Kolomna hotels for every taste and budget

Kolomna is one of the oldest cities in Russia, founded in 1140. There is a unique monument of old Kolomna Kremlin, many temples and monasteries, a river port, industrial enterprises. Numerous tourists and pilgrims, travelers, as well as residents of the city on weekends come here.

They can stay in one of the many hotels and hotels in Kolomna, Moscow Region, which differ in the level of service and cost.

Hotel "40th Meridian Arbat" 4 *

The 40th Meridian Arbat Hotel on the water is remarkable for Russian and foreign tourists. It is located in one of the most picturesque cities of the Moscow region, on the banks of the Oka River.

Hotel 40 Meridian Arbat

The comfortable rooms of the Meridian Hotel in Kolomna are decorated with beautiful wooden furniture, and the floors are carpeted. There are bathrooms, refrigerators, Wi-Fi. The wide comfortable beds are decorated with beautiful linen.

The trendy restaurant on the ground floor serves Russian and international cuisine, food can be ordered in the room, there is a stylish cafe next to the main building.

The price includes access to the sauna and breakfast.

Restaurant in the hotel "Arbat" in Kolomna

Hotel guests can use the local parking. It is possible for the time of rest not to be separated from the four-legged friends, to take them with you.

From the hotel "Arbat" in Kolomna just a few hundred meters to the Pyatnitsky Gate of the Kremlin. Great location, beautiful views, comfort make this place one of the most popular in Kolomna.

The surroundings of the hotel "Arbat" in Kolomna

Great place to stay

Another place in Kolomna, where you can comfortably stay, is the 40th Meridian Yacht Club Hotel.

The hotel offers accommodation in 50 rooms at prices ranging from 4,200 to 7,500 rubles:

  • luxury;
  • junior suite;
  • standard.

Each room has a private bathroom with hairdryer, flat-screen TVs. During leisure, you can undergo rejuvenating treatments in the spa, solarium, steam in the sauna and Turkish bath.

40th Meridian Yacht Club

The hotel has a large landscaped green area with gazebos, verandas, and a playground. There is a mooring, tennis court, gym, billiards, indoor pool and free parking with security. Wi-Fi is available. There are facilities for conferences and business meetings.

This hotel of Kolomna is located at some distance from the historical sights, they need to go 30 minutes, but not far from Holy Trinity Novo-Golutvin monastery, so it will be convenient for pilgrims to stay.

On vacation in the "40th Meridian Yacht Club" you can take along four-legged friends.

View from the hotel cafe

In winter, the room is heated, there is a separate area for smokers.

The hotel with a developed infrastructure quickly became one of the favorite places for the rest of Muscovites who like beautiful interiors, high level of service, fresh air, location by the river. Here you can have a great weekend with your company and family.

Hotel Kolomna

Hotel "Kolomna" with 180 rooms located in the heart of the city, to the historic part just a few minutes walk.

Guests are offered clean rooms with satellite TV, international telephones, air conditioning. The rooms have a stunning interior and stylish furniture, comfortable beds and pillows, electronic locks and soundproof windows, offered:

  • Suite two rooms;
  • Junior suite one room;
  • Family room;
  • Grand suite.

In the corridors installed coolers with hot and cold water. From the upper floors of the Kolomna Hotel you can enjoy panoramic views of the city.

There are a restaurant, a cafe, a banquet room. Breakfasts are included in the price, they will delight tourists with a large selection of delicious dishes.

During your stay in the hotel you can play billiards, work out in the new gym. The hotel is perfect for business meetings in the business center and conference hall.

Possible hourly payment of 400 rubles. There are special offers for corporate clients and sports teams.

Dom Kuprina

The Kuprin House is a unique small hotel of Kolomna in the Kremlin, in which there are only three rooms.

Those who want to experience the breath of history will choose this modest hotel without worrying about comfort. This house was often visited by A.I. Kuprin to visit his sister, here he wrote several works.

Kuprin's house in Kolomna

There is a classic quadruple room with a wide bed and sofas, a kitchen and tea and coffee making facilities, a glass coffee table. There are two more double rooms with beautiful design and amazing views. All rooms have flat screen televisions. Shower and toilet are common, but tourists do not experience inconvenience, since there are only three rooms in the hotel. The cost of stay from 900 to 1700 p. per day.

Attractive prices and love for the great writer made this hotel of Kolomna extremely popular. Book season in its need for a few months.

Room in the hotel "House Kuprina"

Rest in Kolomna is available to all

Hotels in Kolomna offer affordable holidays that everyone can afford.There are many inexpensive hostels in the city that will suit students and pilgrims, those who have no place to spend the night. And those who are accustomed to comfort and luxury, planning to spend a vacation here, can choose a comfortable hotel for a more expensive vacation, with meals and entertainment.


Kolomna can be called the heart of Russia. The historical events that took place here are inextricably linked with the fate of the country, victories and defeats, grief and hope of the people. From monasteries and temples for centuries, prayers and petitions. Native tranquil nature pleases with various greens, flowers, fresh air.

By the river you can go fishing, make barbecues, work out, go for a trip on a boat. Inspection of historical monuments will provide an opportunity to admire the skill of artists, architects, icon painters.

Kolomna hotels are popular when planning a trip, it is better to book places in advance.

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