Living room: photo of modern designs, best design tips

The living room is the busiest place in the house. Here we relax watching our favorite movie, receive guests and while away quiet family evenings. To make the pastime in this room as comfortable as possible, you should competently approach the creation of its interior.

To do this, it is not necessary to contact the specialists whose services will require additional costs from you. In addition, no one except the residents themselves can take into account the characteristics and preferences of each family member. Arrange the space yourself. And useful tips from our article will help you take into account all the nuances and avoid mistakes.

We determine the style of the interior

The first and most important stage in the creation of a design project is the choice of design style. In determining the appropriate option, focus on the functionality of the room and the height of the ceilings.

minimalist living room

If you create a living room design for a large space, the following styles will suit you:

  • classical;
  • country music;
  • baroque;
  • loft;
  • modern

The room can be decorated with a mirror finish, gold painting and massive stucco. The spacious rooms look great furniture from expensive woods, paintings in massive frames, heavy curtains. The main decoration of such a room can be carved furniture or a volume chandelier.

If you are the owner of a modest living space, design it in the style of minimalism or high-tech. The basis of such projects is the refusal of unnecessary furniture and decor. The interior includes functional and compact items. The walls are made in bright colors, textiles on the windows should be light and barely noticeable.

small living room

A modern approach to creating design allows the use of several directions at once. If you want to make a room unusual, do not be afraid to dream. The main thing is to make sure that all the elements look harmoniously in the overall picture.

Features of various designs

If you decide to create an interior in the style of country, consider installing a fireplace in the room.For residents of multi-storey buildings, an imitation of a real heat source decorated with an artificial stone will be the way out. In private houses, it would be appropriate to have wooden beams on the ceiling, wood panel trim.

modern living room interior

The main classical interiors is symmetry. If there are chairs in the room, they are located strictly opposite each other. Lamps and nightstands are always in pairs. The presence of artificial finishes in such interiors is unacceptable.

It creates a classic design with items such as:

  • metal eaves, candlesticks;
  • furniture made of natural wood and leather;
  • natural stone trim;
  • decorative pottery;
  • heavy curtains and bedspreads.

The photo of the interior of the living room in the Art Nouveau style demonstrates a combination of dark and light objects. This design looks dynamic and fashionable.

Design projects in the loft style are distinguished by the presence of an aged brick surface on one of the walls, a large amount of metal, and a game of contrasts.

Do not forget about the functionality

When you create a room project, consider its main function and the number of family members.If the living room is intended for the reception of large companies, the table and a sufficient number of seats must be present in the interior.

If small children live in the house, it is advisable to allocate for them a separate play zone. For these purposes, a soft and colorful rug, a small plasterboard partition or a screen, allowing you to quickly hide the creative mess of a small family member from your eyes, will do.

How to choose the right color?

If you are the owner of a country house with a large living room, you can use any color space design. In the most daring projects appear juicy and bright colors. The variety of finishing materials today is so great that to realize your fantasies is not difficult.

For example, choosing wall coverings for painting walls, you can not worry about the fact that you will get tired of a certain shade quickly. At the first wish, you can again transform the interior.

If you are the owner of an apartment in a multi-storey building, then, most likely, you got a typical living room - 18 square meters. m. A white color is considered a win-win for such spaces.

living room in the apartment

Solid walls look great with large paintings, photographs and mirror elements. Furniture is also selected in light shades.

Diversity in such an interior is made with the help of bright and unusual decors, sophisticated furniture fittings, carpets and pillows of irregular shapes. At the same time to overload the room with such objects is impossible. It is enough to focus on one thing.

Alternative to the white decoration of small rooms

Interiors in white color visually pushing the edges of the room, fill the space with freshness and lightness. However, not everyone will like this design to taste. What then do the owners of small rooms?

In such cases, the design can be created from the following colors:

  • green;
  • lime;
  • muted turquoise;
  • peach;
  • cream;
  • sand.

A living room in a small apartment will always look good in pastel colors. At the same time it is better to leave the ceiling in white. As a decor 1-2 pictures, vases of the big sizes are used.

Walls in muted tones are complemented by pastel shades. With this design, the room retains the effect of freshness and spaciousness.

How not to get lost in the choice of wallpaper?

Photos of modern living rooms show a huge variety of wallpaper. Barely noticeable and bright drawings, large illustrations and small ornament, bright colors and discreet design - all this makes any buyer confused.

photo of modern living room

To make the right choice, please note the following points:

  1. If the room will be designer furniture in bright colors, the walls are drawn in muted color. If you focus on the walls, the furniture is purchased in discreet colors.
  2. Wallpapers with large contrasting patterns look great in the spacious interiors of the living room. They have the ability to visually reduce the surrounding objects, to narrow the space, so in small rooms such fabrics should not be glued.
  3. For wall decoration in small living rooms it is better to use wallpaper with small ornaments. If the room has a low ceiling, canvases with narrow vertical stripes would be an excellent option. They will make the space visually longer.

