Mobile phone for the elderly. How to choose a phone for grandma

Modern technology for many older people is difficult to master. To understand all the functions and begin to fully use it, it takes them much longer than a young person. Therefore, people are the incomprehensible device that needs to be studied well before you start for the elderly

This question experts who develop mobile phones, well developed. There are a whole range of devices for the elderly. Depending on the requirements, you can choose the most suitable option.

So that the phone does not create discomfort for older people, it must be chosen according to certain criteria. Since each person is individual, he needs a model that will not cause difficulties. Next will be a list of the main characteristics that should have a mobile phone for the elderly.

Phone form factor

The most convenient form of push-button telephone is a candy bar. This type has long been tested and is still popular today. This design allows you to conveniently use the buttons and screen to display information. Also sometimes sliders or clamshells can be relevant. But it already needs to be selected for the individual wishes of the user who really needs it.

Case dimensions should allow convenient use of the phone with one hand. In order to ensure this, it is advisable that the future owner hold the device in front of the device and evaluate it.

Sometimes a slider may be a convenient option. Such models have the advantage that they take up less space than monoblocks.

Button type

For dialing and calling other functions must be handy buttons. Better when they are separate from each other. With this design, pressing simultaneously several keys is phone for the elderly

For the convenience of pressing the phone for the elderly should have rubber buttons that have a response when pressed. This will avoid typing errors. In addition, it will not be out of place when the numbers are knocked out in the form of protrusions.It is also desirable that they should be drawn in a large contrasting font - for better perception.

The presence of function keys to call the player or radio is not always justified. They can only create confusion for those people who do not use them. Also, not everyone uses the ability to send SMS, and the presence of letters near the numbers can only harm.


A phone for the elderly should clearly display information on the screen. A monochrome display is best suited for this. But you can use color. You need to understand that the color image is perceived worse in poor vision than black and white.

The font on the display should be large. Also pay attention to the distance between numbers and letters. It should be sufficient so that there is no feeling of fusion of all symbols.

It is necessary to test the screen in direct sunlight, which should not strongly "drown out" the image.


Loud phone for older people will be useful, if the hearing acuity has decreased significantly. The speaker should transmit the voice of the subscriber well and not cause distortion. For verification, it is imperative to test the phone in talk mode and make sure that the volume is good. Also, when an incoming call, the ringing speaker should sound loud.The presence of vibration is also preferable. It will help to find the device in the bag with things. Therefore, in order to choose the right cell phone for the elderly, we need a test by the future owner of how loud the device is and if it is suitable for him.

Phone menu

For comfortable and simple use, it is necessary that all functions be easily accessible and called up either by direct pressing or by several menu transitions. This placement will not confuse the user and will be easily perceived. The menu should also be intuitive and have corresponding icons for each function.cell phone for seniors

The phonebook entry button should, if possible, be separate on the keyboard. This will allow you to make calls without any difficulties.

There are models that have a small transparent compartment on the back in order to insert a sheet of paper there. On it you can write a number or other information for the owner.

Turn on the phone

The button to turn on the phone should be located separately from the rest, in order to exclude its involuntary pressing. If it is combined with a call end button, then there is a chance that it may work at the end of the call.Therefore, you should pay attention to the phones "Nokia" for the elderly, who have a separate key to start.

Emergency buttons

There are phone models that have a special switch in their design. It allows one-touch to call the desired subscriber or send SMS to the programmed number. It is convenient, first of all, for those people who often need emergency ambulance. Typically, these switches are installed on the back of the phone and painted in bright red.

Reliable battery

The battery in the phone must ensure the efficiency of the device for at least one week. But the more this time, the better. This will avoid the frequent discharge of the phone and the loss of communication. High autonomy characterized by phones with monochrome displays. They consume a small amount of energy.

Phone accessories

For convenient use, a convenient stand can be supplied with the phone. It allows you to install the device in a prominent place where it can be quickly noticed. It can also be a station for periodic recharging.loud phone for seniors

For comfortable carrying with you may need covers or laces. They always allow you to quickly find the phone. If the choice is made in favor of the lace, please note that the phone must have an appropriate eyelet to secure it.

