"Life After Life": movie reviews, actors and roles

“Life after life” - Russian melodrama, which appeared on TV screens in early June 2013. “Life after life” is the story of the girl Mary, who cannot win the heart of a beloved man. When another boyfriend appears on the horizon, the main character decides to give up her vain attempts and turn her attention to the potential suitor. In the movie “Life after life”, the main actors were actors such as: Yulia Mavrina, Euclid Kurdzidis, Anton Pampushny, Yuri Nazarov. The duration of the film is about 90 minutes. In order to learn more about the film "Life after life" (reviews, the plot of the film, the main characters), you must read this article.

The plot of the movie

The movie “Life after life” presents us with the main character named Maria. She is very unlucky in love, she is quite a long time in love with one person, but he does not reciprocate her.Dmitry is the head of the main character, he is many years older than her and therefore believes that relations between them are impossible. Having finally disappointed in love, Maria unexpectedly meets a young and charming man Yuri Kazakov. A new acquaintance of the protagonist begins to care for her and has all sorts of attention signs. In addition, Yuri is rich and very attentive to the girl. Deciding that her relationship with Dmitry will not get off the ground, Maria agrees to Yuri Kazakov's proposal to marry him.

main characters

Only after the wedding, Maria begins to notice that her husband is behaving strangely. But the hardest part of the main character comes when Yuri leaves on business trips. Mary all the time seems that she hears footsteps in the rooms and sees someone's shadows on the plot where their house is located. The heroine begins to suspect that her husband is hiding something from her. Having learned his secret, Maria realizes that she is in danger.

Actors and roles

The main roles of the movie “Life after Life” are the actors Yulia Mavrina, Euclid Kurdsidis, Anton Pampushny. Film actress Julia Mavrina performed the main female role in the film. She played the heroine Maria.Euclid Kyurdzidis played the role of the beloved of the main character - Dmitry, and Anton Pampushnoy got the role of Maria's husband, Yuri Kazakov. In the movie "Life after life" reviews of the game actors are quite positive. They were able to convey the character and feelings of the main characters. Actors Julia Mavrina and Anton Pampushny had met on the same site before, so working together was easy enough for them.

Julia Mavrina

Julia Mavrina

Ukrainian theater and film actress Yulia Mavrina began to be creative from the very early years. At age 14, the actress decides to enter the theater academy. Despite the fact that this institution was enrolled only from the age of 18, Julia, hiding her age from the commission, passed all exams and was enrolled as a student. School of the actress had to finish externally. The first role in the movie actress played in 17 years in the movie "Letters to Elsa." She debuted in the world of cinema, starring immediately as the main character of the series. The role that brought the greatest popularity of Julia Mavrina, was played in the television series "Daughters and Mothers". Here the actress played the role of a young artist Lilia Subbotina. In the film Life after Life, Julia Mavrina played the role of the heroine Maria, a girl who tries to find her happiness in life.Julia Mavrina is a very talented and popular actress, TV viewers love her and leave positive feedback about her work. “Life after life” is another melodrama in which the actress coped well with her leading role.

Euclid Kurdzidis

Euclid Kurdzidis

Euclid Kurdzidis is a Russian film actor with Greek roots. Become an actor Euclid decided in early childhood. His mother worked in the cinema and often took little Euclid with her to work. The boy was so fond of what was happening on the screen that he was determined to become an actor in the future. Euclid Kyurdzidis very often attracts the attention of filmmakers and producers for its extraordinary appearance. He was invited many times to perform the role of foreigners. In the film “Life after life” Euclid Kurdzidis played the role of Dmitry - a man with whom the main character is in love.

Anton Pampushny

Anton Pampushny

Russian actor Anton Pampushny was born and lived in Kazakhstan in the city of Astana. His parents were against the career of an actor, so Anton graduated from the Economic Institute. However, he did not work in his specialty, after the economics institute Anton entered the theater university and was able to achieve his dream of becoming an actor.In the movie “Life after life” Anton Pampushny played the role of Yuri Kazakov - a charming man who hides some secret from everyone.

Film "Life after life": reviews

TV viewers often like to discuss and leave comments and reviews about their favorite television series or film. Motion picture “Life after life” received a large number of positive feedback from viewers. Especially distinguish a good play of actors and an intriguing plot.

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