Michael Garnett: a biography of hockey goalkeeper

Hockey fans, of course, know who Michael Garnett is. The biography of this Canadian goalkeeper, who plays for the Russian teams, is interesting to all Tractor fans, and we decided to write about this man in today's article.

Hockey player career

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Michael Garnett was born in Canada on November 25, 1982. His sports career began with the lower leagues of North America in 1999. Two years later, he began to notice the famous team, and he was invited to the “Atlanta Tresherz.”

In the 2005/06 seasons, Michael had the chance to fully demonstrate his professionalism, because the leading goalkeeper of the team was injured and could not play. In these seasons, Garnett played 24 matches in the NHL.

In Russia, the goalkeeper started playing since 2007, when he joined Neftekhimik from Nizhnekamsk. In this team, the guy stayed all season and joined the HC MVD. Here, Garnett Michael, the goalkeeper, stayed until 2011. In the composition of this team received a silver medal in the championship.

In the Chelyabinsk “Tractor” Michael Garnett came in 2011 and left the club four years later. Many do not understand why Chelyabinsk let go of the goalkeeper, recognized as the best in the KHL, and we will talk about the reason for separation.

Now Michael is playing in the "Berna". This team is successful and plays in the Swiss national league.

Problems in the game

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Everyone who watched the Tractor team in the last years of playing Garnett in it began to notice that the goalkeeper often sat on the bench. There were special reasons for this. The coach began to point out that Michael misses the most simple goals, his reliability coefficient dropped from 93% to 88%, and this is considered a very low result.

The trainer says that the guy spilled himself, he was more interested not in the game, but in the high salary and crowds of female fans, who are being built in a queue for an autograph and a photo. Michael Garnett, according to some, received the highest salary in the whole team, his fee was more than sixty million rubles per year.

Leaving the team

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In 2015, Michael “Tractor” did not renew the contract, and the goalkeeper went home. There is an opinion that not a bad game of the guy became the reason for his departure, but the fact that the team was unable to pay him the amount due to the crisis. But this is all not confirmed data.

The coach insists that Michael could not continue to play in the team, as he passed strongly, losing his form. He liked to eat tight, including hamburgers, and gained a lot of extra pounds. At times, the guy simply ignored the trainings, for which the coach publicized him.

The last unpleasant conversation between Michael and the management was the reason why the goalkeeper sold his foreign car, moved out of the apartment, which was in the elite house, collected things and went in search of a new team. There was no particular regret on the part of the players about his departure. Accompanied without applause and feast.

The game “Tractor” did not become worse with the loss of the goalkeeper. He recently was not considered the best goalkeeper, the fans did not notice the difference without his presence.

Initially, the guy wanted to return to the NHL, but he was invited to the “Bern”, playing in the KHL. The peak career of Garnett fell just at the time of the game in the “Tractor”. Now this goalkeeper is not in the top five and is not in his best form.

A bit of personal

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Michael has a girlfriend in New York. He tries to get out to her more often, after leaving the Tractor he first went to her.

Michael Garnett is a nice guy.All his friends say that he is very sociable and open, he has never had a star disease. The goalkeeper did not refuse to give autographs and could stand for hours signing hockey souvenirs. Michael was the main star of the Chelyabinsk team, with his departure, “Tractor” has become less media active.

In addition to games and workouts, the guy led an active lifestyle. He loved to go fishing and spent a lot of time on social networks, chatting with fans. Michael also has a good heart, he sold hamburgers for charity purposes and was a frequent visitor to autistic children. The guys loved him and listened with pleasure to the stories told by the goalkeeper. Garnett sang to them, he accompanied himself on the guitar.

Generally, Michael loves to sing. Chelyabinsk could meet him in karaoke bars, where the hockey star often drove. There is not a single karaoke bar in Chelyabinsk where this guy has not been.

Garnett continue to love the fans of "Tractor", they remember the goalkeeper with warmth. Many say they will be happy if he returns to the team. Only now Michael himself is unlikely to want it.

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