LED hand lights: overview, features and reviews

LED lighting technologies have long formed a separate product segment in various fields. Among them are home lighting, industrial spotlights, and intelligently controlled car optics. And in each direction reveals its own special qualities of products - from low energy consumption to ensure almost natural light output. LED hand lamps were no exception, in which the unique properties of the new technology also appeared. In this case, the brightness of the light comes out on top, although low power consumption certainly goes to plus devices.

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Features of manual LED lights

The form factor and design of such lamps in general resembles the usual halogen models and devices with incandescent lamps. But the similarities end there, if you do not take into account the auxiliary equipment in the form of fasteners and accessories for wearing the device.The main differences lie in the high luminous efficiency of the diodes, which provide a powerful flux of radiation. In practice, this feature determines the brightness of the beam, and the possibility of saving on the size of the source. That is, the design in shape may remain the same, but with smaller dimensions. As already mentioned, these models have a plus in the form of low power consumption. In this regard, LED rechargeable lights are particularly indicative. Manual professional models of this type are distinguished by a combination of compact dimensions and long duration of action on a single charge. In addition, the total working life of LED flashlights is about 30,000 hours. For comparison, halogen lamps maintain up to 50 hours of continuous operation.

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Usually lanterns are distinguished by their scope. The most extensive group are tourist models. These are devices in the development of which emphasis is placed on ergonomics, protection from external influences and wide functionality. Other types of this classification usually assume the presence of special additional functions.In particular, a professional hand lamp for protection has a construction resembling a baton. Its body is made of a hard high-strength material and provided with a tenacious grip. Mining and tactical models, in turn, are oriented towards the possibility of special fasteners - for example, to a working tool or helmet.

There are also species in which working properties stand out directly. Diving models, for example, are characterized by higher luminous efficacy. In addition, hand-held flashlights for drivers receive special insulating shells with a waterproof effect.

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Battery Models

Like the spread of LED lighting technology, an optimized battery penetrates into different areas, ensuring the autonomy of the devices. Traditionally, the power supply of flashlights is provided by batteries. This solution has its advantages, as the user can not worry about an unexpected stop of the battery function. The first signs of the loss of the device’s performance occur long before its complete cessation.LED rechargeable lights behave a little differently. Manual models of this type initially provide a limited interval of action, averaging from several hours to days.

But the battery has one significant advantage - unlike batteries, it does not require regular replacement, that is, in long-term operation such a solution will be more practical and more profitable in terms of finance. As for the subtleties of charging and maintenance, the most trusted use of lithium-ion LED lights. Accumulator-operated hand-held devices with such an element require little time for recharging; they are distinguished by relatively high environmental safety and reliability.

Metabo Model Reviews

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The company is better known as a manufacturer of construction tools, but it is making notable progress in the segment of lighting devices. In particular, the company offers low-cost models that are valued by users for its wide functionality, ergonomics, and in most cases the absence of negative factors of operation. For example, even Metabo low cost manual lights are free from the common cyanosis effect that many LED devices sin.It is noted that the devices provide a soft, white and clear stream with the ability to accurately focus.

Philips Model Reviews

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The promotion of LED technology has contributed to a group of several firms, including Philips. Hand lanterns are not the main focus of the Dutch specialists, but many interesting solutions are transmitted to this segment as well. Users, for example, respond well to the operational properties of the LEDs themselves. Even in the initial segments, manual LED lamps of this brand are calculated to provide bright and saturated radiation. In this case, the dimensions of the structure remain minimal - this may well be a pocket model. Also noted is the reliability of the case, made of modern plastics, and in some cases supplemented with metal and stainless inserts.

Reviews of models "Bright Ray"

The line of domestic manufacturers, which produces cheap, but powerful devices. The Russian segment offers a lot of decent solutions, but this brand is famous for the widest range with high-quality modifications.LED professional hand lights, which are designed for specialized tasks, are especially appreciated. Under the brand there are devices designed for operation in emergency conditions, in mines, etc. Owners of such lanterns note a combination of reliability, ease of use and balanced characteristics of the luminous flux.

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How much are hand lamps on LEDs?

LED devices are often criticized for their high cost, which does not allow large enterprises to fully translate into this technology. Nevertheless, the segment of hand lanterns is quite democratic, and in it you can find models worth up to 500 rubles. Another thing is that branded high-quality devices from the same Philips brand can cost 2-3 thousand. This price group also includes hand-held professional flashlights, in which special functions are realized. The cost can also increase due to the use of improved materials in the design. The same high-strength plastic with rubberized inserts is usually present in flashlights worth at least 1 thousand.


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With all the advantages of LEDs, they still compete with incandescent lamps and halogen devices in individual parameters. If in terms of energy saving and a working resource, comparison is out of the question, then the naturalness of the luminous flux is still an advantage of more traditional sources. Modern hand lamps on LEDs are improved according to this indicator, but in the budget and average price segments the situation does not change drastically. What does this mean for the end user? The emitted light, despite its brightness and power, is unusual and, in some cases, harmful to the eye. Another thing is that such flaws are of great importance for those users who work continuously in such lighting. For example, this may concern miners or guards. To minimize the harmful effect is possible only by acquiring a high-quality model with modern optical elements.

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