Lotus Resort 3 (India / Goa): photos and reviews of tourists

Goa is called the land of beaches, where the hot sun warms the white sand on the shore, and the rustle of the waves creates a special natural melody, to the sound of which, and the sea breeze dancing trees. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most exotic places in India, where a bright and noisy present meets a romantic past. But Goa is not only luxurious beaches, but also majestic forts, magnificent churches and the lush green of the tropics. All this makes the landscape of these places perfect and unforgettable.

Sometimes for a rest it is enough to feel the warm sand between your fingers, the rays of the warm sun and the coolness of ice in a glass with a cocktail. All this you can give the hotel Lotus Beach Resort 3 *, located near the beach Benaulim. It can be the perfect starting point for your Goa vacation.

Hotel location

hotel lotus beach resort 3

The convenient location of the hotel is one of its main advantages. It is located in the southern part of. Goa, in a resort town called Benaulim. The official address may be needed if you get to the hotel on your own, and not by transfer from the travel company. However, it is useful and just to know him.The hotel is located at 403716, Goa, Salcete, Benaulim, Vaswaddo, Beach Road Via Maria Hall. The nearest town from Margao is only 7 km away, and 6 km is Kolva Beach, which is growing in popularity every day.

The distance between the hotel Lotus Resorts 3 * (India, Benaulim) and Dabolim International Airport is 25 km, the railway station of Margao - 10 km. It is quite convenient and allows you to get to the desired point in a short time. Just 200 meters away is the beach of Benaulim, which is often visited by dolphins.

General Hotel Description

A small resort complex consists of a one-story building and the surrounding area. The building is not new, but was recently renovated. The rooms are nice, clean and comfortable. The territory corresponds to the stated hotel category, well landscaped. The dimensions of the building are small, only 48 rooms of three categories: Standard Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, Suite Rooms - all of them have a balcony. Continental breakfast is included in the price. All guests are provided with drinking water upon arrival. The management of the Lotus Beach Resort (Benaulim) 3 * hotel belongs to the Lotus network.

Standard Rooms

 lotus beach resort 3 goa

The most budget accommodation option involves accommodation in a room in the Standard Rooms category. The area of ​​the room is slightly less than 28 square meters. mStandard rooms (there are 16 of them in the hotel) have their own bathroom, toilet, and are also equipped with a large double bed and all the necessary amenities, including air conditioning, TV, kettle, tea set. Slippers and bathrobe are also provided.

Deluxe Rooms

Sixteen comfortable rooms of Deluxe Rooms have an area of ​​just over 34 square meters. This is an ideal accommodation option in Lotus Resort 3 *, which is suitable for tourists who prefer to relax in comfort. All rooms have a large double bed, which can fit not only two adults, but also a child. It is convenient, no need to worry about the extra bed in the room. Standard equipment, similar to the previous number.

lotus resorts 3 india south goa reviews

Suite Rooms

For guests who are accustomed to travel by a large company or the whole family, the hotel Lotus Beach Resort (Goa) 3 * offers a comfortable and spacious suite room category (total area of ​​66 sq. M). It is perfect for long travel and accommodation. The room is divided into a bedroom with a large bed and a living room with a fold-out sofa, and also has an equipped kitchenette (pictured) with all the necessary accessories. A great option if guests prefer to cook lunches and dinners on their own.Everything else in the standard set: air conditioning, TV, fridge, slippers and bathrobes, tea and coffee set.

Restaurant and bar on site

Hotel Lotus Resorts 3 * (Benaulim. South Goa) in the price of any room category includes a continental breakfast. It is served during certain morning hours in the form of a buffet. Vacationers do not need to look for a cafe, although there are enough of them in this resort area. After breakfast, you can safely go to meet adventure or relax peacefully on the beach.

hotel lotus beach resort goa 3

The hotel has a Sea Wave restaurant. You can not know a country without tasting its national cuisine. This can be done in Sea Wave. For those who are tired of the spicy and spicy taste of India, there is a European menu. The hotel management recommends that everyone try two specialties of the restaurant. The first is chicken tikka (slices of fried meat in a curry sauce of rich orange or red color, made on the basis of tomatoes). The second dish is mushroom matar, which is an excellent dinner option for vegetarians.

Guests of the Lotus Resort 3 * hotel can also visit the Sea Shell bar, which is considered one of the best on the coast. It is difficult to imagine an evening in Goa without a light breeze, bringing long-awaited coolness, and a glass of cocktail.The bar specializes in a wide variety of liqueurs, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

Service at the hotel

Choosing to stay on vacation this hotel, you should not rely on something extraordinary or original. Three stars in the title speak of a modest but good service. So, throughout the hotel there is wireless Internet, guests arriving on their own can leave their vehicles in the free parking lot. The administration also provides a business service, namely a small conference room for 50 people and fax services. At the Lotus Resort 3 * hotel (Benaulim, South Goa) you can rent a car or book a taxi to get to the desired part of the island. Guests can use the safe at the front desk free of charge. In addition, there is a laundry, daily cleaning of rooms, change of linen - once every three days. Doctors can be called for an extra charge.lotus resort 3

Entertainment and sports in the hotel

One of the main factors by which accommodation options are estimated on vacation, especially in hot tropical countries, is the presence of a private pool and adjacent territory with facilities in the form of sun beds and umbrellas,especially if the beach is at some distance. In this case, vacationers can be calm. Hotel Lotus Resort 3 * has two pools - indoor and outdoor - with umbrellas and sun beds, and in the latter there is a section for children. Sports activities, including water (motor and non-motorized) are presented in large numbers on nearby beaches and are available for a fee. In the hotel itself, guests can relax over a game of chess, table tennis, or visit the games room; there is a playground for children.

