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McDormand Francis is an actress of theater and cinema, a producer. She won many awards, including Oscar, Emmy, Independent Spirit, Tony. Being adopted, she herself became the mother of a child from Paraguay. To show respect for her son’s home country, the actress began to learn Spanish. What films have brought her success? How does the actress relate to plastic and her age? This can be found in the article.

McDormand Francis


McDormand Francis was born on 06.23.1957 in the city of Chicago. When the girl was just over a year old, she was adopted by a married couple from Canada. She received the surname from them. Mother, Norin, was a nurse. Father Vernon served as a pastor in the church. In total, the family brought up three adopted children. In childhood, the future actress was very religious and exemplary, but after leaving the parental home, she began to break the rules.

The family moved constantly. Therefore, Francis was difficult to communicate with peers. In addition, at that time she was overweight and wore glasses.Her first appearance on the stage was associated with studying at the school in the town of Monessen (Pennsylvania). McDormand graduated from school in 1975. Further training girl continued in Bethany College (West Virginia). Here she became a bachelor of arts in 1979.

After she entered Yale University. In high school Frances mastered a drama school, having received the status of the master (1982). During her studies, she met and became friends with Holly Hunter. They lived in the same room. Together, her friends moved to New York, where they began to rent an apartment in Brooklyn.

Personal life

At the age of twenty-seven, McDormand Francis married director Joel Cohen. They met on samples of the painting “Just Blood”. It all happened in 1984. Ten years later, a couple adopted a baby from Paraguay. The boy was named Pedro. They live in New York in Manhattan.

How did Pedro change the views of Francis McDormand? Children make their own adjustments in the lives of many people, changing their views. It happened with the actress. She became a different attitude to films that have scenes of violence. McDormand does not allow her son to look at the pictures that her husband created.

Frances McDormand Movies

Film career and first Oscar

Debut in the role of professional actress was working with Derek Walcott. The play was a good experience for a budding film star. Having moved to New York, McDormand Francis worked in a restaurant, starred in beer commercials, and played in small plays. So she paid rent. The first tests in the big cinema are connected with the film “Just Blood” by the Coen brothers. At first, the film seemed to the actress incomprehensible and wild. But he was well received by critics. Work marked the beginning of a career McDormand and Coen.

After several episodic works, the actress was waiting for a breakthrough. In 1988, she played the role of Stella Kowalski. Thanks to her work in the play “A Streetcar Named Desire,” she was nominated for Tony. No less successful was the work in the film "Mississippi on fire" about the southerner, who mocked her husband. She was nominated for an Oscar, but the statuette was not given to Francis McDormand.

Movies subsequent years brought the leading actress. In 1996, her success was due to the work in the creation of the Coen brothers called "Fargo". For the role of a pregnant policewoman, she was awarded many awards, including an Oscar. Cherished statuette actress received in 1997.Today, McDormand has a host of works in film and theater. She continues to act and act on Broadway, voiced cartoons.

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During her career, the actress has appeared in more than forty scenes. Since 1984, began the career of Francis McDormand. Movies with an actress:

  • “Twilight Zone” - Amanda.
  • "Butcher's Wife" - Grace.
  • “Short Stories” - Betty.
  • "Trouble" - Anna.
  • "Almost famous" - Elaine.
  • "Northern Country" - Glory.
  • Transformers 3 - Charlotte.
  • "Kingdom of the full moon" - Laura.

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Actress Francis McDormand is one of the few women who negatively perceive the use of plastic surgery, which is very popular among celebrities. She calls such operations in the environment of actors professional deformation, the costs of harmful production. The actress does not hesitate to talk about this and their colleagues. As she grew older, Francis began to feel more powerful in herself. She is proud of her accomplishments and believes that her face reflects her confidence. That is why she does not agree to "correct" her appearance.

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