Logistics - what is this profession? Where are taught at the logistician?

The meaning of the work of the logistician is to organize the process of delivery of goods from one point to another with minimal transportation costs. At first glance it may seem that the work is simple and clear, but in reality this profession requires maximum effort, care and responsibility.get a logistics profession


Science has appeared relatively recently, and it clarifies the question that interests us: "Logist - what is this profession?" The term “Logistics” until recently was known to a rather narrow circle of specialists, but today this concept is becoming more widely used. In general, the definition itself comes from the ancient Greek language and means “the art of computing and reasoning”. The Greeks understood logistics as a process of performing certain calculations, and state controllers were called logisticians. In the Roman Empire, there were also ministers who had the title "logisticians", and their main responsibilities included the distribution of food.Also in a number of countries, science had a close relationship with military affairs: logisticians provided the armed forces with material resources, followed the maintenance of stocks and food. In many ancient military textbooks, the term meant "rear, supply of troops."

logistics what is this profession

Logistics - what is this profession?

Successful activity of many trading companies depends on the work of a logistician. They are responsible for ensuring that the goods from the supplier are delivered to the buyer with minimal costs, in the right quantity, of a certain quality and just in time. It should also take into account the interests of all participants: the manufacturer, the customer and even the driver. So, logistics - what is this profession? The answer to this question is given by few sciences and scientists. But one thing is for sure - the work does not tolerate inattention, forgetfulness and carelessness.

Job responsibilities

The duties of the logistician are many and very diverse. Specialists in this profession are responsible for the interaction of sales, accounting, warehouse and purchasing department. Develop regional and local routes for the delivery of goods. Choose the best transport for the transport of products.Control delivery dates and timely payment of contracts entered into by the company. Prepare the necessary documentation, conduct a warehouse inventory and motivate employees to more productive work. But their most important duty is to reduce the costs and expenses of the enterprise to a minimum during the transportation of goods and the rational allocation of company resources.

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The advantages and disadvantages of the work

Today the profession “logistics” is quite in demand, in which there are pros and cons, as in any other job. The main advantage of logistics is that, due to the rapid development of commodity relations between countries, competent and experienced specialists in this field will always be in demand. The disadvantage is that it is very difficult for a person without initial experience to “enter” into this area. But if this succeeds, the workers receive not only a successful career, but also a good salary. In Western countries a good specialist can receive several thousand dollars for his work, in the capital of Russia a logistician can receive from 70 thousand rubles, in the regions this figure drops to 25-30 thousand rubles.But, as in any profession, a lot depends on the corporation itself, work experience, qualifications and knowledge.

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Skills and abilities

Not everyone will be able to work in this area. In connection with the relevance of this work today, the profession “logistics” receives positive feedback from employers. Here we need sociable, mobile specialists who can analyze and work with a large amount of information. It is also necessary to be able to think creatively and work, not at the behest of the boss, but independently. The logist is not an office worker, here you have to be ready for frequent trips, business trips to solve problems on the spot. But you still have to sit in the office, looking through documents and looking for new ways to save company funds. Also, the employee should be able to negotiate with customs officers, truck drivers, suppliers and customers. All international companies require applicants to have an excellent knowledge of not only English, but also a few foreign ones.

the profession of logistics where they teach

Profession logistic: where do they teach?

In order to comprehend the basics of science in this area, you will need to pass the EGE: math, Russian language and social studies.Some higher education institutions additionally require the surrender of a foreign language, mainly English, since it is recognized worldwide and used in negotiations in almost all countries of the world.

You can get the profession of logistics today in almost any university in the country. Specialists in this field prepare:

And for those who do not want to return to the student bench again, is it possible to master this specialty? Where to get the profession of a logistician, consultants will help to answer special MBA courses. They prepare good professionals. Consultants will also help when applying for a job if you already have a university degree. You can also purchase "crusts" at the Institutes of Advanced Studies. As a rule, they are created for employees and employees of companies who came to lectures on the order of personnel departments. It is impossible to study from scratch in the Institutes of Advanced Training, it is better to spend time and get a higher education. You can also study the profession in business schools. There is much less theory and much more practical training and seminars. In such institutions there is a team of not only teachers, but also practitioners.

Profession Logistics pros and cons

Foreign educational institutions

Foreign educational institutions also teach the specialty "logistics". What is this profession, we have already figured out. Studying abroad has always been identified with high-quality and prestigious education. But do not think that, having received a diploma even in the most prestigious university in the USA or Canada, you will find a job in a large company. Still, abilities and experience come to the fore, what you can do and how to adapt to the environment.

Today, logistics is a sought-after profession, the world is developing, and along with it, trade and economic relations are developing. A competent specialist logistics is a person who knows how to manage the company's inventory, organize the movement of goods, while reducing the company's costs to a minimum.

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Logistics - what is this profession? Where are taught to logistician 60

Logistics - what is this profession? Where are taught to logistician 32

Logistics - what is this profession? Where are taught to logistician 36

Logistics - what is this profession? Where are taught to logistician 79

Logistics - what is this profession? Where are taught to logistician 98

Logistics - what is this profession? Where are taught to logistician 8

Logistics - what is this profession? Where are taught to logistician 82

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