Big water park "Nautilus". Lazarevskoye

In the water amusement parks, the coast of Big Sochi did not seem to suffer from a special shortage. There are several of them here, they have been successfully operated for a long time, regularly bringing profit to the owners and the pleasure of numerous visitors. Not so long ago, the Nautilus water park also appeared here. Lazarevskoe, in which it is open, already had one such water-sports complex before it.


And now those who come here to rest will have an alternative. The choice between something quite acceptable and even better. Real healthy competition for visitors' attention cannot bring anything but good. Tough competition for a place in the sun is forced to wage and water park "Nautilus". Lazarevskoye, which receives crowds of tourists for the season, only benefits from this.water park nautilus lazarevskoeThe visitors have an additional reason to leave their money in this particular area of ​​Greater Sochi. Those who intend to have a good time, going to the south, now well know this address - the water park "Nautilus", Lazarevskoye.

Advantages and benefits

The Nautilus water park differs from being not so far away from facilities of this type, both in size and content. Even with a cursory glance at this water park, the efforts of developers and designers to meet international standards of quality and safety for this type of water-sports complexes become noticeable. And much they managed. This is one of the largest water parks on the entire coast. water park nautilus photoIts area is slightly less than three hectares and it is not far from the coastline, which gives it additional expressiveness. Each visitor can find here the rest that suits him, four different pools provide an opportunity to choose. From a small children's "frog-up" to the extreme attraction "Tsunami", the top mark of which is located at an altitude of fourteen meters, which provides an exciting drop down and a fair dose of adrenaline. But before an extreme descent you can admire the picturesque surroundings from a great height.

Waterpark "Nautilus", Lazarevskoe. Mode of operation and prices

Waterpark "NautilusThe price level in the water amusement park is quite acceptable, the competition for visitors forces the management to maintain it at a low level. The cost of a day stay here is 800 rubles for adults and 650 rubles for children.But you can choose a shortened four-hour visit option - 700 and 550 rubles, respectively. The pricing policy applies a bonus system - significant discounts are received by visitors in organized groups sent to an aquapark by a number of travel agencies. The water park operates from 10 am to 6 pm, seven days a week. The complex is provided with all technical services, physicians and lifeguards are regularly on duty in the park. Visitors are provided with retailers with everything they need. Professional photographers work. You can capture your stay in any of the pools and flying from the highest hill. And get as a souvenir pictures with the inscription "Waterpark" Nautilus ". You will be given a photo in the late afternoon when leaving the territory.

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