Maxim Akbarov - the rising movie star of Kazakhstan

Maxim Akbarov, whose biography is the topic of this article, recently became a real star. Despite this, some information about him is still available. Maxim not so long ago was able to achieve a resounding success in the field of cinema, so the number of fans of his work is increasing every day.

Childhood and youth of the future actor

Maxim Akbarov was born in 1985, on September 5. His birthplace is the major city of Kazakhstan, Almaty. Since childhood, Maxim began to engage in various creative activities. He was a member of the district KVN team, and later became its captain. In addition, he was elected president of the club of high school students. At the age of thirteen, Maxim went to work at the House of Children's Art. At first he taught break dance, but it did not last long. Career young talent quickly went up. Soon he took the lead as a member of various social events.Since childhood, Maxim Akbarov dreamed of getting on the big stage. And this is not surprising. After all, from an early age he showed inclinations towards all sorts of creative activities. Maxim's interests were somewhat controversial. In addition to choreography and oratory, he also liked chess. In this sport, the young man even received a grade.Maxim Akbarov

Extraordinary creative career

Maxim liked his job as a presenter, so he devoted all his free time to her, improving his skills in creative activities. At the famous Golden Microphone competition, he became a nominee for several awards as the best presenter. The obvious fact was that Maxim is the most talented in this particular profession. But the young man did not stop there. The next step in show business was a new VJ post, which Akbarov received simultaneously on several Kazakhstan TV channels. After some time, he founded his own musical group called ObaMa. The soloist of the band was Max himself. After that, no one was surprised that Maxim Akbarov showed his talents and in directing.A multi-talented young man engaged in the production of music videos, was directly involved in the filming of commercials and TV shows. And in 2009, he played in his first film, which was shot in the genre of a detective, called "The Other Side".Maxim Akbarov's films

Sensational film

The first motion picture, in which Akbarov starred, did not receive many good reviews. The film rating was relatively low. But the second attempt of Maxim to join the actor's world was crowned with success. Despite the fact that the young man had an excellent track record, they would hardly have known about him outside his native country if in 2010 the sensational film with the intriguing title “The Tale of the Pink Hare” did not come out. Some critics have called this film a youth drama, others - criminal. Maxim Akbarov played a major role. In the film, he appears as a rich guy who has a passion for branded items and expensive cars. After the film premiere, many experts in the field of acting skills said that Akbarov did not reveal the image of the representative of the “golden youth” at all.But, despite the many negative reviews from critics, the film has gained popularity outside of Kazakhstan. And today, The Tale of the Pink Hare can boast a pretty good rating. She is known both in Russia and in the CIS countries.Maxim Akbarov movies

Other film works

The films of Maxim Akbarov differ by genre variety. He starred in seven films, among which are action films, comedies and melodramas. In 2013, Akbarov worked on a comedy called “Aliens at anything”. In 2014, Maxim played a minor role in the fake melodrama: Take Care of Yourself. The young man, discovering his acting talent, decided to improve his skills. He starred simultaneously in two films: the crime drama "Racketeer 2" and the comedy called "Escape from the village. Operation Mahabbat. For 2017, the release of the movie “Death Angel” is planned, where Akbarov will appear only in a few episodes.Maxim Akbarov biography

Though not the best actor, but girls' favorite

Today, the popularity of such a young Kazakhstani actor, Maxim Akbarov, is only increasing. His films are especially popular with the female audience.After all, a young man is considered very cute. It is not surprising that at the premieres of films with his participation more than half of the cinema hall is occupied by young girls. At the moment, Maxim himself does not have the second half. As the actor himself says, he appreciates sincerity and naturalness in a girl. But so far he has no luck with the female. Over the years, he spoke with many women, but none of them has so far been able to conquer his lonely heart. Now Akbarov is still in search of his life partner, but does not forget about the most important thing - his professional acting career.

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