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It is human nature to remember everything that happened to him in the past. Each bright event leaves a noticeable mark on a person’s life. Emotions go away, but memories remain. Why is this happening? What are memories? What value do they have in a person's life?

Etymology of the word

Memories are part of the psychological process associated with the mental restoration of past experiences that are associated with specific events in a person’s life. The term is borrowed from the English lexicon. In the modern English dictionary there is the term "memories", which means "the restoration in memory of images of the past." Memoirs are also a kind of memories. Synonyms of the term are: memory, event, sadness, experience, past, bitterness, oblivion, dreams, etc.

This is a complex process of obtaining information associated with the childhood, adolescence and maturity of the individual. The quality of such information depends on the personal development of the person. This process is possible only with a certain intelligence.

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This psychological process plays an important role in human life.Thanks to the experiences, the emotional attitude of the individual to past events, the material and spiritual perception of the individual in society is formed. It affects not only the development of the individual, but also distinguishes it from other representatives of the animal world. This facet of human activity allows you to feel the difference between the past and the future.

Memories are based on the degree of involvement of the individual in social life. This is due to the fact that many events occur under the influence of loved ones, the environment, the team. The more actively a person leads a social life, the more often he is forced to turn to memories. Past events are the backbone of interpersonal relationships. This is the role that memories play in a person's life! Synonyms of the term may take a different emotional tint, depending on the type of this psychological process.

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Memories are involuntary and arbitrary. They either spontaneously arise in the human mind, or are carried out only with the help of the applied efforts. At the time of arbitrary memories, experiences acquire a certain emotional coloring.Such a process can be detailed and not detailed. It is significantly influenced by the level of personal development.

In the Russian lexicon there are many expressions associated with this phenomenon. For example, phrases are known: events or vivid memories, dreams or figurative memories, memories or surging memories. Synonyms of expressions are intended to convey to the person the basic meaning of what was said.

Memories are dull and bright, bitter and sweet. Difficult experiences oppress the soul, and light - warm and support hope. Sometimes it is stupid to return to trouble, it is easier to plunge into sweet oblivion. Memories are like candy: children love them, and adults do not always.

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