Goa, hotel Lotus Resorts 3 *: who is targeted

The question of who most often stays in a hotel, tourists of which nationalities and age and gender categories attend it, the relevance for potential guests is the most diverse. As a rule, those who go to Goa for adventures, temples, national colors, beaches and walks are completely indifferent, because they only come to their rooms to spend the night. The rest is worth knowing that the hotel has a mixed national composition. The hotel is mainly focused on adult couples, business people, who arrive on the island on a business trip.To a lesser extent, the hotel is suitable for families with small children.

Do you want to enjoy all the charm of the pristine nature of Goa, as well as the beauty of endless beaches, but at the same time do not like long journeys? Then choose to place the hotel Lotus Resort 3 *. South Goa (South Goa) with three stunning beaches and a unique waterfall Dudhsagar will be at your disposal, just rent a car or a bicycle, and you can reach some places on foot, because early morning walks also have their charm. Read more about each of these places for details.

Benaulim beach

lotus resort 3 benaulim south

If during your trip you want to be closer to nature, enjoy the silence and the rustle of the waves in a relaxed atmosphere, then this place will suit you perfectly. The beach is famous for its solitude, white sand, creaking under their feet, and a gentle shore. Recruitment of depth occurs gradually, so the place is perfectly suited for those who are just learning to swim and families with small children. Traditions of the indigenous population, engaged mainly in fishing and national flavor, are still felt in this area of ​​Goa. Hotel Lotus Resorts 3 * is literally 200-300 m.His guest will be very convenient to combine only beach holidays with walks in local markets, attractions. The infrastructure on Benaulim is quite well developed: many cafes and restaurants, water activities, etc.

Varca Beach

Varca Beach is probably one of the main tourist attractions of Goa. It is littered with small cafes and restaurants offering visitors a national cuisine of exceptional freshness. This is where you can “taste” India. Varca is not only a beach, but also a small village nearby. On their territory there are many modern premium-class hotels, there are several shops, well-developed infrastructure and transport links with the rest of the island. The beach is uncrowded and calm (compared to the others). From the hotel Lotus Resort 3 * you can reach it in a short time by renting a bike or a taxi. The distance is only 2 km.

Colva Beach

The most distant from the hotel (about 6 km) and at the same time the most popular beach is Corva. You can reach it by public transport, on a scooter or car. The resort is chosen by Europeans.The coast is built up with luxurious villas and studded with small fishing huts. Frequent guests here and residents of the nearby town of Margao, fleeing on weekends and public holidays from the heat and bustle of the city. There are a lot of tourists on the beach, the coast is clean, flat, there are almost no waves. At the height of the season, a large number of restaurants specializing in seafood are being opened. In Colva, tourists will enjoy the most lively and vibrant nightlife with parties that vaguely resemble unrestrained fun in northern Goa.

Dudhsagar Falls

lotus beach resort 3 goa

Dudhsagar is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in India, whose name literally sounds like “Milk Ocean”. The reserve Bhagwan in which it is located is located approximately 55 km from the hotel Lotus Beach Resort 3 * (Goa). Reviews of tourists about this place are full of delight and vivid emotions. Endless streams of water rush along a multi-level rocky system with a total length of just over 600 m and are noisily broken from a height of 310 m at the foot of the waterfall there is a small lake with cool water, where you can swim if you wish. Visitors are charged a fee of 20 INR for entry into the reserve, which is slightly less than 20 rubles.The path to the destination lies through the real jungle, which is inhabited by animals and many birds. What is not an adventure for bored tourists ?!

Lotus Beach Resort 3 * (Goa): tourists reviews

First of all, I would like to note that this hotel is very popular with tourists from all over the world, including Russian citizens, as an accommodation option in the Benaulim beach area. Evidence of this is the fact that you need to book rooms in advance for several months or even six months. The hotel declares itself as a three star, offering decent service at an affordable price. According to the popular tourist portal, 20% of guests rate it perfectly, 40% consider it good. Absolutely did not like the hotel 20% of respondents, and 20% see it as a good option to stay for a couple of nights. As you can see from the statistics, positive reviews prevail. Tourists recommend it mainly to couples, young people traveling together or large companies. To a lesser extent, they say, it is suitable for business trips and holidays with children. In general, guests of the Hotel Lotus Resorts 3 * (India, South Goa) rate the 3.5 points out of five possible for various indicators.

Reviews about its location are one and all positive. It should be noted that this is an absolutely objective opinion, which is confirmed by geographic coordinates. Staying at this hotel, you get access to the three most popular beaches in the southern part of the island, and two of them are within walking distance. In addition, add to this many shops and local villages.

lotus resorts 3 benaulim india

As for the number of rooms, travelers recommend for a long vacation to choose a room Suite Rooms, as it has everything you need, including kitchen (pictured above). Hotel guests like the way it is furnished. Tourists with a short stop is quite suitable standard room. According to the guests, cleaning is done daily and efficiently, towels are changed regularly, and bed linen is once every three days. The work of plumbing, air conditioning and household appliances did not cause any complaints. Tourists say that the rooms are not new, but in good condition with a fresh renovation. However, judging by some reviews, there are periodic interruptions in electricity and hot water, which causes some inconvenience.

Breakfasts are rated on a solid top three. They are of good quality, but very similar.Served as a rule, scrambled eggs or scrambled eggs as a main dish. But tourists were pleased with the variety of freshly squeezed juices from both the usual fruit of the Russian tourist and the exotic. The work of the staff, who is always ready to help with advice and deed, is highly appreciated.

Of course, there are certain shortcomings. However, one should not forget when traveling to India that this country is completely individual and unique, many things in it seem unusual to us, and sometimes shocking at all. Travelers recommend paying less attention to domestic issues and enjoying the exotic and colorful life in Goa.

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