Motorcycle Patron Taker 250: description, specifications, reviews

What could be better on a good summer sunny day to ride with the wind on a motorcycle? And even better if it is a comfortable, fast and stylish bike. These qualities have Patron Taker 250 production of the Chinese company Yingang.

What is good about this bike, what advantages and disadvantages it has, and what the owners say about the model, should be considered before purchase.

Good copy or something new?

As many used to believe, Chinese engineers can only copy something. But in the case of the Patron Taker 250 motorcycle, this is not quite the case. Rather, not at all. If you try to find a suitable model for eminent manufacturers in Asia or Europe, then nothing happens.Patron Taker 250

At first glance it may seem that the “Patron” is an old motorcycle of the eighties. However, it is a completely unique pattern. Sharp features, the appearance of the fuel tank create an image of a sports bike.The lack of a windshield fairing, a simple instrument panel, a round headlight, and a plain color make the Patron Taker 250 very ascetic. But at the same time, the features of more powerful, expensive and stylish muscle-bikes or streetfighters are guessed in a motorcycle.


First of all, you need to consider the technical characteristics of the Patron Taker 250. It should start with its ergonomics. The instrument panel of the bike, as mentioned above, is simple and consists of a minimum of the necessary options. There are a speedometer with an odometer and a total mileage meter, a tachometer with a transmission number indicator and a high beam indicator, turn signal indicators. Also here you can see the fuel level meter in the tank, the engine overheating alarm.How much is a motorcycle

But at the same time, very important and necessary controls are conveniently located. No need to reach for the opening of the suction - the lever is located next to the left handle. The fuel opening valve is electronically controlled and opens with the engine start (no need to remember if the valve is open or closed).

Landing on a motorcycle straight, as on a chair. The tank has special anatomical protuberances, which creates additional convenience while riding.The height from the ground to the saddle is 810 mm, which makes it comfortable for people to travel with height between 170-190 cm.

Power point

Patron Taker 250 is driven by a four-stroke carburetor engine of 250 cubic centimeters. The motor has liquid cooling, two camshafts in the head, one balance shaft.

All this allows the engine to develop a power of 25 horsepower at a maximum torque of 8500 rev / min. The unit is powered by gasoline with an octane rating not lower than 90.Motorcycle Patron Taker 250

Transmission is carried out using a chain. It is made on the principle of a step - a percentage of an inch. A significant drawback is the small thickness of the plates and the lack of special rings. This is the main reason for the rapid stretching of the chain. As a consequence - the need for constant adjustment of tension Experts recommend after the purchase of a motorcycle as soon as possible to replace the chain with a more reliable one.

Chassis and speed characteristics

The front suspension is represented by a double fork with inverted shock absorbers. The mono-shock absorber is located behind it - it is quite tough, but it confidently holds “blows” from Russian roads, it does not break through.There is no possibility of adjusting the operation of the suspension, but with a special key you can adjust the tension of the rear shock absorber.

Rubber, supplied with a motorcycle for sale, the production of the Korean company Kenda. It provides good grip throughout the entire speed range. The load index of 66N will allow the tires to withstand a trip without load at speeds up to 200 km / h.Patron Taker 250 reviews
The 250-cc engine in combination with a six-speed gearbox allows the Takeru to accelerate to 140 km / h. Not bad speed for this kind of technology. And for city driving is more than enough.

The front brakes are double-disc bikes. There is one drive in the back. This allows, according to reviews of Patron Taker 250, to easily perform braking functions in the entire speed range.

Convenience and ride comfort: what if you want faster?

As mentioned above, the maximum speed that Taker is able to develop is 140 km / h. But the motorcycle has no windshield, so when accelerating above 100-110 km / h, discomfort is determined when driving. A strong headwind, midges, pebbles - all this leads to a desire to change the landing on the reclining one. But, unfortunately, this is not feasible, since neither the steering wheel nor the seat is adapted for this.Patron Taker 250 Specifications

Therefore, the most comfortable speed of movement on this bike will be 100-110 km / h, which is quite enough not only to move within the city, but also beyond.

Gear shifting is soft and crisp. For city driving, the first four speeds are enough. The fifth and sixth gears are suitable for country driving. The inclusion of neutral transmission does not cause problems.

Average fuel consumption is 4 liters. This allows you to travel 350-400 km at one gas station.

Owner reviews

Many buyers are primarily interested in how much a motorcycle costs. You can buy this bike from 100 to 150 thousand rubles, depending on the region and the store.

However, when buying this bike will need to consider a few nuances. First of all, many owners agree that all Chinese equipment in general, and Taker in particular, requires attention.

Of course, the first step is to change all fluids (oil, antifreeze). Because it is often possible to find stories that instead of antifreeze at the factory poured tinted water. It is also necessary to check and tighten all bolted and other connections.Therefore, being interested in how much a motorcycle costs, you need to take into account the number of associated costs for the first maintenance.

In the first kilometers of operation, speedometer cable and lighting fixtures may break down. Owners are advised to install intermediate relays in the switching circuit of the front headlight and rear lights to prevent burnout contacts of light switches.

Paintwork requires attention and timely restoration, as its destruction in some places can lead to the rapid formation of corrosion.
In general, with proper care, careful and careful operation, this bike will serve more than ten thousand kilometers to its owner.

Having considered the features of Patron Taker 250, customer reviews and recommendations of experts, you can make the right decision about the feasibility of buying a submitted motorcycle.

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