Mount Akhun (Sochi): photo and description. How to get to Mount Akhun?

Long caves, unique plants and mystical objects - all this is the Hostinsky district of the city of Sochi. Every local knows where is Mount Akhun. How to get to this place by car and what it is worth seeing, we will tell in the article

Main attraction

From the top of a magnificent view. From there, guests can see all the majesty of the Caucasus Mountains, the boundless expanse of the Black Sea and the main objects of the city.

mountain akhunThe tip itself resembles a perfectly even evergreen cone. Ordinary tourists say that the object looks like a volcano.

Akhun, a mountain with a height of 663 meters, stretches along a high ridge for 5 km along the Black Sea coast. The beauty of the summit lies in the fact that nature clearly separated it from other geographical features. From the west passes the canyon of the river Agury, and from the south - its tributaries. In the east, the cone is washed by Khost's waves.

Another attraction of this object are the caves.Open about 30 underground passages. The longest of them has a length of almost 400 meters, and its depth is 20 meters. This cave is another reason for the influx of tourists. All hospitably receives Mount Akhun (Sochi). How to get to the mine, tell the signs.

It is not recommended to go there without an instructor. In addition, many visitors claim that there is quite dirty. Clay and slush also spoil the impression. Only those who understand this kind of entertainment will truly enjoy the cave gallery.

Road to the top

Of course, every traveler seeks to get on the observation tower. It was built in 1936. Architect - S.I. Vorobiev. The height of the structure is 36 meters. From the roof offers an amazing view. A road leads to the tower, the customer of which was Stalin himself. 11 km of the road was laid in a short, 100-day, period in 1935. Interestingly, the leader of the nations did not climb this path to the top.

Akhun mountain has a favorable geographical position. How to get here, you can ask the residents of Sochi. In addition, it is worth noting that the top can be seen from anywhere in the city. It almost rests on the center of Sochi.

The best landmark for beginners is the Sputnik tourist center (the end of Kurortny Prospect). Close to this base there are two routes leading to Adler.One road leads to the Agura River and its waterfalls. The second road you can climb to the top of the mountain. Along the way there are signs and pointers.

Drivers should be very careful. Turns are steep and dangerous, so you need to go slowly and carefully. 30 minutes by car - and Mount Akhun will appear in front of you. How to get to the tower itself, also prompted signs.

At the very top of the path diverge, but there is a stone that indicates the direction. One road leads to an abandoned restaurant, and the other leads to a viewing tower.

mountain akhun sochi

Travel option

You can get on the bus (route number 2 or number 110). But public transport goes only to Small Akhun. Further to the mountain you will have to get on your own on foot or by hitchhiking. The road is steep and long. But the beauty of nature will not let you get bored.

It should be noted here that the distance from the lowest peak (Small Akhun) to the tower is 8 km. But cars with other tourists ply constantly, therefore problems with a ride will not arise.

Provide their services and sightseeing buses. Akhun Mountain is a popular place among tourists. Sochi offers many tours that include visits to this attraction.The trip will be offered on a comfortable air-conditioned bus. Excursions occur almost every day and at any time of the year. Guests can choose a convenient time. Groups are taken both from Sochi and from the neighboring city of Adler.

It is worth noting that usually the ticket to the mountain is not included in the price of the excursion ticket. Before ordering a trip you should get acquainted with the details of the tour. The entrance to the tower itself is within 100 rubles. Children under 10 years are allowed free of charge.

Title history

A lot of legends were gathered around Mount Akhun. Historians believe that the name of this geographic point is associated with the name of a pagan god in which local residents believed. Heavenly patron was called Ahyn, and he was the protector of all the shepherds and cattle. Myths tell us that in ancient times some nations sacrificed a white cow to this deity, while other shepherd tribes shared milk porridge with their idol. Above the dish, the oldest of the men asked the patron for protection of his flock from predators and increase in livestock.

Akhun mountainThere is another official version of the origin of the name. Scientists believe that Mount Akhun received its name from the Abkhaz word “ahu”, which translates as “elevation” or “hill”.

From the Adyghe name of the summit it means “fodder for livestock”, because in this territory, even in the most severe years, meadows and the fruit always bloomed.

