Motherboard ASUS P5GD1 PRO: review, features and reviews

Motherboard Model ASUS P5GD1with the prefix PRO in the framework of the platform LGA775 belonged to the premium level solutions. At its base, mainly high-performance computing systems were assembled, among which were ultimatum gaming PCs, graphic stations and entry-level database servers. It is about this rather expensive once product from a well-known manufacturer of computer components and will be discussed further.

asus p5gd1

System board niche

The first thing to note is the full-size performance of the ASUS P5GD1. That is, this board was in ATH format. Also, I must additionally say that this board debuted in 2005. That is, when the LGA775 platform was at the very beginning of its development. At that time, there were only single-core chips of Celeron or Pentium 4 models. Some of them implemented logical multitasking technology called HyperTraiding, which at the software level allowed us to get two data processing streams.It is the latest CPU in the desktop segment that provided the highest performance, and in combination with such semiconductor solutions the motherboard considered in this material should function.


Since the ASUS P5GD1 motherboard belonged to premium-level solutions, its equipment bundle was appropriate. It included:

  • The motherboard itself.
  • Cardboard box for safe transportation.
  • Disk with a full set of all the necessary software. It was also possible to find a user manual.
  • Coupon with a warranty period of 1 year.
  • Metal plate for mounting the board in the rear wall of the computer system.
  • User guide in multilingual design.
  • A set of loops for connection.

There was no need to purchase something extra when assembling a PC based on this motherboard. Everything you need has already been included in the package.

asus p5gd1 pro

Chipset Name of supported chips

Motherboard Model ASUS P5GD1was based on the 915P system logic set from Intel. It was equipped with a LGA775 socket.Although it was possible to install Core 2Duo and Core2Quad chips in this processor socket, but due to the fact that the board debuted before they entered the market, these CPUs could not be installed in it. The same fully applies to more affordable Pentium D.

As a result, the list of supported models of processor devices was limited to Celeron and, of course, the Pentium 4. It was the latter with the NT prefix that was the premium CPU for the LGA775. Among other features of this system logic set, it should be noted that its power consumption did not exceed 16.3 W, the possible bus frequency values ​​were 533 or 800 MHz, and it consisted of 2 chips (the north and south bridge).

Memory subsystem

According to the outdated to date layout, the RAM subsystem is organized in ASUS P5GD1 PRO. Characteristicsit indicates that the RAM controller was part of the northern chipset of the system logic set. It was made in dual-channel version and could address a maximum of 8 GB of RAM. Considering the fact that there were 4 slots in this case, one module in the maximum configuration should have a volume of 2 GB. The type of RAM in this case was supposed to be DDR, and the operating frequencies of the slats were 333 or 400 MHz.

asus p5gd1 pro specifications

Expansion slots

ASUS P5GD1 PRO could boast a sufficiently high-quality set of expansion slots. Characteristicsher indicated the presence of such of them:

  • 1 slot for installing a discrete high-performance video card PCI-E 16X. About the layout of the computer, when 2 or more graphics cards were used to increase performance, there could be no question.
  • 3 PCI slots. With their help, it was possible to connect outdated modifications of expansion controllers and thereby improve the functionality of the computer.
  • 2 slots of a new PCI format - Е modification 1х for microcontrollers already in a new actual version.

Connection ports

An excellent set of communication ports could boast ASUS P5GD1. Characteristicsshe was indicated by the presence of such of them:

  • 2 x PS / 2 for the paddle and, of course, the keyboard.
  • 4 x USB for connecting various peripheral solutions.
  • 1 x RJ-45 for switching with the Global Web.
  • 6 x 3.5mm audio ports for sharing audio information.
  • 1 x COM for connection of outdated modifications of peripheral products.

Perspectives and Relevance

Of course, at the time of release of the motherboard considered in this material, the computer platform LGA775was only at the very beginning of its life cycle. Her chips provided the perfect balance of price and performance. Therefore, on its basis it was possible to create both a budget workplace in the office and a high-performance personal computer. Now this platform has lost its relevance completely. Since its announcement, the generation of processor devices has been repeatedly updated. As a result, the only possible sphere of use remained only office computers with low speed. In all other cases, its use is unjustified.

asus p5gd1 specifications

Cost of

At the very beginning of sales ASUS P5GD1 PROwas a rather expensive decision and cost several thousand rubles. Much time has passed since then, and all of its stocks have been sold. Therefore, it can be purchased at various trading platforms in the global web in a supported state. Today you can buy it for 300-500 rubles. Given the parameters and the possible scope of the application, its cost is quite reasonable.


ASUS P5GD1 PRO was the balanced flagship level board. In it, the manufacturer has implemented a number of important developments,the presence of which made it possible to transform a computer on its base into any computer system, that is, it had a large level of flexibility. At the same time the cost was not so high. Also, regarding the work of its drivers, no comments were made. The result was an excellent solution, devoid of any significant drawbacks.

asus p5gd1 motherboard


The perfect balance of performance and value set out of competition ASUS P5GD1. This motherboard made it possible to create computers of any level, but it was more appropriate to use it as part of the most productive computers. Everything she needed was in stock.

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