Motorcycle "Jupiter IJ-4": review, specifications and reviews

Domestic motorcycle "Jupiter IJ-4" is a two-wheeled technique of the middle class, designed to move on the road surface of various types. The device was manufactured by Izhevsk plant in the period from 1980 to 1985. This technique has earned popularity due to its reliability and ease of maintenance. An additional sidecar can be connected to the motorized unit, allowing you to carry another passenger or a specific load.

Jupiter IL 4

Interesting Facts

The motorcycle under consideration had serious competitors on the Soviet market. First of all, it was the Czech unit "Java". He had a more elaborate design and excellent speed parameters. Izhevsk designers, developing "Jupiter Izh-4", decided to increase the maximum speed threshold through the modernization of the power plant.

The Soviet bike replaced the third model, over the course of the five-year plan, more than a million samples were produced and sold. After 1985 there was a new modification, known as "Jupiter-5". He could also be equipped with a side trailer, some variations received a reduction in speed due to an increase in turnover, which increased the maneuverability of the vehicle.

"Izh Jupiter-4": technical characteristics

Below are the main parameters of the technical plan of the considered modification:

  • power plant capacity is 28 horsepower;
  • maximum speed indicator - 140 kilometers per hour;
  • curb weight of the device - 160 kilograms;
  • engine speed to the maximum - 7800 rotations per minute;
  • clearance - thirteen centimeters;
  • Transmission - a four-stage semi-automatic transmission;
  • clutch knot - multidisk, placed in an oil bath;
  • The recommended fuel is an air-gasoline mixture mixed with special oil (AI – 76, AI – 80);
  • carburetor with a couple of cycles and two cylinders.

motorcycle IL jupiter 4

An important role in the operation of the motorcycle "Jupiter Izh-4" is played by properly exposed ignition.The cam-type assembly requires adjustment so that the armature of the generator has an even position, while the fixing bolt is tightened at the maximum rate. To increase the service life of this vehicle, it is required to check the spark plugs, the ignition system and other elements exposed to mechanical impact and moisture ingress.


As the owners note, among the "Izhevsk" exhibits, the fourth series turned out to be the most unsuccessful. Against the background of a low turnover of the motor, the motorcycle also has a significant number of disadvantages, namely:

  • oil leakage from the crankcase of the power unit is often observed;
  • after a short period of operation, working fingers begin to ring;
  • the working life of the gear box is very limited;
  • relatively high fuel consumption;
  • there is no system for monitoring indicators of fuel level, oil and engine temperature;
  • outdated design;
  • with minimal knowledge of the transport sector, the repair of Izh Jupiter-4 can fly into a lot of money, especially if you do not pay attention to correct the launch system.

Differences from its predecessor

From the third series, the technique under consideration differs by an enhanced engine, which is more powerful by three horse forces. The designers managed to increase the indicator due to the updated cylinder layout. The engine "Izh Jupiter-4" is equipped with elements in which wide blowing windows are provided. Due to this, the crankshaft speed was able to reach 7800 rotations per minute.

engine ij jupiter 4

Alas, the race in speed and running performance with competitors negatively reflected on the overall quality and reliability of the vehicle. In the cylinder block is not provided to increase the strength of parts, which resulted in a decrease in the working life of the power plant. Among the innovations can be noted modern electrical equipment operating from a voltage of twelve volts. This made it possible to improve the lighting when moving in the evening, as well as to create a more powerful spark at launch.


"Izh Jupiter-4", the tuning of which the owners spend mainly in the engine, can be improved by replacing the cylinders and increasing the stroke of the pistons.

In the first case, you will need to be patient and attentive, since the process is quite time-consuming and difficult.In this case, the costs are only minimally paid off due to a slight increase in the power of the power plant.

The second option is more productive, allows you to achieve a decent gain of power. To adjust the work of the engine in the new mode, you will need to master the skills of correct change of the valve timing. In the two-stroke unit, they are regulated by means of special windows in the working cylinders.

Turning out the various size of the socket, you can achieve better thrust or speed of the engine. An improved power plant will require more fuel, therefore, it is necessary to expand the intake part. The main thing is not to overdo it, since an overly squandered incoming phase will provoke splashes of the fuel-air mixture (reverse emission).

Jupiter 4 characteristics

If the setting is incorrect, the fuel enters the atmosphere, which reduces the power and life of the engine. To solve this problem, it will be necessary to install a petal-type non-return valve, which will allow fuel to enter the inlet and protect against backflow. As a result, the input of the motor can be expanded to 360 degrees.


Motorcycle "Izh Jupiter-4" received both positive and negative feedback from consumers. True professionals assure that if you properly carry out preventive work and appropriate maintenance, the period of service of the iron horse under consideration can be significantly extended at minimal cost.

Some owners note that a lot of the bike operation depends on the technical condition of the bike. In addition, consumers refer to the pluses of a sufficiently high engine power and good permeability of the Jupiter Izh-4 motorcycle. Most often, complaints are caused by the unstable functionality of the regulatory voltage relay, as well as the rapid deterioration of the main elements of the power unit.

 ij jupiter 4 tuning

Constructional nuances

It is worth noting that the model from the designers of Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant at one time was considered one of the most modern. The developers have introduced a modification of the new building, upgraded the engine and embodied the best practices in the field of creating two-cylinder "iron horses".

If we consider that on the basis of the old frame a completely new anti-vibration system and a fundamentally different configuration of the fuel tank were mounted,this bike was a real breakthrough in the segment of the domestic two-wheeled motorized vehicles. A more powerful multi-plate clutch can also be attributed to the advantages of the model.

The Izh Jupiter-4 vehicle, the characteristics of which are given above, received an updated depreciation system and electronic equipment. The last node is very similar to the analogue used in the legendary sports version of "Planet-Sport." It is from this variation that the battery and most other items related to electrical equipment are borrowed, including a generator and a coil.

IL Jupiter 4 Specifications

In conclusion

Another important feature of the fourth "Izha" is an informative and modern dashboard. On this block there are all the necessary pointers (turn indicators, speedometer, ignition warning). Despite some flaws, "Jupiter-4" was in serial production for five years and took a worthy place among the analogs of its class.

repair il jupiter 4

The possibility of connecting the side trailer increased the transport capacity and capacity of the device.The replacement of the legendary motorcycle of the fourth series from Izhevsk manufacturers came new modification, known as "Izh Jupiter-5", although on the roads you can still find both variations.

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