Love almonds - its beneficial properties are undeniable

Do you think your favorite almond is a tough nut? It was not there. Be surprised: he - plum. Sakura of Central and Asia Minor can be said. It was there that they reclaimed it five or six thousand years ago.

almond useful properties

About the benefits of aesthetics

It is difficult to decide that this plant is more beautiful - flowers or fruits. Most likely, equivalent. Almost everyone is sure that almonds are nuts. Very few people know its useful properties, they just love - and that's it, not at all thinking not only about the benefits, but also about the harm if it were. Moreover, no one thinks about the origin of the festive delicacy. But look: does this look like a nut shell? Or is it on the nucleolus of the bone?

almond nut useful properties

Beautiful tree, amazing flowers, exceptionally pleasant smell - and all this is almond! Its beneficial properties, above all, are that it is generous and is divided not only by its wonderful taste, but also by its beauty with all of us. Beauticians without it - like without hands: due to the large content in the fruits of vitamin E, it is the first tool in the manufacture of means for skin and hair care.

Healing power

So he is a handsome man, almond! Useful properties, however, are attached to it. What is especially good about our "non-nut" is that it affects the circulatory system and the gastrointestinal tract. Avicenna noted the beneficial effect on the liver, kidney and spleen. Improves vision. Diabetes, anemia, pleurisy, asthma - almonds will help! Sleeplessness, headaches, cramps. Heals abrasions and bruises. Almond oil cleans the gallbladder, reduces cholesterol. He is omnipotent: pneumonia and sore throats, even flatulence and sprain removes. They write what is shown in cancer. Just do not need right now to buy a wagon of almonds and prepare from it the first, second, third, and biscuits for tea. Stop at the cookies. The daily rate is 2 (two!) Tonsils. Here the main thing - the system and constancy. If you do not really believe in such a great healing power, refer to the table.

vitamins, macronutrients, microelements, composition
vitamin A 0.02 mg potassium 750 mg iron 3.7 mg water 4 g
vitamin b1 0.25 mg
vitamin B2 1.0 mg calcium 264 mg iodine 2 mg


18, 5 g

vitamin b3

3.4 mg mg

vitamin b5 0.47 mg magnesium 235 mg manganese 1.9 mg fats 57.8 g
vitamin b6 0.14 mg
vitamin b9 50 mg sodium 10 mg copper 140 mg carbohydrates 16.2 g
vitamin c 1.5 mg fluorine 90 mg cellulose 2.5 g
vitamin E 26.2 mg phosphorus 470 mg zinc 2.1 mg ash 3.6 g

Do you believe? Now you need to scare you well, so as not to forget about the two tonsils. Here is the weekly rate:

how is almond nut useful

Be careful, almonds!

There are some cyanides in the immature nucleoli. We ate half a kilo of treats - we got drunk (narcotic substances are also slightly observed there), another half a kilogram - they rumbled to the hospital. When suicidal syndrome is not recommended. And in the bitter almond there is an incredible accumulation of hydrocyanic acid. Raw is not! Eating only roasted grains, children do not give at all! And the bitter, he is good ... Do you remember Bagritsky's beautiful poem about sweet coffee and dry almonds? Useful properties also that he inspires! Perhaps, with all its beauty and necessity, this is the most important thing. Poem to the point. What is useful almond nut (not a nut) and what is harmful, you now know.

Bonus about yummy

“Not a nutlet” was universally revered in our country, and they loved him in the palaces, and in the impoverished attic of the artist, he was happy, moreover, the pharaohs did not disdain them, they nibbled on the same almond.Its beneficial properties are also compatible with any kind of meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, and curds. Very good with rice. But the most frequent and most common use of almond in cooking is confectionery.

Bon Appetit

From almonds the amazing breading for a ceremonial and exit dishes turns out. Shallow is not necessary, you can plates. The cooked expensive fish is especially good: salt and fillet each piece of fillet, roll in flour, then in whipped proteins, and finally in almond plates. To fry slowly! Grind dry almonds into flour (approximately 200 grams). Beat up to the peaks of proteins and sugar (4 per cup), gently mix with almond flour. Dump this mass out of the pastry bag into small piles on a sheet and bake in the oven for 35-40 minutes at a low temperature - 150 degrees. There will be amazing morning coffee biscuits. Take baking paper, put peeled banana on it. Sprinkle it with sugar, if you like cinnamon, sprinkle with not too finely ground almonds on top. Wrap it up. A couple of minutes in the microwave, put on a plate, decorate with ice cream and any berries (it is optional, and without all the tasty).

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