Lost happiness, or the Essay "How did I celebrate the New Year?"

As I met the writing on this topic, perhaps one of the most simple and enjoyable in the school curriculum. And not because it is not necessary to make efforts to write it, but because at school age this holiday is really looking forward to and the guys joyfully meet it. And when the topic is fueled by positive emotions, then it is a pleasure to write about it.

Do not easily pull the fish out of the pond

But no matter how simple the essay on the theme of “New Year” may seem, it is worth remembering the banal spelling rules. You also need to know the structure of the text and understand the basics of a good literary syllable.

essay about meeting the new year

It is also worthwhile to decide in advance what the essay on the “New Year” theme will be about. You can write about the preparation for the holiday, about how it is celebrated with family. And you can come up with an absolutely incredible story that happened on New Year's Eve. Indeed, there are many options.Even from the usual process of decorating a Christmas tree, you can create a great essay about the upcoming holiday. And you can even make the story sad. But this is all theory, it is better to show what can happen in practice.

In the family

In the first example, you can write an essay "How my family meets the New Year."

For the umpteenth time we gather with the whole family and celebrate the New Year. No, not only family members gather at the same table, but also all close relatives.

So it happened in our family that every year we invite all our relatives to us or go to visit some of them. From this the essence of the preparation for the event does not change. On the morning of December 31, the whole family gathers in the house where the celebration is planned, and mass preparation begins.

how do i plan to meet new year essay

I really like the fact that the house is not yet decorated with garlands and streamers, snowflakes are not glued on the windows and even the tree is not decorated. We, the children, have something to do while adults do their own thing: they cook, clean, go shopping and talk on the phone.


As soon as it gets dark outside, we leave the yard to play snowballs. Yes, yes, everything goes: both adults and children.But if there is no snow, then we just go to the nearest skating rink. After him we return home, drink hot cocoa with cookies and watch movies. There is still time for the New Year meeting, so you can take a nap.

writing how my family meets the new year

The main turmoil begins at eleven in the evening. Before the New Year, there is only an hour left, but you still have so much time to do: put and set the table, prepare fireworks, firecrackers, firecrackers and make a fire in the barbecue. When it is ten minutes by midnight, we gather around the table, congratulate each other on the holiday and go outside. As soon as the last strike of the clock sounds, a bright multi-colored flash will fly into the sky, which will meet the next happy year.

My plans

Also, the essay "How I Met the New Year" can be written based on my wishes regarding the holiday. It is only in primary and secondary schools, even without words, it is clear where the event will take place. But high school students plan to celebrate the New Year even a month before its occurrence. The writing “How I plan to celebrate the New Year” can be simple, where only practical assumptions are described, or you can add a bit of winter magic.

Christmas mood and cookies

The result is the following:

The first snow is a kind of switch that starts the New Year mood. At least, it happens in childhood, but when a person grows up, he has more problems and responsibilities. Sometimes even holidays have to be ignored. A New Year's Eve can be planned in a few weeks, but no one guarantees that everything will go as planned. For some reason, magic disappears with age and no longer believes in a fairy tale.

Fairy tale

You no longer want to decorate a Christmas tree, light up colorful lights, cut out snowflakes. There is no desire to sit at the festive table and listen to ridiculous conversations. I want something else, but with my mind you understand that this is different only in fairy tales. Where in the middle of a large hall stands a large spruce, resting against a high ceiling, under it lies a mountain of gifts in colorful wrapping paper. All in beautiful ballroom attires, the orchestra plays a simple melody, and fluffy snow falls from the ceiling. Then you are asked to make a wish, you close your eyes, and in your head an image of what you dream most of all in the world immediately appears. As soon as the clock strikes twelve, everyone goes to the tree and searches for a gift with his name. If the box is the subject of desire, then it is sure to come true.I'm going too, and I get a silver brooch in the shape of a feather. I squeeze it tightly in my hand and look at the ceiling from which the snow is falling.

It is already morning, I am lying in my bed, it seems that this New Year was met without me. At least I had a good dream. But was it a dream? In my hand was something solid, small and cast in silver.

12 balls

Also, the essay “How I Met the New Year” can be filled with something sad, with a touch of nostalgia. True, it will be difficult, not everyone can describe the sadness in a festive context, but you can try:

It used to seem that winter is a special time of year, intended only for fun. But time is inexorably moving forward, and now it remains only to reread the thematic school essays "How I Met the New Year." They describe my best memories of holidays, happy time spent with friends and family. Now I can not even say when everything disappeared, at what point the long-awaited winter holiday became a painful reminder of lost happiness.

writing how I met the new year

All that I have left from that time is 12 Christmas balls. They were completely unpretentious, but in our family it was customary to hang them on the Christmas tree in the first place, since each of them symbolized the last month of the year.When these decorations began to gather dust in the box, I no longer remember. But this time I wanted to get them and re-decorate the Christmas tree as many years ago. As soon as the last ball was in its place, suddenly it suddenly wanted to arrange a grand celebration. There is no lost happiness! This is all human laziness. It’s just that in childhood, parents provide us with the New Year mood, and as adults, we have to do it ourselves.

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