Note! Wallpaper with horizontal stripes have the ability to visually expand the walls of the room. It can also be successfully used in the preparation of a design project.

Choosing a floor covering

When choosing a finishing material for the floor, use one rule: light flooring makes the space more, dark - "squeezes" it. For the rest, be guided by your taste preferences and your chosen living room design.

For example:

  1. For interiors in the style of art deco, modern and classicism, the use of natural coatings is appropriate. Here is the best parquet brown, red and black.
  2. Modern living rooms in Provence and Steampunk style are decorated with parquet and laminate of warm natural colors.
  3. In the interiors in the spirit of minimalism is appropriate to use gray, white and black flooring. There can be laid laminate, ceramic tile and parquet.
  4. Particularly popular in modern design are light gray coatings. They have the unique ability to emphasize all the mirror and metal objects in the room. This approach is most appropriate for high-tech style.

Recently, glossy floors are often found in interiors. They should be used very carefully. On the one hand, they make the room unlimited and airy, on the other - they reflect all the objects in the room, creating a sense of chaos.In the room cluttered with furniture, such options should not be used.

How to distribute the lighting?

Modern living room interior is hard to imagine without enough light. For ceremonial events, it should be bright, for evening rest - muffled. Fortunately, today we have a lot of devices available to solve this problem.

Owners of rooms with low ceilings should forget about massive hanging chandeliers. Lighting devices must be arranged so that there is enough light in every corner.

living room design in high-tech style

On the bedside tables and coffee tables, you can install small lamps. A great option would be to use floor lamps. They take up little space and bring a touch of elegance to the interior.

In high rooms it is appropriate to use hanging chandeliers with candelabra. They are more suited to the classic design of the living room. Photos of such designs demonstrate the luxury and representativeness of such interiors.

large chandelier in the interior of the living room

Spacious rooms often use directional light. It helps to delimit the space, illuminating only one part of the room.

Choosing furniture for the living room

To arrange a small living room purchase items of small size. If they are sofas, they should be low. The free space from the edge of the furniture to the ceiling will make the room more spacious and airy.

Bulky furnishings strongly emphasize low ceilings, small windows and limited space. Coffee tables and cabinets are better to choose with rounded edges. They will not divide the room into several zones.

To give the room a visual airiness, designers recommend using furniture on high and narrow legs. They seem to hold the furniture on weight, creating a feeling of free space.

If the room is not spacious, use the following furniture options:

  • capacious lockers;
  • through hinged shelves;
  • transformable furniture;
  • wall mounted wardrobes;
  • upholstered furniture with storage space.

Owning large rooms to create a living room design is much easier. Choose for this purpose any furniture you like, but make sure that all the objects fit into the overall interior and fit well with each other.

Each living room should have its own zest.

Creating a living room design, do not forget about the accent. This rule applies to any styles of design space. Otherwise, the room will look dull and faded.

Emphasis can be placed on items such as:

  • chandelier;
  • carpet;
  • bright pillows;
  • contrast furniture, etc.

If space permits you, purchase a chandelier of unusual design. Bright decor will make the interior finished and refined.

idea of ​​decorating a small living room in an apartment

You can also focus on large windows. Constructions from ceiling to floor will make the room unlimited, fill it with light and airiness. This technique is especially useful for small spaces.

Curtains on these windows should be the most simple. Heavy textiles with lambrequins in this case will look slightly inappropriate.

If you decide to use a carpet as an accent, make no mistake for its size. Small items in spacious rooms look stupid and inappropriate. It is better to choose a bigger option.

Vivid and unusual pillows help to significantly diversify the interior. They can match the color of curtains, carpet or any small object in the room.The main advantage of such jewelry is accessibility. You can use it even with the most modest budget.

Mural - a great way to diversify the interior.

The fresco is considered to be a trendy way to decorate the interior. The image can be applied on top of decorative plaster, on wallpaper or simply painted walls. Landscapes, photographs of celebrities, images of nature and many other options are used as drawings.

fresco in the living room interior

The canvas can be located on a flat wall or in a niche. The last option involves the assembly of the construction of plasterboard. It can be supplemented with spotlights. In this case, the decorative properties of the mural are increased several times.

The main advantage of this decoration is that it can be used in all styles of the living room. The main thing is to successfully select the image and color gamut of the image.

Summing up

Modern design projects are distinguished by courage and uniqueness. This is evidenced by the photo of living rooms, placed in our article. Today there is no need to carry out finishing in the same style.You can create an interesting interior by successfully combining several directions.

modern living room lighting

If the design turns out to be harmonious, being in the room will be as comfortable as possible. Remember, a large number of bright decor can irritate and create a sense of chaos. In this setting, you are unlikely to relax.

That's all. We wish you bright and unique solutions!

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