Java monkey in the wild and at home

Macaques and monkeys are very funny creatures. They are inquisitive and, dwelling in the wild, often approach people to beg for some delicacy. Java macaque is most often found on the beaches of photographers. With this monkey, many in the home archive have a photo.

Macaque description

The Javanese macaque is very pleasant in appearance, unlike many members of the marmoset family. These monkeys do not grow very large. The length of the body without a tail is between forty and sixty five centimeters. The tail is long - reaches half a meter. An adult male can weigh a maximum of nine kilograms, a minimum of four. Females are much smaller: only two and a half or a maximum of four kilograms. The Java macaque has a gray fur, sometimes it turns a little greenish. There is a black tuft on the top, and a bright mustache on the attractive face, whiskers are often found.Character have a calm, do not have a predisposition to aggression. These are very inquisitive and friendly creatures.

java monkey

What do macaques eat?

The Javanese macaques, or crabeaters, as they are called, perfectly extract food from water. All crabs and crustaceans are included in the menu of this individual, but are not the main and favorite food. Animals love to feast on a variety of fruits, the fragrant foliage of some trees and nuts. If the snail came across - an excellent reason to eat it. These are omnivores, they will not give up on human food - bread, sausages and other products. Very fond of candy.

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Crabber in the wild

In the wild, the Javanese Macaque lives near water bodies in trees. The monkey remarkably knows how to swim and climb the branches. On the ground, he feels uncomfortable, tries to quickly get to the high thickets of trees.

An interesting fact about these little animals: sitting on top of a tree, they track down crabs, and seeing them, quietly sneak up, grabbing a stone. With this stone, the monkey smashes the shell to eat meat.

Like all monkeys, Javanese macaques live in groups, each has a leader.But unlike all other primates, the leader does not consolidate his status by applying physical force, taking away food from his relatives. On the contrary, the Javanese leader helps the members of his pack, and shares food with them.

The Javanese Macaque lives in Guinea Islands, Thailand and Indochina. Less common in the Palau archipelago and in Mauritius. Habitat - tropical forests, located close to the water.

java macaque at home

Is it possible to tame a Javanese macaque?

The Javanese macaque can often be seen in zoos and the circus. They are perfectly trainable. It was this monkey in ancient times was the companion of organ-grinders who roam the world. She was planted near the hat in which citizens piled the coins. It was the Java monkey who took out the leaves with the prophecy, wondering people for five kopecks. In circuses, trainers love to work with crabeater, such an obedient and reasonable creature is rarely found. It can be taught almost everything.

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Java monkey at home

Many lovers of the exotic plant in the house as pets of various representatives of the wild world. From the family of monkeys in preference it is the Java monkey.Keeping this monkey at home does not cause much trouble, but requires some knowledge. It is necessary to keep the macaque in a large spacious cage where there will be a lot of light - Javanese are active during the day, and if there is not enough light in the aviary, then the monkey will be lethargic and sleepy. In the cage you need:

  • Equip a play area: hang a variety of ropes and ropes, ladders and toys.
  • Arrange a place to sleep.
  • Set apart from the "nursery" and "bedroom" special feeder and drinker.
  • Make the tray for physiological needs retractable, fill the sawdust filler with a smell absorber so that the house does not smell the toilet.

Java macaques are social animals and need to communicate. There is a need in the daytime to let her out of the cage to play and chat. Here you need an eye and an eye. This macaque is very inquisitive, it can eat new shoes or spoil furniture upholstery (of course, this is possible when a monkey is just getting acquainted with the house), can harm its health by absorbing something spicy or cutting it. The javan is the same child. He needs to devote a lot of time, talk with him, teach something and entertain. The monkey will repeat everything for you, so that what she will be trained for depends only on you.If from a young age to teach a monkey to wear clothes, then in the future the monkey will not leave the cage, especially on the street, undressed. To feed the monkey is necessary for everyone, but selectively. Vegetables: potatoes (boiled), cabbage, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers, beets. From meat: beef liver, chicken fillet, fish, any meat. Any fruits and berries. It is necessary to give milk, water, herbal tea, chicken and quail eggs. In winter, enter into the diet prebiotics, rosehip syrup, various vitamins.

java macaques or crabeaters

Where to buy a Javanese macaque?

With the purchase of a monkey it is worth being extremely careful. Basically, the sale of this type is illegal. Smugglers transport animals in terrible conditions, many die during transportation. If there is a desire to acquire such a monkey, then it is better to find an official breeder or a person in whose care there are two individuals - male and female. It is better to wait a little for the birth of a baby than to get a sick individual brought from the tropics.

When choosing a baby, you should pay attention to how he reacts to toys. If there is no reaction, then the baby is weak and unadapted to life. If he immediately grabs a toy or your hand, then you have a healthy Javanese macaque. The price of such a miracle ranges from 150 to 200 thousand rubles.

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