Learning to make a tank with our own hands

Little children love toys, but they doquickly get bored. To interest them and carry away, you can try to make something yourself. A good option in this case is a tank made with your own hands. Everyone can make it easy, with only a little effort and patience.

models of tanks with their own hands

What materials can I use to make a tank?

As materials for the design of the tankanything, anything. It can be plasticine, matchboxes, wood, cardboard or ordinary office paper. Everyone can choose what will be interesting and convenient for him. Sometimes the idea of ​​making a tank with your own hands comes unexpectedly, and then a variety of materials come into play, which are under the ruble.

The first option is a paper tank

It is not necessary to make a large and sturdy tank. You can collect a few small items and set up a battlefield. In order to make one such a tank with their own hands, you only need a landscape sheet, a square of paper 9x9 cm and an adhesive tape to fix the details. First, you need to fold a piece of paper in half along. It must be turned vertically to its side and bent the left long corner to the side that is longer.tank by one's own hands After that, you need to deploy the sheet and repeat allthe same for the other 3 corners. Should be X bottom and top. After this, take the left and right sides of X and fold them into a triangle. To do the same it is necessary and from other edge. Small triangles, which turned out from above and from below, it is necessary to turn to the left. Then bend to the center the figure that formed on the right, and bend it back. On the opposite side you need to do all the same. As a result, the caterpillars of the tank will be obtained. Two small triangles need to be bent to the top of the big one. The workpiece should be turned over and pulled back the top edge. Triangles from below need to be folded together and bend the preforms back. All bends should be ironed. The resulting triangles at the bottom should be tucked under the ones that remained above. The tower of the tank is formed. The folds on the sides must be straightened. These will be caterpillars. The square must be twisted into a tube and sealed with adhesive tape. The result is a muzzle, which is inserted into the lower part. Such models of tanks, made with their own hands, will perfectly suit the game. Those who are fond of origami, to collect such an article will not be difficult.

The second option is a tank from improvised means

You can make a toy tank from any improvised means. In this casehandmade tank tubes from toilet paper in4 pieces, 2-3 matchboxes, A4 paper, a tube of juice, glue and scissors. First you need to glue together 3 tubes. On top of them should be glued matchboxes. As a result, the shape of the pyramid will be obtained. From above, you need to glue a small tower from the trimming from the toilet paper tube. In this form is not a very beautiful hand-crafted article. The tank should be completely coated with PVA and covered with plain paper. From the straw from the juice you need to make a muzzle. To do this, it should be wrapped in paper and glued to the tank. You can colorize the finished product. With the help of paints the product will look like a real tank.

The third option is a corrugated cardboard tank

A corrugated cardboard box will look more beautiful if you immediately use coloredtank of cardboard blanks. It is enough to take two contrasting hues. To begin with, you should make long strips 1 cm wide. They can be blue and green. From the first it is necessary to twist two small and two large wheels for one caterpillar and the same for the second one. Next you need to take a cardboard of a different color, cut out a wide strip of it and make a caterpillar with wheels inside. After that, you can prepare the platform. You need to make a rectangle with folds on both sides. Caterpillars are glued on it. To the tank, glued together, turned out more beautifully, you can glue two blue stripes on top. In the middle is a tower made of twisted cardboard and a cannon. Such a tank will be very durable.

The fourth option is a tank made of ordinary cardboard

To make a tank of cardboard with your own hands is not at allcomplicated. First you need to cut two long strips 2 cm wide. They should be glued in a ring. As the basis of the craft, you need a tight sheet of cardboard rectangular shape. It is necessary to glue two rings in parallel. These will be caterpillars. On the basis you need to glue and platform. It should be located in the middle and fit the size. On top of it, you need to glue a small tower from the same cardboard. You need to make a gun. To do this, a piece of cardboard must be rolled into a tube. On the one hand, it should be cut, bent from all sides and glued to the tower of the tank. It remains only to paint the resulting craft. Such a tank will be installed on the platform, it can be put on a shelf or given to someone.

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