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CTP is a type of car insurance that covers damage caused to third parties due to certain actions on the part of the driver of the insured car. In common - "autocitizen". Liability insurance appeared at the beginning of the 20th century in the United States of America. Then it became popular in Europe and the rest of the developed world.

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Why in the Russian Federation made the compulsory insurance of civil liability of car owners?

Autocitizen helps the state and its population to create a reserve fund that will guarantee the payment of damage to the injured parties by road violators.

Countries that understand the convenience of this procedure, use civil liability insurance to carry out a quick settlement of the claims of victims, establish this type of insurance at the state level, making it mandatory.

And despite all the perturbations of motorists who were categorically against such a decision, today almost all Russians recognize the need to establish precisely such rules and the expediency of decisions by the leadership of the Russian Federation.

What influences the cost of insurance?

The tariff and the cost of an OSAGO contract are determined by the state that derived a special value grid consisting of a set of coefficients. According to them, and should be calculated.

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The following factors directly affect the tariff scale:

1. Region of car registration. The coefficients, for example, in Moscow are at a higher level, which makes insurance more expensive than in the province.

This feature allows the insurance company to cover their risks that are present in large cities. That is, if there are 1 million inhabitants in a populated area, then it is logical that there will be more cars in it than in villages. At the same time, the risk level increases, that the insured driver bumps into someone, since the level of road saturation with other cars is much higher.

2. Engine power. The more powerful the engine, the more speed it can develop.And the more indications on the speedometer, the higher the risk that the driver will not cope with the control and harm the participants of the traffic around him.

compulsory liability insurance for owners

3. Age, experience and number of drivers allowed to drive a car. The age of the driver up to 22 years and the driving experience of up to 3 years influences the cost of insurance quite strongly.

This means that at this stage the driver is still learning how to drive, and you can expect from him just anything. A younger age threatens irresponsible behavior on the road. As well as a short driving experience, he says that a person may, due to ignorance of the rules or in a panic, violate the rules of the road, which will create an emergency situation.

All this, for obvious reasons, affects the level of risks that the insurance company must cover, concluding every contract for liability insurance. And, accordingly, the higher the risks, the greater should be the fee for them. This is displayed on the amount of the insurance payment.

What are the amounts of insurance payments?

1. Covering damage related to the life and health of a single victim - not more than 160 thousand rubles.

Referring to the rules of civil liability insurance, it can be concluded that in case of compensation for damage related to the death of the breadwinner, the limit of payment is 135 thousand rubles. And not more than 25 thousand rubles. to cover the costs associated with the burial.

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2. Covering damage related to the property of all victims - no more than 160 thousand rubles, for one - no more than 120 thousand rubles.

3. The maximum payment in the Russian Federation on compulsory motor TPL insurance until the end of 2019 will be set at up to 400 thousand rubles for all regions according to Europrotocol.

How to conclude a contract CTP?

Due to the fact that CTP is a binding contract, every vehicle must have such insurance.

In order to conclude a contract for the insurance of civil liability of motorists, you can contact the agency-agent, which receives a surcharge for concluding contracts on behalf of the insurance company. Often these are banks and retail outlets that sell cars. Of course, there are those who sit in the old “Zhiguli” right on the side of the road and offer to “draw up” an insurance policy cheaper, but they cannot be trusted, and you should immediately inform the relevant authorities about fraudsters.

You can contact the insurer directly.

There is also an option to contact the insurance company directly with the desire to conclude an agreement on vehicle liability insurance. It is often less convenient, since there are much fewer offices, representative offices of insurance companies, than branches of banking institutions, which means there are more queues in them.

But only in this case you will be told in detail all the conditions of insurance, methods of compensation for damage and renewal of the contract.

Use the Internet to renew contracts

It is possible to extend the contract for liability insurance directly via the Internet, which is very convenient for busy people who are unable to sit in queues at various financial institutions, agents or directly from insurers.

liability insurance rules

In addition, electronic document management helps to automatically record all changes, incidents and other events that fraudsters have the ability to influence without the availability of such information. For example, there were often cases when they entered into backdated contracts for the cars that were involved in the accident and did not have a properly executed insurance contract at that time.

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