Metal fence: advantages. Fence for giving from a metal shtaketnik

Among the many options for barriers, a fence made of a metal fence has recently received particular popularity. In contrast to the wooden version of the execution of such a fence is more durable and reliable, and therefore will last a longer period. In addition, as the owners of the dacha plots, who have already mounted such a barrier, assert, the installation of a metal picket fence, and subsequently the maintenance of it during operation, are quite simple. Moreover, the installation is quite possible to perform even alone, without the involvement of assistants and special equipment.metal fence

What is a metal fence?

The strips for the picket fence are made of the same material as the corrugated board, that is, of galvanized steel with a different coating.

  • Production of metal picket fence involves the use of steel with a thickness of at least 0.5 mm with mandatory galvanization, which is designed to protect the metal from environmental influences.
  • A polymer material is applied over galvanizing that performs a dual function: it acts as an anti-corrosion and decorative coating.
  • For an attractive appearance and reinforcement of stiffness of the slats, the picket fence is available in different profile shapes: M-, P-, and trapezoidal.
  • The height of the slats can be very different, depending on the wishes of the buyer. The width is usually assigned by the manufacturer.metal picket fence Price

Caution, low-quality material!

Due to the wide popularity of such fences, a cheaper production of metal picket fence has already been established, and the produced material is not of high quality:

  • Often, in the pursuit of low cost, non-galvanized steel is used, whose service life is extremely short. The absence of a protective coating leads to metal corrosion, and within 2-3 years the fence from such a picket fence loses its appeal.
  • Different metallic fence and material of the coating.If based on feedback from the owners of the fences, the best option is to cover from different types of polymers, while the picket fence, covered with powder paint, often quite quickly peel and rust. In addition, this paint easily fade under ultraviolet light.
  • The only advantage of such a product is its low cost. At the same time, a high-quality metal fence, the price of which is 1.5-1.7 times higher, will last at least 15-20 years and retain a spectacular appearance throughout the entire period. The estimated cost of a good shtaketnik is 70-200 rubles. per running meter slats. This difference is caused by a different profile, the manufacturer and the region where the material is acquired. The cost of running meter in 45-60 rubles. speaks of fake or defective products.

Main advantages

Fences made of metal fence have a number of indisputable advantages, since they combine the advantages of a variety of fences.

First of all, the material of execution allows you to make a fence of any height and degree of transparency. The gap between the slats you ask to your taste, which provides room for imagination.In principle, even a solid, absolutely impenetrable fence can be installed from such a building material.metal picket production

Due to the gaps between the slats, the fence has an extremely low windage, which contributes to a longer life of the fence. In addition, the requirements for supports are significantly reduced, which means that the foundation is not necessarily strengthened.

In addition, due to the manufacturing material, the metal fence has a long service life and, with proper installation of the fence, is practically not exposed to the environment.

Such a structure not only serves as a barrier to the penetration of outsiders, but also, in the opinion of the owners, provides excellent light transmission.

Durability and Reliability

Despite the rather thin material, metal picket fences are a fairly reliable barrier against the penetration of outsiders:

  • The galvanized steel strips are highly resilient, so it is quite difficult to break them, and the additional stiffening ribs add extra strength.
  • In addition, as practice shows, if you set the strips in a staggered manner on both sides of the fence, it is almost impossible to overcome the fence.
  • The top of the shtaketnik is quite sharp, which makes it difficult to penetrate the site.If desired, at the time of purchase, you can order strips with triangular pointed ends.
  • If you plan to install a low fence, it is better to place an order for the rounded top of the slats, which will eliminate the possibility of accidental injury.installation of metal picket fence

Features fence picket

Thanks to modern technologies, the polymer coating has a wide range of colors, so choosing the appropriate option is easy. Moreover, it should be borne in mind that a fence of a dark shade fence is better seen than a fence of strips of light colors (provided that the intervals between the stripes are the same).

Viewable area also depends on the width of the gap between the slats. As a rule, the gap (in the case of unilateral fastening) is from 2 to 5 cm.

Metal fence works well with materials such as wood, brick and stone. This allows you to use such a fence as a decorative element in landscape design.

Installation of fencing

It is quite possible to install the fence by yourself, but this work is rather monotonous, monotonous and long. Therefore, it makes sense to turn to specialists who install a metal picket fence.The price of installation will certainly be much higher, but you will get a new fence much faster. In addition, professionals will install as carefully as possible.metal picket fence reviews

If you have planned the installation with your own hands, you must use self-tapping screws with sealing washers that will protect the points of drooping from moisture.

Also, be careful when installing, as chipping and scratching of the material will lead to rust. In case the damage has been inflicted, it can be painted over with a special polymer composition purchased from a building materials store.

Ways to install a picket fence

Depending on your wishes, the slats can be mounted in a variety of ways, which leaves a lot of room for imagination:

  • There are two basic ways to mount a fence: one- and two-sided. In the case of installation of slats from the outside and from the inside, they are usually placed in a checkerboard pattern.
  • If desired, the strip of material can be fixed even horizontally, but in this case, when installing the fence posts, it is necessary to take into account the length of the slats.
  • Due to the fact that the metal fence is mounted on the same frame as the profiled sheet, if desired, these two materials can be combined.This will give a unique look to the fence.
  • In addition, the supports can be given originality to the fence, which are not made from the usual metal shaped tube, but, for example, brick or stone.

Should I spend money on a metal picket fence?

Due to its versatility, this material can be used as a fence for both an ordinary summer cottage and a country house. At the same time the excellent characteristics of the fence perfectly balance the cost of building materials.metal picket fence reviews

If you need a durable, reliable and aesthetic fence, choose a metal picket fence. Customer feedback on this material is usually the most positive.

However, many owners of already installed fences recommend choosing materials for fencing only from proven manufacturers, as there is a high risk to purchase low-quality goods.

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