Jenny Lucas: biography and photos

Jenny Lucas - American modernthe writer of female novels. Many of her works were inspired by wanderings. And the love of literature has been vaccinated since childhood. Novels of the young writer - like modern women's fairy tales.


Jenny Lucas was born in the USA. Her father was the owner of a bookstore. And parents since childhood instilled a love for their daughter books. True, for reading the classical works, his father paid Jenny for the dollar for each book. But she was fond of literature without money, but with adventures. Lucas's room was covered with tourist advertising landscapes. Jenny's mother, from her childhood, tried to instill in her daughter a love of foreign languages. Therefore, she often spoke to her in French.Jenny Lucas


At 15, Jenny Lucas left for Connecticut inboarding school. But studying was uninteresting to her and soon she abandoned her. And immediately went to realize my dream - to travel around America and Europe. Jenny tried to live on her own money. During temporary stops, she worked as an advertising agent or cashier at gas stations. But Lucas still took up her education, and at the age of 22 she graduated from the university in Kent, receiving a diploma in philology.


Travel inspired girl to writenovels. After Jenny Lucas got married, she decided to quench her passion for wandering, trying herself as a writer. And the first novel became very glamorous and exciting - about the revenge of the child of the Greek millionaire.jenny lukas no more changes

In the year 2003 Jenny became a finalist of the "Golden Heart" award, established for the Union of American Romantic Writers. And in 2005, the award was awarded to Lucas. In 2010, the story of the Christmas child of love was recognized as the best modern romantic work of the year.

Jenny Lucas, whose novels are read easily,writes in the style of modern fairy tales for women. Fans of this genre celebrate an interesting intrigue of each work, virtuoso characters drawn by the pen characters and an exquisite description of any little things. In total, 17 novels have already been published, and the eighteenth one was supposed to be published in 2014. The books of the American writer in Russian have not been translated so far.

One of the best works of Jenny Lucas -"No more betrayals." Emir, seeing an unfamiliar girl, Irene, decides to make her his. The billionaire is used to the fact that women themselves are eager to get into his arms. But Irene is different from everyone else and rejects the courtship of the emir. There is a mystery in his life. But the emir does not hurry to tell about her. As a result, a confrontation arises between young people. And the whole novel keeps readers in suspense.jenny lucas novels

Personal life

While studying at the University of Jennymet a young man who later became her husband. She did not want to part with him, and she refused further travel. Lucas remained in the state of Kent, marrying her lover. They had two sons.

But Jenny - not a fan of doing onlyhome comfort. She is also passionate about writing novels and dipping into the work with her head. Lucas now has another dream (true, unrealizable) - though she does not live long in the places she describes. But, of course, the whole family.

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Jenny Lucas: biography and photos Jenny Lucas: biography and photos Jenny Lucas: biography and photos Jenny Lucas: biography and photos Jenny Lucas: biography and photos Jenny Lucas: biography and photos Jenny Lucas: biography and photos Jenny Lucas: biography and photos Jenny Lucas: biography and photos Jenny Lucas: biography and photos