Kitchen decoration: rules and nuances

The kitchen can be called one of the main premises in the apartment. Its proper decoration is no less important than, for example, the decoration of the living room or bedroom. Since the kitchen is a specialized room, you must follow some rules when working.

Requirements for materials

kitchen decorationKitchen furnishings should be made only practical and easy-care materials. No matter how careful the hostess is, pollution is inevitable. Here and sprinkling fat from the pan and pieces of food that fell on the floor during lunch and much more. When choosing unsuitable materials, in spite of any efforts, the kitchen will quickly acquire an untidy look and its owners will have to do the repair again. In addition, all materials used should be safe in terms of resistance to fire. Proper kitchen decoration is also made only with the use of materials resistant to chemicals and abrasion. Indeed, in this room are often used various detergents.And in the process of cooking the same floors can be subjected to significant loads. After all, there is no reason, say, circling around the living room for a long time. For the kitchen, this is the norm and happens every day. Another important condition can be considered moisture resistance of all materials used for the design of this room. To glue wallpaper, for example, near the sink is absolutely unacceptable. It would seem that it is verystone entrance hallit is seen. However, many apartment owners, especially young and not very experienced in such an issue as finishing the kitchen, often make such a mistake.

What materials to choose and how to combine them

So what exactly materials are best used for the design of this room? Linoleum can be laid on the floor. It is easy to clean and tolerates the effects of detergents. If this option seems too low to you, a laminate finish is a good solution. It is very resistant to abrasion and easy to clean. A very good option has always been considered kitchen tiles. This material is heat and moisture resistant and very easy to clean. The walls can be finished with ceramic tiles, and artificial stone can be laid on the floor.Having picked up suitable shades and invoice it is easy to receive quite good result. Sometimes the walls are trimmed in this way not completely, but only in places with a higher probability of contamination. For example, behind the sink or above the gas stove. If the apartment has a stone entrance hall, the floor in the kitchen should be matched in color with the floor of the hallway, or be contrast. Tile glued elementary, and in this matter it is unlikely that someone may have difficulty. The most important thing here is to correctly markup. It is done without fail in order to avoid distortions.

Furniture selection rules

kitchen tilesAs for furniture, it should be selected in accordance with the above recommendations, that is, it should be resistant to moisture, fire and easy to maintain. When choosing a design, of course, you need to ensure that both furniture and decoration are harmoniously combined with each other. There are usually two options here - the choice of several tones of the same color or the use of contrasts.

If you know and put into practice the basic standards of the repair, the correct decoration of the kitchen will not be any special difficulties for you. The main thing is the desire to make an important room beautiful, as well as skillful hands.

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