Prison of Prometheus

Another attraction is the Eagle Rocks, which are 380 m above sea level. This object is located along the Agura River. The water washes a vertical cliff, which stretches into the mountain for as much as 125 meters. The inhabitants of Sochi know another beautiful and tragic story that allegedly took place on this territory. Legends intersected closely with the myths of ancient Greece.

According to the legend, Mount Akhun and the Eagle Rocks became a place where Prometheus served his sentence for his kindness to people. For the fact that the titan stole the sacred fire from Olympus, Zeus ordered him chained to a stone in a distant mountainous country. Hephaestus himself - the patron of fire and blacksmithing - made shackles for the giant.

But this did not end the revenge of Zeus. This mountain was owned by the pagan god Okhyn (according to another version of Akhyn). Served him cruel giants, eagles. At the request of the Olympian every day one of the strongest birds had to fly up to the prisoner, claw at his chest and peck out his liver. During the night the wounds healed, and in the morning the eagle again began its bloody work.

Akhun mountain photo

Bold girl act

Greek myths diverge from local legends. According to legend, Mount Akhun was not far from the village. A beautiful and kind girl Agura lived there. When the girl learned about the terrible fate of Prometheus, she felt deep regret for him. Despite the fact that the ascent to the mountain was not easy, and at the top, the god Okkhun sat and carefully watched the execution of the severe punishment, the girl made her way to the titan. For a long time she managed to quietly help the enemy of Olympus. The beauty gave water to the prisoner, fed him and even sang songs to him.

Once she lingered. And before her eyes a terrible eagle began to torment Prometheus. The girl did not suffer injustice and boldly threw herself on the bird. But the beast grabbed it and carried it to the owner.

Story finale

God Okkhun was very angry. He ordered to throw the maiden under the top. Akhun (mountain) was her last home. In the abyss, it turned into a river, which was beating in waves under the Eagle Rocks. This was another punishment for Prometheus. Every day he watched the streams of tears of a girl who was kind to him, flow under his feet. But death did not stop the beauty. In high waves, she rose to the prisoner and continued to give him water.

Much time passed before the hero Hercules agreed with Zeus to forgive the titanium.And the river flows in the present. In winter, when Agure gets cold, the rock, where Prometheus was chained, throws hot stones into the water. They still have not cooled down from the warm heart of the prisoner. Therefore, the river never freezes.

Today, on the place where the giant was chained, stands a statue. The author is a sculptor from Omsk Alexander Kapralov. The monument was erected in 1998.

mountain ahun how to get

Ghost tops

But not only ancient Greek legends are attracted by Mount Akhun. Sochi residents also know completely new stories. One of them is especially interesting for those who love mysticism and riddles.

The residents of the city have a good tradition to be photographed on the top on their wedding day. Once a tuple that was chosen on a mountain suffered a misfortune. The driver lost control and the car flew off the road. The bride died on the spot. This event occurred in 2000.

After that, the ghost of the woman began to appear near the scene of the accident. The figure in white was present on hundreds of pictures of ordinary tourists. Dozens of people go hunting for ghosts every night. The bride often appears at dusk and among the mists. But not only this mystical phenomenon can boast Mount Akhun.The ghost photo is not the only supernatural riddle puzzle.

mountain akhun sochi how to get

Emptiness and music

Another place of pilgrimage for tourists is an abandoned restaurant. His story began in 1937. The luxurious room immediately attracted a crowd of people. Aged in a classical style, the complex was more like a royal estate. But for a long time to please the guests this place was not possible. The restaurant worked only one summer season, after which it closed. The reason for this decision remains a mystery so far. It is said that incomprehensible anomalous phenomena occurred on the territory of the complex.

Thrill-seekers are attracted by Mount Akhun. Photos of the restaurant for 1937 are impressive. But even today an empty establishment has something to boast about. Mysticism and magic enveloped him. Many people who have visited these ruins, claim that sometimes from the room you can hear the deaf music and feminine laughter.

Achun mountain how to get there by carHow to get to Mount Akhun will be prompted not only by signs and the navigator, but also by tourists. Under the tower you will find a cozy restaurant with reasonable prices, where you can eat tasty and satisfying. There are small shops where souvenirs are sold. Also, guests are offered to make original photos.

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