Keyboard lock

To prevent unnecessary keystrokes, a mobile phone for the elderly must have a keypad lock. But it should also be easy and convenient to clean. For this, it is better to use one button rather than a combination of the two. Sometimes the manufacturer uses a separate switch to lock. This solution is the most reliable and allows you to not get confused in how to unlock the device.simple phone for seniors

An excellent solution would also be a clamshell phone for the elderly, which eliminates the accidental pressing of buttons.

Device design

For people with poor eyesight can be useful multi-colored design of the body. If the white phone will lie on a white tablecloth, then it is very difficult to detect. Therefore, you need to choose the color of the case so that it contrasts with any surface. Also it concerns the design of the keyboard,which can turn into a monotonous spot, if done in one color.

Additional features

Some models have a built-in flashlight. It can be turned on with a separate switch. This expansion of functionality is very preferable for some older people who need it.

 phone clamshell for seniors

The presence of other functions, such as an alarm clock, calculator, radio, is always represented in almost all models. It remains only to understand their work.

To protect the unit from shocks and liquids, special protection may be provided in the housing. These may be rubberized parts that perceive shock.

How to choose a phone for grandma

In order to take care of their relatives, many young people want to buy a mobile phone for them in order to be in constant communication with them. But at the same time they ask themselves which model to choose. For this purpose, you just need to ask the grandmother what features should be present in it. It can be a loud phone for impaired hearing or a large contrast display with poor eyesight. Also may matter the design of the device.

For grandmothers with impaired coordination of movement, more suitable phones with large separate buttons that are convenient to press.

Phone manufacturers

Among the companies that make telephones for the elderly, the manufacturer Just5 collected the most reviews. Mostly they are positive. This manufacturer takes into account almost all the requirements that apply to such devices. Also worth noting are the good models from Voxtel and Samsung.

Price policy

A simple phone for older people will not cost a lot of money, as it has a minimum of functions and is made from cheap materials. But there are models that can be more expensive due to the use of valuable materials in them. These are models that are decorated with a variety of metals and stones. Their functionality is almost the same, but the price is much higher. Is it worth it to buy such devices for people in the age - everyone decides for himself.

Advanced Devices

Among the elderly there are those who are well versed in technology and can easily use any model, but have some limitations. This may be poor vision or poor coordination of movements.telephones for seniors reviews

In such cases, the cell phone for the elderly can be with full functionality, but with the ability to install large fonts and large keys. If the user has no difficulty with touch control, then tablet models may also be suitable. The main thing is that the sensor works without failures and is sensitive enough.

But the control system still needs to be simplified to the necessary functions. All icons must be large and uniquely designate their purpose. In addition, it will not interfere with the availability of an interactive telephone training guide. It can be used to familiarize yourself with complex functions.

As for additional features in the form of a memory card or two SIM-card slots, everyone should decide on their own.

Innovations in phones for the elderly

There are separate phone models that have a special sensor in their system. It can transfer location data to another phone. For fixing, a special program must be installed that displays information. Such devices will help if you need to look after sick people.

General recommendations

Before you choose a phone for older people, it is desirable that they appreciate his work before buying. Sometimes the device can fully fit all the characteristics, but not like management. Each person has their own ideas about how the phone should work, and this does not always coincide with reality.

But still, if you had to buy a device without its owner, then you need to try as much as possible all the functions in two weeks. During this period, you can at any time take the gadget back to the store and exchange it for another model, or simply return it.

To choose the right phone for an elderly person, it is necessary to check which language is set by default on it and whether it can be changed to the desired one. This is especially true of purchases over the Internet, when testing the device before the purchase fails.

The size of the body is also of great importance. They should allow convenient use of the telephone. However, an oversized enclosure will be out of place.

You should also check if there is a certified service center nearby. He will help to fix the failed phone, as well as to make prevention.


The market for mobile devices for a certain category of people is quite diverse. Therefore, to choose the best phone for the elderly will not be very difficult. To do this, you just need to know the main selection criteria.

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