belfast" pay the level of service, which is produced in the institution. According to them, all the waiters working in the halls are quite helpful, they always listen to the wishes of the client and, if necessary, can help with the selection of suitable dishes, based on what taste preferences the client has. The staff in the pub is quite young, all team members can find a common language with the guests in any situation. However, there is one small feature in serving guests here: the waiters bring only food, and the beer must be ordered on its own, behind the bar.

As for the internal atmosphere, visitors often mention in their reviews about the sincere and relaxed atmosphere that prevails in the halls. Every day, at any time, clockwork music plays, which sets a positive mood for the rest of the day. Bonus to pleasant emotions - the right and tasty food served here.

This place is loved by fans of fun and delicious foamy drink. Some of them note that, getting into such an institution, you can feel like a participant in a gathering organized by a secret fraternity.Here loud toasts are constantly being shouted out, and sounds are heard coming from the contact of huge wooden mugs.

How to get there

Pub "Belfast" is located near the metro station, which allows its guests to travel by underground transport. From the station to the place for rest you need to walk some distance - about 320 meters. Also, many visitors get here by buses going to the “Baltschug Street” stop. The establishment is located directly opposite the "humpbacked" pedestrian bridge.

If you arrive at the pub in your own car, guests can place it in a small parking lot located near the entrance to the Belfast pub.


Before visiting this place, you need to pre-book a table for yourself and your company, which can be done using the phone number provided on the main pub site and on its pages on social networks. Also for this purpose, you can use a special online form. The administration recommends booking approximately three days before the visit, especially for weekends. By the way, the bar has a strict policy regarding delays: if a guest is delayed by more than a quarter of an hour, the table reserved by him is given to new visitors.Such rules are in connection with the incredible popularity of the institution: at any time of the day, especially in the evening, it is impossible to find an empty seat in the Belfast pub hall.

irish pub belfast

Address and mode of operation

This bar is located at the following address: Moscow, Sredny Ovchinnikovsky lane, 1, building 13. This place is located in the Central District of the capital. Not far from the institution is the metro station "Novokuznetsk".

The doors of the restaurant are open to guests on any weekday from noon to midnight. Every Friday it is open until 5 pm, and on Saturdays and Sundays from three in the afternoon until 2 in the morning.

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